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Neely, operator of “Park Direct”, raises 1.7 billion yen from overseas institutional investor Keyrock Capital Management

Neely, operator of “Park Direct”, raises 1.7 billion yen from overseas institutional investor Keyrock Capital Management
Completed series A procurement, cumulative procurement amount of 5.6 billion yen. Strengthen product development and adoption to realize the mobility platform concept

Neely Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yota Sato), which operates the industry’s No. 1 (*1) mobility SaaS “Park Direct”
(, We have raised 1.7 billion yen from Keyrock Capital Management, an institutional investor. As a result, Series A procurement has been completed, bringing the total amount raised to 5.6 billion yen (*2). In addition, this will be Keyrock Capital Management’s third investment in an unlisted company in Japan. With this funding, we will further expand and strengthen our main business, Park Direct. In addition, by utilizing parking lot information and mobility-related data brought online by Park Direct, we will expand the scope of service provision as a mobility platform that serves as an infrastructure for all car users and mobility service providers.
[Image 1:×630.png] (*2) Procurement amount: Includes borrowings and overdraft facilities. ■Comment from the CEO of Keyrock Capital Management
Keyrock is excited to lead Nealle’s Series A-3 fund raising round. Nealle is a pioneer and leader in the real estate sharing economy in Japan and will greatly transform this traditional industry creating more value for asset owners, management companies and renters. and support, we will help Nealle to realize its long-term mission and vision.
Jonathan Shih, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Keyrock Capital Management
[Image 2:×2048.png] Jonathan Shih is the Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager of Keyrock Capital Management (“KCM”). Prior to founding KCM, Jonathan was a founding member and Managing Director of Tybourne Capital Management (“TCM”) where he was responsible for TCM’s consumer sector investments Founded in 2012, TCM is a Hong-Kong based global investment firm and Lone Pine spinout. Jonathan began his public equity investment career at Ward Ferry Management (“WF”) where he was an Investment Manager and oversaw WF’s China investment activities. in his career, he received his training at McKinsey & Co., TVG Capital and Lehman Brothers. Jonathan earned his MBA from Harvard Business School (2005) and Bachelor of Arts from Brown University (1999).
■ About Keyrock Capital Management
Keyrock Capital Management is an investment advisory firm that manages the funds of US foundations, endowments and family offices. We conduct analysis based on fundamental research, focusing on leading companies in high-growth sectors that use technology to solve major social issues. The investment period is multi-year and long-term, and crossover investments are made. With offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo, we invest in the Asia-Pacific region, with a focus on Japan. ■Fundraising results so far
[Image 3:×800.png] ■ Comment from Yota Sato, Representative Director of Neely Co., Ltd. Series A funding completed with investment from Keyrock. Shareholders and banks provided funds for business expansion, and as a result of each and every one of our employees continuing to face real estate management companies and tenants, we have finally been able to stand at the starting line.
With this funding, not only the real estate management companies and tenants who are the value recipients of Park Direct, but also PD Biz, a corporate vehicle management company, will further invest, further increasing the value of mobility infrastructure including parking lots. We will continue to promote services and businesses that will be enhanced.
■ Business results: Expanding business as mobility SaaS
“Park Direct” is a service that allows you to complete a series of operations online, from soliciting parking lots to contract work, collecting monthly usage fees after signing contracts (including rent guarantees), and customer management. Since the service was released in 2019, the number of companies that have introduced it and the number of parking lot listings have increased, and in an external survey in December 2022, it won the industry No. 1 (* 1) in terms of “number of companies that introduced it” and “number of online contracts available”. As a leading company, we have promoted the conversion of the parking lot market to DX.
In the future, we hope that more parking lot owners, real estate management companies, and car users will use our services. We will further expand the range of services to take on the challenge of the EV area and realize the mobility platform concept by utilizing the parking lot base information and mobility data that have been brought online by Park Direct.
[Image 4:×630.png] ■ Strengthening partnerships with “Park Direct for Business (PD Biz)”, a service for corporate vehicles
From 2021, we will start providing “Park Direct for Business (PD Biz)”, a monthly parking contract, payment and management service for corporate vehicles. In the case of corporate vehicles, there were many companies who felt a heavy workload due to the complexity of tasks such as searching for parking spaces, applications and contracts, information management, billing and payments.
“Park Direct for Business (PD Biz)” makes it possible to significantly improve the efficiency of all parking related operations such as “searching, signing, and managing” parking lots contracted by corporations online. increase.
[Image 5:×586.png] Business tie-up with Toyota Motor Corporation
[Image 6:×540.png] Since the start of this service, it has been introduced not only by major companies but also by many companies, including small and medium-sized ventures.
In addition, we will start a business collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation as a strategic partner, promote efficiency in parking lot management for corporate vehicles, and work to realize a mobility society that is comfortable and convenient for all car users. Press release: “Business alliance with Toyota Motor Corporation”
Park Direct for Business (PD Biz): ■ Challenge to EV area
The development of EV infrastructure is essential in the energy policy that looks ahead to the realization of a carbon-neutral and
decarbonized society by 2050. We have started business development in this area. Currently, in addition to conducting demonstration experiments on the installation of chargers in parking lots, in the future we plan to collaborate with business operators and promote business related to EV charging infrastructure using “Park Direct” data.
[Image 7:×366.png] “Neely, which develops the mobility SaaS business “Park Direct”, has started a demonstration experiment on the installation of EV chargers in parking lots”
■Future Developments: Realizing the “Mobility Platform Concept”
[Image 8:×540.jpg] “Mobility platform concept image”
The number of Park Direct borrowers in 2022 will be approximately 500% compared to the previous year, and the number of borrowers making online contracts on Park Direct is increasing day by day. Neely has also expanded its benefits to its Park Direct tenants. As a platform service that matches the various lifestyles of car owners, we have launched a campaign with the car subscription service “KINTO”, tie-ups with facilities nationwide of the fitness industry giant “Konami Sports Club”, gasoline We are planning a project in collaboration with the company that operates the stand. Furthermore, with a view to contributing to the local economy, we are also strengthening cooperation with key regional business operators and bases, such as tie-ups with Miyagi’s traditional long-established tea manufacturer “Ocha no Igeta” and roadside stations. I’m here.
“Neely, which operates mobility SaaS “Park Direct”, and car
subscription service “KINTO,” start collaboration in the mobility field”
“Neely, operator of the mobility SaaS “Park Direct”, and “Konami Sports Club”, a major fitness company, have started a tie-up project to invite free trial at facilities nationwide”
“Neely, which operates the mobility SaaS “Park Direct”, started a tie-up project with “Ocha no Igata”, a traditional tea manufacturer with a history of 100 years, famous for Miyagi’s classic sweet “Kikufuku””
Neely is evolving from a parking lot management service to a mobility platform by promoting offline data online and providing solutions that utilize various data accumulated in Park Direct in order to expand into a mobility SaaS business. We will promote business development with the aim of
■ Recruitment information of Neely
[Image 9:×630.png] At Neely, we are looking for personnel in a variety of occupations, including engineers and corporate departments, in order to strengthen our organization in line with business expansion. For details, please see the special recruitment site.
Recruitment special site
In the note article of our representative, we are talking about Neely’s mission and business.
■ About Park Direct
[Image 10:×630.png ]
“Park Direct” ( offers everything from solicitation of parking lots to contract work, monthly usage fee collection agency (including rent guarantee) after contract, and customer management. is a mobility SaaS that realizes online. All monthly parking lot procedures (*3) can be completed online, significantly reducing unnecessary costs related to parking lot contracts and management for real estate companies and tenants. In addition, based on the data of each parking lot, we design and develop various measures to attract customers regardless of online/offline, and contribute to increasing the utilization rate of the monthly parking lot and increasing the owner’s profit.
■ Operating company: About Neely Co., Ltd.
A leading mobility SaaS company that operates the industry’s No. 1 (*1) service “Park Direct”. Since our founding in 2013, our main business has been business planning and strategy planning for many new businesses, and development that makes use of our high technological capabilities, targeting major business companies, financial
institutions, and start-up companies that have raised funds. I was. Since 2019, we have been operating “Park Direct” by utilizing the know-how we have cultivated so far.
Company name: Neely Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-9-8 Horidome-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0012 Representative Director: Yota Sato
Established: January 29, 2013
Capital: 4,129 million yen (as of the end of July 2023. Including capital reserve)
Business description: Operation of mobility SaaS “Park Direct” Website: