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OVERFLOW Co., Ltd./Offers Launched partnership with Offers Carry Up

Overflow Co., Ltd./Offers
Started partnership with Offers Carry Up
Promoting privilege plans and joint marketing activities for companies that have introduced

Overflow Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuto Suzuki, Shin Tanaka, hereinafter referred to as overflow), which operates “Offers”, a side job / job change service for IT engineers / designers, operates “Carry Up”. We are pleased to announce that we have started a partnership with ONX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yoshiki Baba).
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Background and purpose of the partnership
As a recruitment and matching service, Offers has supported various forms of recruitment such as outsourcing, side jobs, and regular employees. So far, more than 500 companies have used Offers, but there are cases of human resource issues such as “I have no experience hiring engineers and don’t know how to recruit” and “I can’t secure man-hours such as sending scout messages”. is appearing as
Therefore, we thought that by utilizing Carry Up’s extensive connections with professional personnel, we would be able to support the entire series of processes, from securing personnel responsible for hiring engineers, to the realization of partner collaboration. Carry Up has many registrations of personnel with experience in IT companies and engineers, and companies can hire personnel with strengths in hiring engineers in as little as one week. Through this collaboration, by securing personnel with know-how in hiring engineers, we will significantly improve the quality of recruitment activities and achieve dramatic improvements in recruitment
In addition, through this partnership, we will start offering a special plan (bundle package) that allows you to use both services more economically for companies using the services of both companies or one of them. Through this plan, we aim to help companies to recruit human resources more easily and effectively.
Through this partnership, we plan to increase recognition and sales to further companies and users in order to realize recruitment without mismatches recommended by both services.
For details on the benefit plans, please contact us from the respective service sites.
▼Inquiry to “Offers”
▼Inquiries to “Carry Up”
Webinar information
To commemorate the partnership, we will hold a webinar. Below is an overview. Title: What should I do to advance to the selection process? Interview techniques that can be used from tomorrow
Date: 2023/08/09 (Wed) 17:00~18:00
Holding format: Online
Application method: Please apply from the event details page (

About “Carry Up”, a freelance personnel matching service specializing in IT companies
“Carry Up (” is a service that supports matching between companies and freelance/multi-task personnel. We specialize in the field of IT companies, and can propose human resources who are ready to work and have few mismatches. After receiving a hearing about the current issues, the user company can receive a proposal for outsourcing personnel and make a decision, and can adopt professional personnel as outsourcing in a minimum of one week.
About “Offers”, a side job and career change service for IT engineers/designers “Offers (” is a side job and job change service that specializes in human resources involved in product development, such as engineers, designers, and PdM. By sending offers to Offers registrants and posting job vacancies on “Offers Jobs”, we create encounters with companies and human resources involved in product development, and support the growth of individual careers and businesses. It was officially released in September 2019, and as of December 2022, it is being used by over 20,000 product development personnel nationwide.
About ONX Corporation
ONX Co., Ltd. ( has a mission of “professional HR will unleash the potential of all growing companies”, and is developing business related to HR, centered on professional HR sharing business. We are here.
【Company Profile】
Company name: ONX Co., Ltd.
Location: Miyamasuzaka Building 609, 2-19-15 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: August 2021
Capital: 15,300,000 yen (as of the end of September 2022)
Business description: Professional personnel sharing business / recruitment business
Representative: Representative Director Yoshiki Baba
Click here for recruitment information (casual interview welcome)
About overflow Inc.
Overflow Co., Ltd. ( was established in June 2017 and is developing its business with the vision of “increase time”. In September 2019, we started offering “Offers”, a side job and job change service for IT engineers/designers, to help everyone have free choices in “working” and increase the time they feel happy. increase.
【Company Profile】
・ Company name: Overflow Co., Ltd.
・ Location: 1-1-21 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Shin-Toranomon Business Hall 5F
・Representative Directors: Hiroto Suzuki, Shin Tanaka
・Established: June 9, 2017
Click here for information on overflow・Recruitment information:・overflow Culture Deck:・ Podcast “overflow fm”: ・ Note “Overflow Culture Note Co., Ltd.”:
Click here for information on Offers・Magazine that makes working fun:・Recruitment site for side jobs and job changes “Offers Jobs”:・About digital human resources Research organization “Digital Human Resources Research Institute”:
・HR information media in the development organization:

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