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Natural Science Co., Ltd. “Smile Kids Nachu no Mori Exhibition” is being held at the flagship base “Nach u no Mori” where pictures depicting children’s “I love you!”

Natural Science Co., Ltd.
[Natural Science Co., Ltd.] “Smile Kids Nachu no Mori Exhibition” is being held at the flagship base “Nachu no Mori” where children’s “I love you!”

[Image 1:×616.jpg] A charity project “Smile Kids Project *” sponsored by Natural Science Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Reiko Komatsu), a mild skin care manufacturer. The “Smile Kids Painting Exhibition”, which is the main project of the project, collects and displays paintings with the theme of “I love you!” from children aged 0 to 12 years old. A total of 2,761 paintings were collected.
The collected paintings were exhibited at Natural Science (Koto-ku, Tokyo), but this time, with the support of Noboribetsu City and Shiraoi Town, Hokkaido, the company’s flagship base “Nachu no Mori” (located in Hokkaido) 393-12 Kojohama, Shiraoi-cho, Shiraoi-gun)” as well as “Smile Kids Nachu no Mori Exhibition”.
At the “Smile Kids Nachu no Mori Exhibition”, in addition to the 2,761 paintings collected at the “Smile Kids Painting Exhibition”, there are also 317 paintings by local children from Noboribetsu City and Shiraoi Town. .
Feel the “power of love” in an exciting space filled with children’s freedom and dreams.
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[Table 2: ]
A lot of events that can be enjoyed by parents and children! During the period, in addition to painting exhibitions, various events will be held to stimulate the mind, body, and heart under the theme of “creating, feeling, and loving”.
◎ Event example) * Reservation required
“Let’s make room mist! Smile Kids factory tour”
Venue: Natural Factory Hokkaido
[Image 2:×2602.jpg] You can do mini-experiments and filling experiences. This is a special event where you can make room mist with your name on it using real factory machines.
“Natural Science Show”
Venue: Natural Factory Hokkaido
[Image 3:×2180.jpg] You can enjoy learning science together with factory workers. “Let’s make gummies with Smile Kids Color”
Venue: Mori no Kosha
[Image 4:×1797.jpg] Let’s make colorful gummies together! How do you get that squishy feel? “Let everyone’s flags fly in the Nachu Forest!”
Venue: Garden
[Image 5:×2222.jpg] Raise the freely drawn flag on the flagpole of Nachu Forest during the period and let it fly in the sky.
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About Smile Kids Project
[Image 6:×1454.png] It started in 2006 with the desire to see more smiles on the faces of children and their families. We solicited children’s drawings with the theme of “I love you!” It is a charity project that sells as a limited product and donates a part of the profits.
This year, a picture drawn by a 4-year-old child was selected as the grand prize. This picture is printed as a product package and sold as a limited edition charity bottle (currently on sale in limited quantities). Part of the proceeds will be donated to activities to protect the lives of expectant and nursing mothers and women and to children in Ukraine through the international cooperation NGO JOICEP, the international NGO Save the Children, and the certified NPO National Children’s Cafeteria Support Center Musubie. support, we will donate to the activities of the children’s cafeteria. (A total of 33.85 million yen has been donated over the past 16 years.)
◎The 17th Smile Kids Project Grand Prize Winner
[Image 7:×649.jpg] Title: “Yellow”
Name: Y.G (4 years old)
Comment: “I love yellow. From top left: dandelion, pear, tomato, sun, banana, me in yellow.”
◎”Mom & Kids Oligo Milk Smile Kids Limited Bottle” designed with the Grand Prize design now on sale!
[Image 8:×672.png] Part of the proceeds are donated to support children and mothers. ▼Click here for details on the charity bottle
Company Profile
[Image 9:×247.jpg] Natural Science, a sensitive skin care manufacturer, researches, develops and sells skin care and supplements that bring out the natural power of the skin, focusing on hypoallergenic skin care that can be used together from babies to adults with sensitive skin. In particular, “Mama & Kids”, which is the core of the brand, was developed with the cooperation of dermatologists, pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists, and allergists to achieve low irritation. In addition, in order to confirm its effectiveness, we conduct thorough quality checks, such as conducting clinical tests at university hospitals and dermatology departments.
Company name: Natural Science Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-4-27 Kitasuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo (Head office location: 1-22-11 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Representative: Reiko Komatsu, President and Representative Director Business: Planning, research, development, manufacturing, and sales of cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and toothpaste; planning, development, manufacturing, and sales of health foods and foods; planning, development, and sales of ecology and children’s products
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Natural Science Co., Ltd.
TEL: 0120-122-783 (toll-free)
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