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Specified non-profit corporation Sonrissa We are looking for entries for the “Certified Mago Manager (R) Tra ining Program”, a human resource development program for young people who want to contribute to the community and the elderly!

NPO Sonrissa
We are looking for entries for the “Certified Mago Manager (R) Training Program”, a human resource development program for young people who want to contribute to the community and the elderly!
NPO Sonrissa (Representative: Hagiwara, Location: Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture) has started recruiting for the “Certified Mago Manager (R) Training Program”, a human resource development program for young people who aspire to contribute to the community and the elderly. bottom.
The “Certified Mago Manager (R) Training Program” is a human resource that the NPO Sonrissa, whose mission is to “turn the isolation and loneliness of the elderly into smiles,” is for young people who want to contribute to the community and the elderly. It is a training program. I named it so that I can play the role of a “manager” who is involved with the elderly with a sense of distance like “Mago” and appropriately manages local resources in a way that meets the needs of the person himself.
It is a practical training that includes classroom lectures, work experience, and feedback on activity plans over about six months. We strongly support the growth of participants who are motivated to contribute to the community by making use of their own thoughts and problem awareness to connect the smiles of the elderly and other generations.
Please check the details of the “Certified Mago Manager (R) Training Program” from the following.
[Image 1:×586.png] Four features of the program
Know yourself: Share your thoughts, issues, and discomfort, and verbalize what kind of value you want to provide to society. Knowing the region: Deepen understanding of the region through dialogue with local issues, systems, and stakeholders surrounding the region.
Knowing the site: Understanding the feelings and backgrounds of the elderly through interaction with them at local sites.
Putting it into practice: Make a plan with your friends and put it into practice without letting your thoughts slip.
[Image 2:×600.png] Learn through case studies and dialogues with leading instructors from all over Japan
・ Cute Akimoto
Blanket Co., Ltd. Representative Director KAIGO LEADERS Founder Aiming for “a society where everyone can express their hopes”, we operate “KAIGO HR”, a recruitment and training support business specializing in nursing care and welfare providers. Founder of KAIGO LEADERS, Japan’s largest community of young people with aspirations for nursing care.
・Masayuki Hamano
General Incorporated Association Engao Representative Director From children to the elderly, and regardless of whether or not they have a disability, everyone is involved on a daily basis. Utilizing vacant houses, we operate a salon for the elderly, a space for children, a community cafeteria, a share house, a group home for people with disabilities, etc. In the book, “Society can be changed by mixing things up.”
・Tomohiro Nishi
Physician, Department of Oncology/Palliative Care, Kawasaki City Ida Hospital, Kawasaki General Care Center Representative Director, Plus Care
Focusing on the operation of the “Kurashi no Hoikutsu” and the “Social Prescription Research Institute”, we are working to create a “town where people can live with peace of mind even if they are sick.” His publications include “Social Prescription” and “Care and Community Development A, Tokidoki Art”.
・Naoki Chiba
Representative Director of Blue Marble Japan Co., Ltd.
Specializes in the development and improvement of social projects through program evaluation, developmental evaluation, social impact management, organizational diagnosis, etc., and organizational management support.
·Application Requirements
Recruitment number: 10 people
·Qualification requirements 18 to 39 years old living in Gunma Prefecture
Those who can participate in more than 80% of training programs Those who are interested in community welfare
·I recommend this hotel
Those who want to implement something in the community, but do not know where to start
Those who feel a sense of incongruity and problem awareness about the region, and who feel the limits of existing initiatives
Those who have already started a community welfare project but are looking for it
Those who want to be involved in regional development and
multi-generational exchange projects
・Selection criteria
1) Feelings and awareness of issues related to community welfare 2) Ambitiousness and activeness
3) Have an attitude of being interested in the other person, taking the initiative to listen to what the other person is saying, and drawing out the other person’s story.
・ Recruitment period
July 20th (Thursday) to August 20th (Sunday), 2023
・Online information session
1st: Saturday, July 29, 2023, 14:00 to 15:00
2nd: Monday, August 7, 2023, 19:00 to 20:00
3rd: August 10, 2023 (Thursday) 13:00 to 14:00
If you would like to participate in the online information session, please apply using the form below.
We will send the ZOOM meeting ID to those who have applied.
Briefing session application form: ・Selection method
Applicants will be contacted within a week of the application and will be selected in sequence.
(1) Primary screening (application form review)
(2) Second selection (face-to-face or online interview)
・Training schedule
Saturday, September 2, 2023 10:00-15:00 (social gathering: 15:00-17:00)    Saturday, September 23, 10:00-15:00
   October 7th (Sat) 10:00-13:00
   October 22nd (Sun) 10:00-13:00
   Saturday, November 4, 10:00-13:00
   Sunday, November 19, 10:00-13:00
  December 23 (Sat) 13:00-16:00: Interim presentation
Saturday, January 13, 2024 10:00-13:00
February 24 (Sat) 13:00-17:00: Final presentation
Venue: Maebashi City General Welfare Hall (Hiyoshi-cho, Maebashi City) ・About NPO Sonrissa
NPO Sonrissa has a vision of “creating a society full of gentle connections without being alone” and is working to change the isolation and loneliness of the elderly in Gunma Prefecture into smiles. The members are young people in their 20s and 30s called “Mago Managers (R)” who have specialized knowledge in medical welfare and community welfare. We understand the thoughts and problems of isolated and lonely elderly people, and implement escort-type support projects to create a sense of purpose in life and a connection with society.
[Image 3:×557.png]

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