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SB C&S Co., Ltd. Robot vacuum cleaner “Roborock S8 Pro Ultra” equipped with a 4-way fully automatic dock that masters “Leave it to me” will be released on July 14th

SB C&S Co., Ltd.
Robotic vacuum cleaner “Roborock S8 Pro Ultra” equipped with a 4-way fully automatic dock that masters “Leave it to me” will be released on July 14th

Beijing Roborock Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Beijing, China; CEO: Richard Chang) and SB C&S Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yasuo Mizoguchi; hereinafter referred to as “SB C&S”) In addition to mop cleaning, water supply, and garbage collection, the robot vacuum cleaner “Roborock S8 Pro Ultra” (hereinafter “S8 Pro Ultra”) will be available in Japan, and will be released on July 14, 2023 at Yamada Denki stores nationwide (excluding some stores), Yamada Webcom, and Roborock Japan Direct (main store and Amazon store). increase.
[Image 1:×587.jpg] [Product introduction video]
“Roborock” pursues the delicate and careful cleaning required in Japanese life where people often touch the floor directly. The “S8 Pro Ultra” uses a high-precision laser sensor and proprietary algorithms to move with excellent intelligence, and even if the room is dark, it can grasp each room in real time and clean efficiently in a short time. In addition, the synergistic effect of powerful suction cleaning and wet wiping in one unit realizes powerful and delicate cleaning without waste. In addition, based on the business philosophy of “allowing you to spend time on the things you love”, in addition to excellent cleaning performance, you can reduce the time you spend on maintenance by focusing on ease of maintenance.
[Roborock S8 Pro Ultra]
Equipped with a new 4-way fully automatic dock that fully automates troublesome maintenance, from washing, drying, and water supply of the wet mop to collecting the sucked garbage, you can always clean the whole house with a clean wet mop without getting your hands dirty. can. In addition, it frees you from the hassle of mopping, drying, filling the water tank, and throwing away garbage every time you wipe with water.
The suction performance has been increased to 6,000Pa, which is the strongest in Roborock products, and the newly developed two main brushes further improve the cleaning power of carpets. With regard to the wet wiping performance, the mop can handle stubborn stains by expanding the high-speed vibration area of ​​the mop up to 3,000 times per minute and by installing a new function of “wet wiping super strong mode”. In addition, high-precision 3D structured lights, a camera, and an infrared imaging system can recognize small items on the floor and furniture that can get caught in the dark, and carefully clean while avoiding obstacles*1.
The “S8 Pro Ultra” has advanced cleaning power and a 4-way fully automatic dock to provide a more comfortable and comfortable life than ever before.
*1 The accuracy of obstacle recognition and avoidance may vary depending on the room environment. Avoid objects over 5cm wide and 3cm high.
[Image 2:×600.jpg] Equipped with a 4-way fully automatic dock to automate mop cleaning, drying, water supply, and garbage collection
The S8 Pro Ultra automatically returns to its dock during and after cleaning to clean the mop with a brush spinning at 745 revolutions per minute. You can set the mop cleaning interval during cleaning to 9 levels (5 minute intervals from 10 to 50 minutes), so you can always clean with a clean mop. After washing, the mop automatically dries with hot air to prevent odors and mold. The drying time can be set to 3 times (2 to 4 hours at 1-hour intervals) in consideration of humid seasons and various environments.
In addition, the water required for wiping and mop cleaning is automatically supplied. There is no need to wet the mop every time you wipe with water, and if the water tank of the robot vacuum cleaner runs out of water during wiping with water, it will automatically return to the dock and start supplying water.
In addition, the garbage of the robot vacuum cleaner body is automatically collected. A 2.5-liter paper pack absorbs 60 days*2 of garbage, greatly reducing the hassle of throwing away garbage. Since it is a paper pack type, it is safe for those who are worried about dust flying when throwing away garbage. In addition, 99.7% of fine particles up to 0.3 μm such as pollen are sucked in to purify the exhaust. In addition, the 4-way fully automatic dock can be fully charged in about 4 hours. As a result, cleaning can be resumed quickly, and cleaning over a wide area can be performed comfortably. Reduce energy costs by supporting off-peak hour charging.
[Image 3:×514.png] *2 The number of days that can be collected varies depending on the environment of the room.
Advanced suction and wet wiping performance
With the suction power increased to 6,000Pa, which is the strongest Roborock product, and the newly developed “Dual Rubber Brush”, which has become two main brushes, fine house dust, sand, and large debris hidden in the depths of rugs and carpets can be removed. Scrape it out at once and suck it up. Compared to the previous model “S7 MaxV Ultra”, the removal rate of carpet hair and pet hair has increased by 30%. After finishing cleaning, it is equipped with a new “carpet careful mode” that cleans only the carpet again. In addition, the function to clean along the grain of the floor and the joint of the tiles realizes detailed cleaning, such as considering the cleaning power and rubbing against the grooves of the flooring and tiles.
[Image 4:×341.jpg] Compared to the S7 MaxV Ultra, the high-speed vibration area of ​​the mop, which moves up to 3,000 times per minute, has been increased by 60% and expanded to two locations, making it possible to more effectively remove stubborn dirt with two vibrations. remove. A 600g high-weight mop wipes with water at the same time, wiping away dry and stubborn stains such as sebum, coffee, and pollen. In addition, it is equipped with a new “wet wiping super strong mode” that wipes the floor more carefully, and only wet wiping is performed at a slow speed and fine route driving. In addition, when the ultrasonic sensor detects the carpet during wet cleaning, the wet mop automatically lifts up and performs only suction cleaning *3. In addition, in order to prevent operation noise and secondary contamination, we have added a function that automatically lifts the main brush when cleaning only with a wet wipe or when returning to the dock.
[Image 5:×276.jpg] *3 Can be used on carpets with a pile of less than 4 mm. If the pile is 4mm or more, the carpet avoidance function can be used.
Avoid objects with advanced sensors and high-precision cameras Using a high-precision 3D structured light and camera that utilizes the principle of face recognition technology to determine the distance and shape of an object, as well as a newly installed infrared imaging system, AI instantly analyzes objects on the floor to determine their position and type. It is possible to identify and avoid even in a dark room. Up to 11 types of objects that can be recognized and avoided (slippers and other footwear, cords, power strips, cloth, pet excrement, fans and other pedestals, scales, dustpans, paper scraps, pets, and furniture that can get caught easily) *4 Increase and display on the app. For privacy protection regarding the camera, “TUV certification for user security protection” * 5 has been obtained. The captured image data is not saved, so you can use it with confidence.
[Image 6:×226.png] *4 Items that can be recognized and avoided as of July 2023. The accuracy of obstacle avoidance may vary depending on the room environment. Avoid objects over 5cm wide and 3cm high.
*5 TUV (TUV Rheinland) is an international certification body for technology, safety and certification services.
Operate as you wish from the app
If you use the app, you can check the cleaning route in real time, and when you finish cleaning the entire room, a map will be completed on the app, and you can make detailed settings such as no-entry areas, rooms you want to clean, areas, and the number of times you want to clean. . A new function is installed that automatically detects areas that are likely to be difficult to drive while cleaning, and proposes areas where entry is prohibited from the app. In addition, if you select the newly developed “quick cleaning mode”, you can complete cleaning 30% faster than usual by skipping the cleaning of the outer circumference of the room. In addition, quick mapping, which maps each room up to six times faster than the conventional method of mapping while cleaning, can be used to set areas such as no-entry areas and cleaning areas for first-time cleaning rooms. Convenient.
[Image 7:×284.jpg] Other features
・Equipped with a large-capacity battery capable of operating up to 3 hours continuously over 300 square meters*6
・Equipped with a child lock to prevent erroneous operation by small children and pets
・Voice operation is possible by linking with a smart speaker ・It is possible to check the replacement guideline for accessories from the app. *6 In silent mode. According to Roborock.
S8 Pro Ultra
Reference price: 229,900 yen including tax
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Roborock Customer Support Center
Business hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding weekends and holidays) About Roborock
A robot vacuum cleaner manufactured by “Beijing Roborock Technology Co., Ltd.”. It features unique advanced functions such as efficient and smooth movement using AI, algorithms, and various high-precision sensors, as well as excellent basic performance such as the industry’s highest level of suction power and simultaneous wet wiping. We also provide high product quality, including 1,000 types of quality control tests and 38 types of certifications. “Beijing Roborock Technology Co., Ltd.” was established in 2014 and specializes in research, development and production of household vacuum cleaners, and has received various awards globally for its product technology and design. doing. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in February 2020. More than 13.12 million units have been sold in more than 40 countries (as of the end of December 2022).
About SB C&S Co., Ltd.
SB C&S Corp. has inherited the IT distribution business, which is the origin of the SoftBank Group, and has quickly grasped changes in the market environment to create new business models. For corporations, we provide products and solutions that utilize advanced technologies, including the cloud and AI, through one of Japan’s largest sales networks. For consumers, we are leveraging our unique planning and development capabilities to expand our product lineup from software and mobile accessories to IoT products and services. Please see our website for details.
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