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Next Field Co., Ltd. Hirayama Construction, Next Field, and NTT East will work on building a DX model for the construction industry

Next Field Co., Ltd.
Hirayama Construction, Next Field, and NTT East will work on building a DX model for the construction industry
– Aiming to improve work efficiency, improve productivity and safety, and realize work style reforms in the construction industry as a whole –

Hirayama Construction Co., Ltd. (Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, President: Hideki Hirayama, hereinafter “Hirayama Construction”), Next Field Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroyasu Ohori, hereinafter “Next Field”) and East Japan DX (Digital Transformation) promoted by Hirayama Construction in collaboration with Denshin and Telephone Co., Ltd. Chiba Branch (Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Executive Officer Chiba Division Manager and Chiba Branch Manager: Machiko Sakai, hereinafter “NTT East Japan”) By expanding this initiative to partner companies, we aim to improve the
productivity of construction sites as a whole and create an ideal construction company model for the region that utilizes DX.
1. Background/Purpose
In the current construction industry, the number of construction workers is aging and there is a continuing shortage of young workers. It is
Although the introduction of DX is progressing rapidly as one of the means to alleviate these issues, in addition to the lack of skills and know-how related to ICT, in a unique environment where multiple companies cooperate with each other, such as construction sites, DX The reality is that penetration is a high hurdle.
Against this background, Hirayama Construction has collaborated with Next Field and NTT East to expand the various DX initiatives that have been introduced in-house to everyone involved in construction sites, including subcontractors. , we will embody the ideal DX model construction for local construction companies.
2. Specific content
With the cooperation of Pacific Machinery Co., Ltd. (Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture, President: Takashi Maehara), the owner of Hirayama Construction, the company’s new office building construction “general office construction project” will be used as a model site for DX utilization. We will work on it*1.
(1) Hirayama Construction expands the use of the DX tool “Gemba Site*2”, which is currently in operation in-house, to subcontractors at the construction site in order to implement process management and document management at the construction site. A large signage will be introduced for information sharing and transmission, leading to improved work efficiency and productivity throughout the site. e-Stand usage image URL) (2) Next Field will use “e-Stand*3”, a dashboard service used for information sharing at construction sites, and “Voice KY System*4”, which NTT East’s engineering department uses for risk prediction activities. At the same time, we will work to improve safety and realize work style reforms by directly supporting the use of “site sites” and other DX tools at construction sites.
*1) Effort period: July 2023 to June 2024 (planned)
*2) On-site site: A site-specific website for cooperating contractors. It is a tool for constantly sharing the latest information by converting process charts, drawings, schedules for loading and unloading, etc. into the cloud.
“Hirayama Construction’s DX Promotion” URL) *3) e-Stand: A service that allows you to list the services and software necessary for daily operations, such as visitor management, announcements/notice boards, and safety videos.
*4) Voice KY system: A “danger prediction activity (KY) DX tool” that is mainly used at repair sites for telephone, internet, and other communication services.
It is possible to instantly convert KY utterances (voice) at construction sites into text, and it is possible to effectively improve workers’ sensitivity to danger by notifying managers of KY implementation and providing feedback to workers. is .
3. Image of each company’s roles and cooperation
[Image:×884.jpg] *5) “Start Pack”: We will provide and maintain a set of fiber-optic line for internet connection, internet provider, IP phone,
indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi access point, web camera, etc. for a fixed price to the site office. . URL) 4. Future prospects
The three companies, Hirayama Construction, Next Field, and NTT East, will continue to pursue the ideal DX model for local construction companies, further improving the operational efficiency, productivity and safety of construction sites as a whole, and working style reforms. Promote realization and establishment
We will create an environment where everyone wants to work / feels attractive. Through this, we will contribute to the sustainable development and revitalization of the construction industry and local communities as a whole.

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