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Taiyosha Co., Ltd. Mystery Solving Excursion Rally

Taiyosha Co., Ltd.
[Mystery Solving Tour Rally]
Do from Gifu! Prince Nobunaga and Prince Ieyasu enjoy the rally! to hold
From August 4th to December 24th, 2023, Gifu City sponsored a puzzle-solving tour of spots related to Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu, in order to let many people know about the charm of “Gifu, a land related to the Sengoku warlords”. We will hold a round-trip rally “Do from Gifu! Prince Nobunaga and Prince Ieyasu enjoy the rally!” The mystery-solving special site links to Gifu City’s tourist information so that you can experience “playing”, “watching”, and “eating” in Gifu City while enjoying solving the mystery. Also, if you collect stamps and apply, you will win a special product of Gifu City by lottery. Anyone with a smartphone can easily participate, so please enjoy this opportunity!
[Image 1:×628.png] ◆ Tour rally period◆
August 4, 2023 (Friday) to December 24, 2023 (Sunday)
◆ Places where stamps associated with Lord Nobunaga and Lord Ieyasu are installed ◆
We have set up 7 stamp points related to Lord Nobunaga Oda, who is related to Gifu City, and Lord Ieyasu Tokugawa, who is related to Okazaki City. If you use trains, buses, etc., you can tour all the spots in one day!
1. Gifu Castle Area (5 locations)
(1) Gifu Castle
[Image 2:×787.jpg] (2) Gifu City Museum of History
[Image 3:×787.jpg] (3) Gifu Park
[Image 4:×787.jpg] (4) Kawaramachi area
[Image 5:×1969.jpg] (5) Nagaragawa Ukai Museum
[Image 6:×787.jpg] 2. Okazaki Castle area (2 places)
(6) What to do Ieyasu Okazaki Tourist Information Center in front of Taiga Drama Museum
[Image 7:×787.jpg] (7) Okazaki Castle
[Image 8:×787.jpg] ◆ Simple way to participate ◆
Participating in rallies and collecting stamps is very simple. It’s done in 3 steps.
Hints for solving mysteries are also available locally, so anyone can feel free to participate.
1. Visit dedicated site
Click here to access the dedicated site for “Do from Gifu! Lord Nobunaga and Lord Ieyasu’s Enjoyment Rally!”
[Image 9:×104.png] Participation is free and anyone with a smartphone can participate. 2. Get a stamp at the stamp installation area
Please solve the riddles in 5 places in the Gifu Castle area and enter the keywords on the dedicated site.
What to do Ieyasu Okazaki Please read the QR code with your smartphone at the tourist information center in front of Taiga Drama Museum. At Okazaki Castle, please press the “Stamp!” button on the dedicated site. 3. Apply for gifts when stamps are collected
Once you have collected the necessary stamps, please apply for a gift lottery on the dedicated site.
◆Application conditions and luxurious prizes◆
There are three application conditions. You can easily tour all the spots and win luxurious prizes by lottery!
(1) World Unification Award
Get 7 stamps
Nagaragawa Onsen accommodation coupon worth 30,000 yen
lottery 3 people
(2) Prince Nobunaga Award
Get 5 stamps in the Gifu Castle area
Gifu City specialty product worth 5,000 yen
Lottery 8 people
(3) Prince Ieyasu Prize
Get 3 stamps from all 7 places
Gifu City specialty product worth 2,000 yen
Lottery 5 people
*The announcement of the winner will be replaced with the shipment of the product.
◆Stamp rally details◆
We advertise with creatives featuring the talent Enuji.
[Video 4:]
[Video 5:]
[Video 6:]
[Image 10:×1205.jpg]
[Image 11:×1199.jpg] “Do from Gifu! Lord Nobunaga and Lord Ieyasu enjoy the rally!” Dedicated site
“Do from Gifu! Lord Nobunaga and Ieyasu enjoy the rally!” Overview site
◆Contact information◆
Gifu City Tourism and Convention Division TEL058-265-3984 Weekdays 8:45-17:30 ◆About the operating company◆
Taiyosha Co., Ltd. publishes public relations magazines and tourist information for local governments in Gifu Prefecture on its own site “Gifuebooks”, while also supporting tourism promotions mainly through events, video production, and SNS operation. Contributing to attractiveness.
Company name: Taiyosha Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 148-1 Kitagata, Kitagata-cho, Motosu-gun, Gifu Prefecture Representative Director: Shigenori Daido
Business description: Textbook and student-centered general
publication printing business, planning and operation business for local governments, agribusiness, cram school business
Established: May 1943
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