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MC Digital Realty Co., Ltd. Morgenrot launches streaming distribution service for Metaverse Digital Twin content utilizing MC Digital Realty’s NRT10 data center

MC Digital Realty Inc.
Morgenrot Launches Metaverse Digital Twin Content Streaming Service Utilizing MC Digital Realty’s NRT10 Data Center
– Support for Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming as the first step –
July 18, 2023, Tokyo – Morgenrot Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO/CTO Hirotaka Inoue, hereinafter: Morgenrot) provides data centers, colocation, and interconnection services in Japan. Utilizing the NRT10 data center (Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture) of MC Digital Realty Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Takanari Hatakeyama; hereinafter referred to as MCDR), Metaverse Digital Twin content streaming distribution service. (hereinafter referred to as this service) has started.
As a new trial, Morgenrot will start providing a streaming
distribution service for 3DCG digital twin content created with the major game engines “Unreal Engine * 1” and “Unity * 2”. As the first step, “Unreal Engine 5.1” of “innoba Ota (Innova Ota) * 4” (Ota-ku, Tokyo, business entity: Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development Co., Ltd.), a shared industry creation and support facility scheduled to open in the fall of 2023. The interior digital twin content produced by will be streamed by “Pixel Streaming*3”. This content will be distributed via a high-performance server equipped with NVIDIA GPU installed in the NRT10 data center.
[Image 1:×1195.png]
[Image 2:×1187.png] “innoba Ota” digital twin content image A metaverse where people interact with others and purchase products in a virtual space on the Internet, and a twin (twin) paired with the real world are built in a digital space for marketing and various simulations. The digital twin, which is a mechanism that enables this, is increasingly being used in various fields such as manufacturing, entertainment, and more recently, real estate and urban development. As Metaverse digital twin content spreads and data traffic increases, it is important to build an optimal IT infrastructure for both content distributors and users. MCDR’s NRT10 data center has global-level security, high convenience of connecting to various partners and services from the data center platform “PlatformDIGITAL (R)”, flexible network environment, and servers equipped with high-performance GPUs. It has the essential elements for stable content distribution, such as a compatible power supply capacity, and has been selected as the server installation base this time. Furthermore, on the NRT campus, which includes the NRT10 data center, the NRT12 data center (scheduled to start service in early 2024), a large-scale data center with a power supply of 36 MW for servers, is under construction. .
[Image 3:×640.jpg] NRT10 data center, where servers are scheduled to be installed.In the future, we plan to expand this service with a view to utilizing it in research and development fields. In cooperation with MCDR, we have a stable distribution environment, and Morgenrot will continue to expand the provision of services for Metaverse Digital Twin content that utilizes GPU knowledge. -Comment from each company-Morgen Lot CEO/CTO Hirotaka Inoue Metaverse digital twin contents are being used more and more each year. With the increase in simultaneous connections by a large number of people and the increase in photorealistic content, the importance of building an optimal IT infrastructure for service providers, centered on processing by high-performance GPU servers, is increasing. In addition to being able to use high-density racks at MCDR’s NRT10 data center, the ability to select broadband lines from multiple carriers and high scalability were the deciding factors for the selection. MCDR President Takanari Hatakeyama We are very pleased that Morgenrot has chosen the NRT10 data center as a server
installation base for streaming distribution of Metaverse Digital Twin content. The data center provided by our company, which has a robust, flexible power supply capacity that can handle high-load servers, and a broadband, low-latency communication infrastructure, will be useful for realizing stable streaming distribution. I’m confident. Going forward, we will continue to provide a digital infrastructure environment that enables comfortable distribution to customers such as companies and content providers that utilize the Metaverse Digital Twin, including Morgenrot. *1 A game engine developed by Epic Games in the United States. “~5.1” is one of the updates released on November 16, 2022 *2 A game engine developed by Unity Technologies. Like “Unreal Engine”, it is also used for the production of digital twin contents, simulation systems, etc. in addition to games. *3 A system that makes it possible to view high-volume content created with Unreal Engine through a web browser from any platform or terminal *4 innoba Ota (scheduled to open in fall 2023) is a “Share-type industry creation / support facility” that induces mutual relationships by gathering in “one building” About Morgen Lot Morgen Lot Co., Ltd. With the vision of “computing power for everyone in the world”, we are a company that provides computing power solutions in the cloud. We believe that “By delivering computational power made from renewable energy and surplus electricity to anyone in the world where they need it, we can live an optimal and eco-friendly life without waste.” M:CPP, a GPU cloud service for companies that require large-scale computing power, builds, sells, operates, and maintains hardware that converts electric power into computing power using our in-house developed GPU distributed processing solution. ”, and the high-speed rendering service “Render Pool(R)”. He loves technology, has technology to efficiently operate large-scale computing power, and highly reliable decentralized technology that utilizes blockchain.
*Render Pool(R) and Excalibur(R) are registered trademarks of Morgenrot About MC Digital Realty MC Digital Realty, Inc. was established in September 2017 as a fifty-fifty joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Digital Realty Trust Inc. (U.S.-listed REIT). We provide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year high robustness and security, stable power and air conditioning, network services, etc. necessary for customers such as major cloud providers to process data. Leveraging Mitsubishi Corporation’s expertise in IT, real estate, and infrastructure, as well as Digital Realty’s global customer network and expertise in developing and operating large-scale data centers, we will lead the data center industry in Japan and contribute to the development of society. . * All product names, company names, and service names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. [Inquiries regarding this release] Morgenrot Co., Ltd. Email: contact@morgenrot.netWebsite:
https://jp.morgenrot.netMC Digital Realty Co., Ltd. Marketing Email: marketing@mc-digitalrealty.comWebsite: https:/
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