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Operation of the area management organization “Machi-nehama Koshien” has been fully shifted to residents and activists A local community organization led by residents and activists that has taken on the challenge of resolving th e shortage of leaders

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The management of the area management organization “Machi-nehama Koshien” has been fully shifted to residents and activists.

The area management organization of the Hamakoshien housing complex, General Incorporated Association Machinone Hamakoshien (hereinafter referred to as “Machinone Hamakoshien”), held the “regular general meeting of employees (hereinafter referred to as “general meeting”)” on Sunday, June 25, 2023. As a result, we have transitioned from a private developer to a new local community organization run mainly by local residents and activists.
[Image 1:×370.jpg] Machinone Hamakoshien was established in 2016 through a public-private partnership between the Urban Renaissance Agency (UR Urban Renaissance Agency) and a private developer as part of the renovation project for the Hamakoshien housing complex in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture. It is a general incorporated association. So far, Haseko Corporation, Keihan Electric Railway Real Estate Co., Ltd., Art Planning Co., Ltd., Fuji Housing Co., Ltd., Sekisui House Co., Ltd., Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Co., Ltd., Sogo Real Estate Co., Ltd., Kintetsu We have promoted area management in residential areas by selecting directors from eight real estate companies.
While issues such as isolation due to the weakening of neighborhood ties and a lack of people to support regional organizations are becoming apparent throughout the country, in the Hamakoshien housing complex area, Machinonehama Koshien has been a local base where anyone can easily drop in for six years. We have managed to visualize our activities by actively disseminating information. As a result, the number of young people who had little interest in conventional regional activities has increased, and we have also promoted local employment to sustainably support the activities.
At the general meeting, the directors and auditors elected from local residents and staff were approved, and the system was shifted to management by local residents and activists, with UR Urban Renaissance and HITOTOWA INC. continuing to support as regular members. In the future, we will promote efforts to form a more sustainable and inclusive community, and along with “MACHINONE: Bit”, which aims to develop new leaders, we will work closely with local residents’ awareness of issues. I’m going to go.
[Image 2:×90.jpg] ● Hamakoshien Housing Complex Revitalization Project
[Image 3:×377.jpg] The Hamakoshien Danchi was completed in 1962, and the living performance and standard of housing, such as the size of the units and the facilities, did not meet the needs of the times. We have started rebuilding the housing complex and are proceeding with the projects one by one.
On the other hand, in order to promote community development and community development that will improve the appeal of the region into the future, the site created by the rebuilding will include a boulevard (park), facilities for the elderly, condominiums, detached houses and commercial facilities. has been maintained. In addition, with the aim of forming a community that integrates the area, we have solicited business partners who will be continuously involved in community development from development to area management, and created a mechanism for community development through public-private collaboration.
Toward the realization of area management, after discussions with business partners, through a competition, Phase I 2BL-a Block, Phase II B/C/D Blocks, and Phase III B1/C1 Blocks will be managed by Haseko Corporation. Group (Haseko Corporation, Keihan Electric Railway Real Estate Co., Ltd., Art Planning Co., Ltd., Fuji Housing Co., Ltd., Sekisui House Co., Ltd., General Estate Co., Ltd.), Phase III B2 block is Kintetsu Real Estate ( Co., Ltd.), Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Co., Ltd. was the operator for Stage III Block C2, and Keihan Electric Railway Real Estate Co., Ltd. was the operator for Center C Block. ●About Machinonehama Koshien
[Image 4:×268.jpg] Machinonehama Koshien aims to create a comfortable life, enjoyment, and loose connections that transcend generations; ), we operate three bases as an area management organization. In addition, in April 2021, a system of resident volunteers “MACHINONE:Bit” (30 people as of March 2023) was born to support the activities, and the “Child-rearing Chatting Party” and “Machipika Daisakusen” were born. ”, “Senior playground”, “Handmade market”, etc., while creating loose
connections, we are developing activities to maintain and improve the local environment and value.
[Image 5:×296.jpg] ●Three base operations
・ Town development base “HAMACO: LIVING” (Fine City Koshien 1st floor) With full-time staff, it serves as a base for the community, where 30 to 40 people visit every day as an opportunity for various exchanges and as a place where people can feel free to consult.
・Community cafe “OSAMPO BASE” (in Keihan Hama Koshien Mall, opened in October 2018)
We offer a seasonally healthy menu that does not use animal
ingredients. We are open as a cafe loved by many customers both inside and outside the area.
・ Classroom space “HAMACO:CLASS” (opened in June 2020) The classroom is used as a place for local learning.
●Implementation project of “Machi-no-nehama Koshien”
・Management of community space
In addition to operating community development bases and classroom spaces, we plan and operate rental boxes for handmade miscellaneous goods and regular events. In cooperation with Nishinomiya City, etc., we operate a symbiotic regional exchange base and a health point business.
Regular events: Parenting chats, senior playgrounds, welcome parties ・Café operation
We operate an OSAMPO BASE café, sell take-out lunch boxes, operate an online shop (BASE), regularly hold lunch exchange meetings, and open a store at external events.
・Regional community revitalization
We hold handmade market by writer of town ne picnic and handmade miscellaneous goods. We also support and collaborate with “Hamako Information Bureau” and “Machine Bit”, which share information on child-rearing, and regularly clean parks.
・Collaboration with external organizations
Operational support for the surrounding welfare facility network “Hamakou Triangle”, cooperation with UR Urban Renaissance and Hamakoshien Housing Complex Neighborhood Associations, and holding of disaster prevention events in cooperation with the management associations of each block. We are also collaborating with nearby Mukogawa Women’s University and NPOs.
・Public relations and information dissemination
Official LINE, Instagram, regular distribution of e-mail magazines, publication of quarterly magazine chiMe and event calendar, operation of open chat for disaster prevention and crime prevention, creation of original booklet of nursery school and lesson information in the surrounding area.
[Image 6:×285.jpg]
[Image 7:×257.jpg] ● Organization overview
[Image 8:×340.jpg] ・Organization name
Machinone Beach Koshien
September 1, 2016
・New Representative Director
Mai Igawa, Masashi Uramoto
・Former Representative Director
Tomohiro Kimura
10-1 Edagawacho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
・Award history
2017 Good Design Award (as Fine City Koshien)
2019 Urban Housing Society Achievement Award / Urban Housing Society President’s Award
[Image 9:×186.jpg] ・Activity information
Please see the official website or Instagram for information on future activities of Machinonehama Koshien.
·Organizational Structure
-New system-
Local residents and secretariat staff: 6 people in total
1 local resident
regular member
Urban Renaissance Agency, HITOTOWA INC.
6 people
-Old system-
regular member
Haseko Corporation, Keihan Electric Railway Real Estate Co., Ltd., Art Planning Co., Ltd., Fuji Housing Co., Ltd., Sekisui House Co., Ltd., Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Co., Ltd., General Estate Co., Ltd., Kintetsu Real Estate Co., Ltd. )
Employees of the above eight companies
UR Urban Renaissance employee
Haseko Community Co., Ltd., HITOTOWA INC., local residents
Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Co., Ltd.
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