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Pal System Federation “Logistics / IT work experience” for free research during summer vacation

Palsystem Federation
“Logistics / IT work experience” for summer vacation free research Opened in Inagi, Tokyo

In August 2023, PAL System will open a facility in Inagi City, Tokyo, where parents and children can experience IT and logistics. In August, which is summer vacation for children, we will hold “Logistics / IT parent-child work experience” on a schedule of 8 times a day, such as the 8th (Tuesday).
Let’s learn about food loss reduction and SDGs The experience facility reproduces the “set line” actually used at the distribution center of Pal System, and also has a full-size delivery truck on the wall. In addition, using tablet terminals, panels, videos, etc., you can experience the process from ordering to delivery in about an hour. Co-op home delivery is a highly sustainable system that achieves food loss reduction and resource recycling by taking orders in advance and collecting recycled products. Both children and adults can learn the importance of IT and logistics that support society through their own experiences.
“Logistics / IT parent-child work experience” overview / schedule: August 8 (Tue) / 22 (Tue) / 24 (Thurs) / 29 (Tue), 2023
・Time: 1.11:00~/2.14:00~
・Venue: 1st floor of Palsystem Federation Inagi Office Center “Logistics/IT Experience Facility”
・Location: 2111 Hyakumura, Inagi-shi, Tokyo (15-minute walk from Inagi Station, 20-minute walk from Minamitama Station)
・Pre-registration required
Please apply from the following URL or 2D code
[Image 1:×135.png] Program introduction
■Same as the real thing! “Logistics sorting experience”
Reproduce the actual logistics equipment used at the PAL system logistics center. Sorts the products of the PAL system.
[Image 2:×1883.jpg] Commemorative photo with a full-scale truck
After the sorting experience, take a commemorative photo with a full-scale Pal system delivery truck that uses the entire wall.
[Image 3:×1779.jpg] ■ Commentary with panels and animations
Easy-to-understand explanations from ordering to delivery using original illustrations, videos, and texts.
[Image 4:×1630.jpg] Organization overview
Pal System Federation of Co-operative Associations
Location: 2-2-6 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Seiichi Ohnobu 13 members/Unified business system users Total business value of members: 253.09 billion yen/Total number of union members: 1.714 million (as of March 31, 2023)
Member Co-op: Pal System Tokyo, Pal System Kanagawa, Pal System Chiba, Pal System Saitama, Pal System Ibaraki Tochigi, Pal System Yamanashi, Pal System Gunma, Pal System Fukushima, Pal System Shizuoka, Pal System Niigata Tokimeki, Pal System Mutual Aid Federation, Saitama Prefectural Workers’ Co-op, Ai Co-op Miyagi
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