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Marui Textile Co., Ltd. Marui Textile Co., Ltd. established a holding company, Maruori Group Co., Ltd.

Marui Textile Co., Ltd.
Marui Textile Co., Ltd. established a holding company, Maruori Group Co., Ltd. Transitioned to a group management system based on a holding company system.
Marui Textile Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakanoto-cho, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture / President and CEO Yoshio Miyamoto) will make Miyayome Textile Co., Ltd., a group company, a holding company and Maruori Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kashima-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture) We would like to inform you that we have changed our trade name to Noto Town/President Yoshio Miyamoto) and transitioned to a group management system based on a holding company system.
[Image 1:×230.png] ■Purpose and background of the transition to a group management system Our group, which started in 1937, will celebrate its 86th anniversary in April 2023. Over the past 86 years, we have expanded our
applications centered on the production of synthetic fiber fabrics in response to the changing times. (13 companies including
sub-subsidiaries). In order to achieve continuous business growth amidst accelerating changes in the world, we believe that it is essential to make quick and flexible management decisions and further strengthen governance. “Miyayome Textile Co., Ltd.” became a wholly-owned holding company of Marui Textile through a stock exchange and distribution of goods in kind, and transitioned to a group management system based on a holding company system. Under the new management structure, the holding company will support the operating companies and strengthen governance, and will be responsible for group management to achieve overall optimization from a medium- to long-term perspective. , we aim to create new added value and perpetual growth. Marui Textile Co., Ltd. will continue to operate as a business company.
■ Maruori Group Co., Ltd. Officer Personnel Changes
We would like to inform you that on July 1, 2023, we have decided on the following executive appointments.
Chairman and CEO Toru Miyamoto President and COO Yoshio Miyamoto Vice Chairman Yonezo Miyamoto Senior Managing Director Tomoyuki Miyamoto Director Masahiro Kitano Maruori Group Co., Ltd., brand logo and brand slogan
[Image 2:×100.png] The “perfect circle” used in the logo represents the stance of various operating companies joining hands to create innovation while demonstrating synergies. It is also a symbol of the best and optimal solution (MARU). Under the brand slogan, “Weaving answers that do not yet exist,” we have shown our vision of creating unique products and services.
[Image 3:×435.png] ■ Renewal of the Group Philosophy System
Along with the transition to a group management system, we have redefined the mission/vision/values ​​and renewed the group philosophy system.
[Image 4:×884.png] Mission Continue to challenge “overwhelming value creation” for a society where people can enjoy diverse personalities. Vision Weaving answers that don’t exist yet. Tradition and innovation. wisdom and science. people and technology. Overcome the walls of the organization and mix different things precisely and boldly. We will create unique products and services. Value Global Perspective/Innovation Cycle/Three Actualities/Challenge/Team Play/Customer Orientation Our group has always been conscious of creating new ideas with a sense of speed and without being bound by conventional wisdom. Looking ahead to the 100th anniversary of our founding, we will continue to take on the challenge of creating overwhelming value that is unique to our group. We would like to ask for your continued support for our group. Company Profile Trade name: Maruori Group Co., Ltd. (Former trade name: Miyame Textile Co., Ltd.) Representative: President Yoshio Miyamoto Location: 46 Tokumae 12, Nakanoto-cho, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture 929-1817 Established: 1937 February Business description: Group company management, manufacturing and sales of various textiles, weaving and processing, etc. Capital: 50 million yen Trade name: Marui Textile Co., Ltd. Representative: Yoshio Miyamoto, President and CEO Location: Ishikawa, 929-1801 15 Kunokiibe, Nakanoto-cho, Kashima-gun
Established: April 1956 Business description: Manufacture and sale of various textiles, rental weaving and processing, planning various services such as sales using web services, mail-order sales, production, and information provision and provided Capital: 57 million yen URL:
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