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RSA Security Utilizing AI to optimize identity management using RSA’s ID Plus on the cloud – Emphasizing the importance of security as an “investment” at a management problem solving symposium

RSA security
Utilizing AI to optimize identity management using RSA’s ID Plus on the cloud – Emphasizing the importance of security as an “investment” at a management problem solving symposium
Across cloud and hybrid environments, RSA’s Unified Identity Platform delivers the right solution for your needs

RSA’s SecurID/IDPlus is an innovative solution that addresses the management challenges of starting the importance of security measures from identity management. Utilizing technologies such as AI to automate risk analysis and management, and manage applications in a variety of environments in an integrated manner.
This next-generation IAM solution for cloud and hybrid environments unites access protection and resilience without sacrificing security, flexibility or convenience. It supports unified directory and provides a cloud user database to realize a complete cloud authentication infrastructure.
At the management problem solving symposium, we will emphasize the need to emphasize security as an “investment” in future business activities and growth, and discuss the optimization of identity management with RSA’s ID Plus. By utilizing this platform, companies can achieve both enhanced security and operational efficiency. RSA’s Unified Identity Platform is attracting attention as a pioneering solution for security measures in management issues.
[Image 1:×471.png] RSA Security Japan G.K. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
Representative: John Matthew Sherrill, URL:, hereinafter referred to as RSA) is the world’s most security-sensitive organization. It is known for providing the “Unified Identity Platform”, an identity and access management (IAM) solution for This solution is supported by many companies due to the adoption of multi-factor authentication (MFA) that combines security and convenience.
Therefore, at the “Management Problem Solving Symposium Security Edition” to be held on July 28, 2023, RSA will explain the importance of ID management in AI-based security measures.
[Image 2:×2415.png] In terms of management issues, it is essential that security measures begin with identity management. RSA’s Unified Identity Platform – SecurID / IDPlus is an ID management platform that utilizes the latest technologies such as AI to automate risk analysis and management, and realize integrated application management in any environment.
[Image 3:×700.jpg] This platform pursues both convenience and safety. Emphasizing convenience without sacrificing security, in addition to methods such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on, and one-time passwords, RSA’s Risk AI, which utilizes AI technology, analyzes user risk profiles and Adjust accessibility based on past access
Context-based evaluation
Risk AI also conducts context-based assessments and utilizes techniques and technologies such as data collection, device matching, anomaly detection, and behavioral analysis to comprehensively determine access situations. Detect anomalies and assess access risks with real-time risk scoring. Additionally, Risk AI learns and applies that knowledge to future accesses, resulting in more effective risk management.
Diverse authentication methods
RSA Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) offers a wide range of options when different authentication factors are required depending on the level of access risk. This effectively prevents unauthorized access attempts without requiring red tape for legitimate users.
Features of RSA Unified Directory
Provision of a cloud user database (DB) that realizes a full cloud authentication infrastructure
Provides cloud user database as standard feature
Unified Directory offers a cloud user database as a standard feature with ID Plus licenses.
No additional optional license is required, and user authentication is possible with ID Plus alone.
Multiple DBs can be managed within the same license. (for
subsidiaries, external users, etc.)
User information import
Multiple methods of registering user information to the cloud user DB are provided.
Coordination with other cloud user DBs
SCIM can be linked with Azure AD as a standard function of ID Plus. With ID Plus E2 edition or higher, it is possible to link with other DBs using SCIM.
Password reset function
When using the user source in the unified directory, the password can be changed or reset by the user. (Scheduled for the second half of FY2011)

[Image 4:×333.jpg] Management Problem Solving Symposium Security Edition
Security as an essential “investment” for future business activities and growth “What are next-generation identity measures to prepare for the AI ​​era?” RSA Security Japan Identity Division
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-Summary of the presentation-In order to respond to the rapidly changing business environment, security is the first priority, integrated ID that can flexibly respond to all changes, such as zero trust support and hybrid environment support including on-premises and cloud A management platform is required. We optimize ID risk management using AI technology, and support your business in terms of both safety and convenience through MFA (multi-factor authentication), FIDO, passwordless, ID governance management, etc.
[Image 5:×375.png] ID IQ Quiz
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