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Sauna is the best way to beat the heat! From July 15th, manyo-no-yu and manyo-club 10 joint “Totoi summer! Manyo de saikatsu” campaign will be held!

Manyo Club Co., Ltd.
Sauna is the best way to beat the heat! From July 15th, manyo-no-yu and manyo-club 10 joint “Totoi summer! Manyo de saikatsu” campaign will be held!
From sauna food to sauna goods, we have prepared a “totoi” environment.
Manyo Club Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President Osamu Takahashi / Chairman Hiroshi Takahashi), which develops comprehensive hot spring facilities from Hokkaido to Fukuoka Prefecture, mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture, July 15, 2023 For a limited time from Sunday to August 31st, “Totoi Natsu” will be held at the 10 Manyo-no-Yu and Manyo Clubs to promote health in the annual sauna. We have decided to implement the Manyo de Saikatsu campaign.
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In addition to the sauna, there is a fulfilling “totoi environment” from meals to massages.
[Image 1:×1601.jpg] Toi summer. Life in Manyo
Manyo-no-Yu/Manyo Club, an urban hot spring village celebrating its 26th anniversary this year, is also the driving force behind the sauna boom, which is currently becoming a major movement. Strict temperature control that fascinates the sauna, sauna chairs that allow you to enjoy the open-air bath, and the sauna itself, as well as the rich cuisine made with carefully selected ingredients, and the wellness that you can choose from among several types, are a fulfilling environment where you can soothe your fatigue and refresh your mind and body. The charm of Manyo-no-Yu, Manyo Club. During the “Totoi Natsu. Saikatsu in Manyo” campaign that starts on July 15th, in addition to the full sauna environment, there is also a lottery where you can win free admission tickets and goods, making it a highly satisfying campaign.
Prevent summer fatigue with “sauna rice” where chefs compete “Sauna rice” after the sauna is a necessary finishing touch for “toto” in the sauna. After the sauna, your taste buds become more sensitive to salt and sugar, so you can catch the umami of the ingredients. At the same time, the gastrointestinal function is activated, so the appetite that tends to be lost in the heat returns, making it ideal for replenishing physical strength. Enjoy choosing special delicacies prepared by the chefs of each building, and recharge your energy to survive the heat wave.
[Image 2:×2601.jpg] Sauna rice prepared for each facility
“Burupo” and “Totonotta” will also appear in the god drink “Oropo”! The God drink “Oropo”, which is indispensable for Totoi, has plum, lemon, honey, etc. In addition to a rich lineup, we also offer a special deca oropo that is twice the normal size. In addition, “Brupo”, a revolutionary blend of Red Bull and Pocari Sweat, and “Totonotta”, a sauna-only drink containing 11 types of vitamins, vegetable fiber, and citric acid, are drinks that you will want to try even if you are not in a sauna. ” was fulfilled.
[Image 3:×1456.png] Yokohama Minatomirai Manyo Club Oropo Sour Menu
[Image 4:×1144.png] Yokohama Minatomirai Manyo Club Oropo Menu
Collect “Manyo Sauna Fuda” and get wonderful prizes without exception! We will also carry out a gift project that will make it fun to go to the sauna. If you collect 3 “Manyo Sauna Fuda” issued by ordering Oropo Sauna Rice or using the bedrock bath during the period, you will get a warm “Otter Collaboration Sticker”. You will receive a “Common Day Trip Invitation Ticket” that can be used anywhere. You can get a good deal with a solid deal.
[Image 5:×2105.png] Prizes that can collect sauna bills
In addition, we are implementing ingenuity for each facility. The “Totoi Summer! Manyo de Saikatsu” campaign will be held at the following stores. Special projects will be held for each store, so don’t forget to check nearby stores and stores you want to visit. *Service contents vary depending on the facility.
Yokohama Minato Mirai Manyo Club Tokyo Yugawara Onsen Manyo no Yu Kobe Harborland Onsen Manyo Club https:
// Yufuin Takeo Onsen Manyo-no-Yu Manyo-no-Yu https:// Hadano Yugawara Onsen Manyo no Yu Numazu Yugawara Onsen Manyo no Yu https: // Futomi Meisen Manyo-no-Yu Asahikawa Takasagodai Manyo-no-Yu https://www Takenosato Onsen Manyo no Yu
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