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“Parking”, where you can order originals like buying ready-made products, was reopened on June 26th. We have a wide variety of design samples and signboard mounting supplies.

Hakuro Mark Co., Ltd.
“Parking”, where you can order originals like buying ready-made products, was reopened on June 26th. We have a wide variety of design samples and signboard mounting supplies.
You can create an original parking lot sign by simply selecting your favorite design from over 2,000 design samples and changing the text. You can also order in any size.

It has been 14 years since parking lot opened in 2009, and over 2,000 customers have placed orders for its easy-to-make original parking lot signboards. This time, while maintaining the style of being able to easily order original products as if you were buying a ready-made product, you can now order in any size, have direct meetings with the designer through the chat system, and increase the number of items for signboard installation. It has been upgraded and renewed.
Parking lot
[Image 1:×435.jpg] You can order parking signboards in any size.
At parking lot, we produce original parking lot signboards instead of ready-made products. Not only the design but also the size can be made to order. In the past, we used to ask for the size before estimating, but that would take a lot of time, so we created a price logic and developed a system that displays the price simply by entering the size in the order form. There is no need to get an estimate for each item, and you can now place an order directly from our website. You can order from a small size like a parking lot plate to a large signboard that stands on its own with feet, depending on the installation location.
[Image 2:×367.jpg] Enter your desired size to see the price
Added lots of design samples
The design sample is a design template that allows you to easily create your own original design simply by changing the text and colors. With the renewal, the number of design samples has increased significantly to more than 2000 types. From fashionable to orthodox, our designers put their skills into making them. If there are 2,000 types, you will get tired just looking for the design, so you can narrow down by usage and design image. You can quickly find the design you want. For example, if you want a conspicuous signboard to be used in a monthly parking lot, you can narrow it down to “monthly parking lot signboard” x “conspicuous” and you will find only the designs you are looking for. You can quickly find your favorite design.
[Image 3:×420.jpg] You should be able to see your favorite design
If you click the heart mark on the upper left of the design sample image, it will be registered as a favorite. Registered design samples can be viewed in My Page’s Favorites.
[Image 4:×450.jpg] Favorites and easy ordering
If you want to keep it for a while because you will think about it later, put it in your favorites and you can check it at any time. If you order signboards with a fixed design on a regular basis, you can order from your favorite without having to search for design samples. A design sample can be viewed here.
easy-to-use order form
Each item in the order form is explained with images and videos, so even those who are new to making parking signboards can proceed smoothly until ordering. Specialized items such as printing methods and material selection are explained in detail.
[Image 5:×420.jpg] Easy order form
Smooth confirmation of the manuscript on the exchange bulletin board After placing an order, a dedicated page called “Interaction Bulletin Board” will be launched. This is a layout meeting page where the designer uploads the design manuscript according to the order and the customer can check it. You can interact directly with the designer in a chat format. Unlike e-mail, you can ask for corrections easily because you can do it with a single sentence such as “I want to see the one with a red background.” The fine nuances are also conveyed, and the design is convincing.
[Image 6:×420.jpg] Easy to communicate with chat system
Parking lot is here
Mounting accessories that can be selected depending on the installation location We also have a large selection of signage fixtures. You can choose from the installation location, so you can choose the mounting supplies that match your parking lot sign. There is also an
installation video, so even first-time users can check how to install a parking sign.
[Image 7:×260.jpg] We also have a large selection of billboard installation supplies. Click here for a wide variety of billboard installation supplies Company Profile
Company name: Hakuromark Co., Ltd.
Head office: 284-8 Nishinakajima, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture (10 minutes by car from the World Heritage Himeji Castle)
Founded: September 1961
Established: March 2009
Business description: Original banners, flags, curtains, curtains, signboards, which are created based on customer’s requests and needs, are ordered through 6 internet shops, manufactured and sold
He is also a pioneer in creating a system that allows you to buy custom-made products online.
Management site
parking sign dot com
order nobori dot com
real estate support dot com
order noren dot com
Election Nobori Dot Com
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