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Renewal of “labor audit service specialized in IPO support” in collaboration with Mr. Izumiya (former coconala personnel manager, current representative director of FiVE Co., Ltd.), social insurance and labor consultant corporation Classico

Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation Classico
Renewal of “labor audit service specialized for IPO support” in collaboration with Mr. Izumiya (former human resources manager of Coconala, currently representative director of FiVE Co., Ltd.), social insurance and labor consultant corporation Classico
At two points of contact, labor affairs professionals and personnel affairs professionals thoroughly support companies aiming for an IPO.
Social insurance and labor consultant corporation Classico
(Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Representative: Kazuya Shibagaki, hereinafter Classico) will partner with Sho Izumiya (former human resources manager of Coconala, currently representative director of FiVE Co., Ltd.) from July 1, 2023. has been concluded.
Through this partnership, we are pleased to announce that on August 1, 2023, we will start providing services under a new system that adds support in the human resources area to the existing labor audit service.
[Image 1:×1080.png] Background of provision of labor audit services specialized for IPO The number of companies aiming for listing (IPO) is increasing due to the activation of startup support by the government.
However, it is extremely rare to have someone with listing experience in the human resources (general affairs) department at the time of an IPO.
This is one of the reasons why IPO preparations are delayed. On the other hand, labor-management troubles are increasing, and labor laws are being revised one after another.
We have entered an era in which it is strictly questioned whether labor management is conducted in compliance with the latest laws and regulations at the time of IPO.
Ideally, a social insurance labor consultant who is a professional in labor management should be able to run alongside IPO preparations. As with companies, there are few labor and social security attorney offices with people who have been listed, and they are not able to fully meet the needs.
In order to solve this problem, labor management services for venture companies, Classico, which specializes in labor audits, launched a specialized service based on over 100 audit results.
▶Service page for labor audit
▶Service page for IPO support
Partnership with HR professionals
When thinking about an IPO, simply saying “labor management is done” is not enough.
Various internal functions such as the personnel system are linked to labor affairs, and there are 100 different issues depending on the company.
That is why, by having a partner who can give advice on individual events based on specific experience,
I thought it was necessary to have a system in which HR personnel could consult on a wide range of matters, not just labor management. Signed a partner contract from July 1, 2023
[Image 2:×800.jpg] ■ Sho Izumiya
Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation Classico Partner FiVE Co., Ltd. Representative Director
Former Coconala HR Manager
Born in 1981. Since graduating from university, engaged in work in the human resources field for about 18 years.
Mainly enrolled in web-based ventures/startups (hey (currently STORES), coconala, Speee, Pixta).
At Coconala Inc., he worked hard to launch the personnel function as the first personnel.
Experienced management of HR organization in the rapid expansion phase from 20 to 150 people.
From the seed stage to the IPO (Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers), he was in charge of the personnel field and contributed to the listing. In October 2022, he established FiVE Co., Ltd. as an independent company to help troubled personnel and managers.
We are currently providing services with strengths in hiring support for venture companies and building personnel systems.
A service that can solve both shortcomings at once
At Classico, we visualize issues through labor audits,
Although legal issues can be resolved through improvement consulting, advisory contracts, and outsourcing services, there is a lack of solutions to human resources “recruitment issues” and “personnel system construction and operation issues.” bottom.
On the other hand, FiVE Co., Ltd. mainly provides recruitment support and personnel system construction and operation support.
Through this partnership with Classico,
I have a desire to help people who are having trouble in the HR field and to help the organization more than ever before.
This time, by combining Classico’s know-how and Mr. Izumiya’s knowledge, By connecting the elements of “labor audit” and “personnel
consulting”, which are generally conducted separately,
We have realized the provision of services whose strength lies in the ability to organically resolve both issues.
Strengths of our service
[Image 3:×540.png] [Labor area] Social insurance labor consultant corporation Classico is in charge Confirmation of compliance with labor laws
Labor procedures, payroll calculation, attendance management, maintenance of work regulations
Personnel system (regulations, wage system, welfare program, etc.) [Human Resources Area] Mr. Sho Izumiya is in charge
All matters related to personnel planning, including the personnel evaluation system
All Recruitment Matters
All aspects of organizational development such as retention and engagement How to work together to put advice from a social insurance labor consultant into practice,
We support the execution of concrete measures for “human issues” that are difficult to judge by law alone.
Companies we would like you to use
Company size: 50 to 100 or more / 101 to 200 or more / 201 to 300 or more ・Companies before the N-3 term with an IPO in mind
・Companies that have entered the N-3 period
・Companies with insufficient human resource resources
For companies with 50 to 100 employees aiming for an IPO
In many cases, there are only one or two people in charge of personnel affairs, and they are very busy in the first place.
However, if it becomes an IPO, hiring, establishment, and environment construction for further business growth will be prioritized. Labor management is often an afterthought.
[Image 4:×540.png] Prior to the IPO, the lead managing company is required to conduct a labor audit.
The discovery of problems in the labor system after listing was viewed as a problem,
The impact is not only on the company itself, but also on the stakeholders. However, depending on the audit firm, it often ends with only a short review for a fixed area,
Depending on the labor knowledge of the requesting company, there are cases where the necessary part is not covered.
Also, in Classico, at the latest, it is time to enter the N-3 period (system construction period),
Before that, I think it is desirable to undergo a labor audit. It is also around this time that the lead managing company asks for a “review of labor management.”
Labor management includes attendance management, payroll calculation, etc. Since it is a monthly accumulation, if there is an issue, it is necessary to take action to solve it at this time.
When we enter the N-1 term (previous term), it will be a test run period, and it will be a time to check whether it is being operated correctly.
Reasons why it is better to have a labor audit before the N-3 term The claim period for payment of unpaid wages is currently three years and will be extended to five years in the future.
If non-payment is discovered after entering the N-3 period,
Tens of millions of dollars will be paid out, and there is also the possibility of large unexpected expenses.
Elements to be minimized before entering the N-3 period
◆ Employment regulations and various regulations linked to the actual situation ◆ Set up and operate payroll system
◆ Installation and operation of attendance management system Also, during the growth period, the number of personnel and
departments increases, and the organizational chart becomes branched. You will need strength and resources. It is certain that it will be “easier” at the time of IPO if you take action while there are few issues and expand the organization with the correct structure. Service start date August 1, 2023 (Tuesday)
We support companies aiming for an IPO at the following two points of contact. ■ Labor audit service
Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Corporation Classico provides labor audits for IPO.
We will listen to your needs and prepare an estimate.
▶How to contact us
Please enter the required information from the URL below.
A consultant will make suggestions to solve the problem.
▶Request for materials on labor audits
■ Personnel mentoring service for IPO
We provide Mr. Izumiya’s consulting.
(Limited to the first 5 companies/month Online consultation 30 minutes/once) ※free
▶ How to apply for HR Mentor Service
Please enter the required information from the URL below.
At a later date, the person in charge will contact you to arrange the schedule.
Sho Izumiya (Representative Director of FiVE Inc.)
“Eliminate the “negatives” of people and organizations”
This is our mission. Eliminating the “negatives” that occur in people and organizations is the origin of FiVE, which was launched by members who have been working in the HR field for many years, and is the area where we can demonstrate the most value.
Elimination of “negatives” here does not only refer to resolving emerging issues, but also to maximize business growth, in which each organization and the people working there We believe that we should provide support so that we can continue to be a good partner. We hope that this partnership will help companies that are having trouble. Kazuya Shibagaki (Representative of Classico Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Corporation)
It is no longer possible to avoid a decrease in the number of workers due to the declining birthrate and aging population and intensifying competition to acquire human resources.
Efforts are also required to prevent employees who have gone to great lengths from leaving due to inadequate labor management.
The working environment is also called a “hygiene factor” and is the minimum requirement for human resources to work with peace of mind. Especially for companies aiming for IPO, the working environment should be considered as “good soil” and
I think it is necessary to conduct corporate activities with a long-term perspective.
We aim to support companies aiming for growth with this service and help revitalize the economy.
Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation Classico
Representative: Kazuya Shibagaki
Location: 8th floor of Iwata Tokyu Building, 3-2-8 Bakuro-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka Corporate site:
Business description:
・ Personnel and Labor Advisory Service
・ Outsourcing of various insurance affairs
・ Payroll outsourcing
・ Subsidy application
・ Consulting
 Personnel system construction, human resource development system construction, employment rule/regulation creation
・ M&A, IPO support
・ Classico Medical (labor management service for medical institutions) ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――
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