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MITSUKIN SHOJI Co., Ltd. New release of rechargeable 1600 lumen LED lantern with remote control!

Mitsukin Shoji Co., Ltd.
New release of rechargeable 1600 lumen LED lantern with remote control! A screw hole for a tripod stand and an extension screw have been added to the 8100mAh large capacity LED lantern with waterproof and dustproof IP65 remote control that can be fixed to a magnet, hanging, etc.

Sankin Shoji Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Oita City, Oita Prefecture, President: Shinichi Tanaka), which plans and sells car goods, household goods, and outdoor goods, has renewed sales of a
rechargeable 1600 lumen remote control LED lantern from July 13, 2023.
[Image 1:×740.png] Product name: High performance LED lantern PRO
Product number: ML31
Color: White/Navy/Beige/Khaki
Regular sales price: 4,980 yen (including tax and shipping) *As of July 2023 (remote islands, Hokkaido, and Okinawa require separate shipping)
Product page [Rakuten]: Rechargeable 1600lm LED lantern with remote control! Further evolution has improved the brightness and usability of the light!
We have made continuous improvements to deliver even better products in response to customer feedback. As a result, we will release a new “rechargeable 1600lm remote control LED lantern” that we will deliver with confidence!
1600lm superlative brightness
[Image 2:×740.jpg]  The lantern used as the main lighting is 1,000 lumens
It is said that the front and back are the lowest lines.
This product achieves approximately 30% brightness improvement compared to the general 1000 lumens. With an overwhelming brightness of 1600 lumens, it illuminates a wide area brightly. When camping, it is also possible to adjust the brightness to about 150 to 300 lumens, which is appropriate when lighting only around the table or inside the tent. You can select the appropriate brightness according to your usage.
By using a lithium-ion battery with high energy density, we have achieved both large capacity and compactness. It can be used for about 6 hours at the brightest 1600 lumens and about 200 hours at the lowest brightness when fully charged.
In addition, it can be used as a mobile battery in an emergency with an output function.
Remotely control the lantern with the included remote control
[Image 3:×740.jpg] When you think “I want to turn on the light!”, you can operate it with the remote control without having to move. The main unit is also equipped with a remote control, which can be used not only to turn the main unit on and off, but also to switch between 3 modes and steplessly dim the brightness.
The main unit is also palm-sized and can be stored in the included storage case so that it does not get in the way when you carry it around. The special case is made of a hard material that seems to be resistant to external shocks. Goods can be well protected. It is also light in weight, so it is recommended for touring camps and
Waterproof and dustproof level IP65
[Image 4:×740.jpg] LED lanterns are often used outdoors, such as at campsites, so choose one that is dustproof and waterproof in case of dust, sand, or sudden rain. As a night light, a waterproof lantern is often left on outside the tent all night.
This product has an IP65 dustproof and waterproof function, so it can be used outdoors without breaking down even if it is hit by dust or rain.
*It is not completely waterproof, so it cannot be used underwater. 3 or more light colors
[Image 5:×740.jpg] There is an optimal light color that matches the scene. For example, white light is suitable for cooking and detailed manual work. It has a color similar to that of a fluorescent lamp, and illuminates your hands brightly and clearly. Warm colors are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere.
This product has 3 light colors to choose from.
The brightest “daylight” characterized by a whitish and bluish color. A warm color with an orange-like warmth and a little less brightness “light bulb color”. Neutral white is the natural color of light that is closest to the brightness of the sun. You can switch between them according to your preference and usage.
Magnetic, hanging, tripod stand Various installation methods
[Image 6:×740.jpg]   Even during power outages, LED lanterns that can be turned on with a single switch are also useful as disaster prevention goods. If you are familiar with camping lanterns, you can rest assured even in the event of a disaster. Depending on the scene to be used, various installation methods can be considered, such as hanging it or placing it on a table. Since this product comes with a magnet, it can be installed on the vehicle body or back door. It is very convenient not only for sleeping in the car, but also for placing a car next to the tent or using a car side tent. Also, if you stick it to the refrigerator at home, you can use it immediately in case of emergency. You can also use the included belt to hang it on a pole, etc. for outdoor activities.
  In addition, it has been improved so that it can be attached to a tripod stand, and it can now stand on its own using a screw hole and an extension screw.
Color variations
[Image 7:×370.jpg] *The screw hole for the tripod stand is only available in white and navy. Beige and yellow are not supported.
[Image 8:×582.png] – Main unit x 1 – Charging cable x 1 – Remote control x 1 – Carabiner x 1 – Belt x 1 – Storage case x 1 – Japanese manual x 1
Product spec
[Specifications] Size (approx.): Approx. φ 12 x 5.2 cm Weight (approx.): Approx. Company Profile
Name: Mitsukin Shoji Co., Ltd.
Year of establishment: April 2011
Representative name: Shinichi Tanaka
Head office location: 3-1-35 Sekida-cho, Oita City, Oita Prefecture
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