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Nippon Aesthetic Co., Ltd. Super popular! “Comfee’ refrigerator” is a hot topic among people living alone! A special feature on the “Comfee’ refrigerator” that attracts attention!

Japan aesthetic Co., Ltd.
Super popular! “Comfee’ refrigerator” is a hot topic among people living alone! A special feature on the “Comfee’ refrigerator” that attracts attention!

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This is the biggest discount sale of the year, so don’t miss it~ Comfee’, which is becoming more and more familiar in Japan, is a home appliance brand under the Midea Group, one of the world’s largest home appliance manufacturers. Comfee is a European consumer electronics brand that combines advanced design with simple functionality to create quality products inspired by the lifestyles of the younger generation. This time, we will introduce the Comfee’ refrigerator based on word of mouth.
Comfee’ has both advanced design and simple functionality, and is often ranked high in the rankings, such as “Comfee’90L refrigerator”, which is the number one best-selling refrigerator that can be selected according to the lifestyle of the younger generation. I will explain the ‘173L refrigerator’.
[Image 1:×600.jpg] COMFEE’ Refrigerator 90L 2 Door Heat Resistant Top Features
1. For living alone, compact but large capacity
The “Comfee’90L refrigerator” is compact yet has a neat storage capacity. Despite its compact size with a width of only 478 mm, it has a freezer compartment of 28 L and a refrigerator compartment of 62 L, so you can store plenty of ice cream and drinks that are indispensable in summer. It is a 2-door type with a simple design that focuses on ease of use.
[Image 2:×600.jpg] 2. Fashionable, quiet, and flexible
You can freely choose between two colors, white and black, and the stylish design is perfect for your home interior and creates a particularly nice atmosphere. In addition, because of its silent design, you can place it as a second refrigerator in your study or bedroom without worrying about it. In addition, the heat-resistant top plate can effectively utilize the space as a place for the microwave oven.
[Image 3:×600.jpg] COMFEE’ refrigerator 173L slim automatic defrosting freezer
1. Slim and large capacity
“Comfee’ 173L refrigerator” has a slim and simple design with a width of 470mm, and can be installed anywhere without taking up space. The freezer compartment has a capacity of 53L, so you can store frozen foods and ice cream with plenty of room. In addition, the refrigerator compartment is 120L, and it has movable glass shelves, cases, and door pockets, so it is possible to keep the inside of the refrigerator neat and tidy!
[Image 4:×600.jpg] 2, automatic defrosting freezer
Having an automatic defrost function in the freezer compartment is a very convenient feature. Those who have experienced defrosting will appreciate the convenience. The “Comfee’ 173L Refrigerator” has an automatic defrost function and is a little more expensive than competing products of the same capacity.
[Image 5:×600.jpg] Common features of 90L and 173L refrigerators
1. “Inside light” “Temperature adjustable”
Lighting the inside of the refrigerator makes it easier to find food. And the temperature of the refrigerator compartment is adjustable. You can adjust the temperature inside the refrigerator according to the season and stored ingredients.
[Image 6:×600.jpg] 2. “The highest level of refrigeration function”
Equipped with the highest level of refrigeration function.
[Image 7:×600.jpg] 3. “Silent design”
It is so quiet that you won’t be bothered by the sound even if you put it in your living space.
90L refrigerator 24 dB
173L refrigerator 29 dB
20dB: The sound of leaves touching each other 30dB: Whispering sound, late-night residential area
[Image 8:×600.jpg] 4. “Environmentally friendly and household budget friendly”
This is a CFC-free refrigerator that complies with the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing. The energy-saving standard achievement rate is 100% or more, and the design is friendly to both the environment and the household budget.
5. “One year warranty period”
There is a one-year warranty period, and if you have any problems or questions during the warranty period, there is an email address in the instruction manual, so please feel free to contact us at any time. “COMFEE’ Refrigerator 90L” Product Specifications
[Image 9:×781.png] “COMFEE’ Refrigerator 173L” Product Specifications
[Image 10:×741.png ]
What is COMFEE’
Increasingly familiar in Japan, Comfee’ is the flagship brand of ‘Midea’, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics
manufacturers. Based in Saronno, near Milan, Italy, they sell a large number of home appliances that combine simple functionality and intuitive operability. It boasts a high market share in Italy for washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, etc. Its sophisticated design is gaining popularity not only from Italy, but also from young people in the EU, such as the United Kingdom and Germany, and has landed in Japan in 2019. It is accepted as a stylish household appliance known to those in the know.
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