The hottest K-Outdoor! Korea’s No. 1 selling cotton tent & shelter specialty brand “Camping Kan” (Camping Kan) has finally landed in Japan for the first time! We have started selling in Japan!

Marco Co., Ltd.
The hottest K-Outdoor! Korea’s No. 1 selling cotton tent & shelter specialty brand “Camping Kan” (Camping Kan) has finally landed in Japan for the first time! We have started selling in Japan!
A space that can change freely like a chameleon. By connecting and expanding the tent, you can experience your own special camping style.

[Image 1:×680.png]             【Camping Kan Website】
About Chameleon’s logo mark “Camping Can” “Camping Can” started as “Kan Shoji” in 1988, and has been a Korean company that has
specialized in producing cotton tents for 30 years with a focus on military domestic demand and exports. Started as a manufacturer of military tents. In 2017, we started selling full-scale camping tents as the outdoor brand “Camping Kan”. With the growing popularity of the outdoor business in South Korea, it has achieved dramatic growth, and currently has 125,632 community site members, making it the top market share in South Korea. Like the chameleon logo, it pursues changes due to trends and aims to meet customer needs.
[Image 2:×600.jpg] Symbolic chameleon logo
[Image 3:×1280.jpg] Camping Kan Headquarters (Korea)
Ingenious design, ever-changing cotton tent Camping can tents are characterized by a creative design that draws an arc and the durability and texture of cotton (T/C). In addition, the craftsmanship of craftsmanship over 30 years boasts the highest quality in terms of materials, sewing, and structure. [*Cotton (T/C) material: 65% polyester + 35% cotton] The pole is made by a Korean five-star Duramin manufacturer. Duralumin, an aluminum alloy, is rust-resistant and durable. It is possible to connect and expand each tent with optional parts, and the infinitely expanding space can be created freely like the symbol mark chameleon. It can be used not only for families, but also for glamping, festivals, events, and special events. In the corona crisis, from the big movement of solo camps to camps where friends gather and connect. The popular dome-shaped tent is also designed with a sense of freedom. The size is infinite. Please create an original space.

[Image 4:×658.jpg]
[Image 5:×1007.jpg]
[Image 6:×1029.jpg]

[Image 7:×490.jpg] Paul is highly rated for having the best Korean technology. Duralumin, an aluminum alloy, is resistant to rust due to its material
characteristics, and features strong durability and light weight.
[Image 8:×870.jpg] 65% polyester + 35% cotton blend material. Increased breathability and tension of cotton (T/C) fabric for increased durability.
Brand Story The “Oak Dome” series and “Shelterp”, which are
representative works of Camping Can. After its release, it attracted campers with its original and unique product design that had never been seen before, and both sales and market share expanded rapidly. In addition, the development of the “blow shelter” that can be docked with a tent has gained a solid position in the Korean outdoor market as an expandable outdoor product that responds to changes in seasons and situations. The enthusiastic support and recognition from the campers has been immovable. Camping can tents that can freely create an infinite space by connecting and expanding tents like a chameleon. Now, we are expanding our wings further from South Korea to the global outdoor market.
photograph by HONSTER&WITCHES
[Image 9:×1081.png] blow shelter
[Image 10:×2035.jpg] Oak dome and shelter
[Image 11:×2600.jpg] Vestible and Oak Dome
[Image 12:×3059.jpg] tarp
Marco Co., Ltd. (Camping Kan Japan general agent) [Company profile] Company name: Marco Co., Ltd. Head office location: 2-2-27 Tokiwacho, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture Representative Director: Eri Nagaoka Business description: Outdoor brand Camping Kan Japan general agent Store, manufacturing, importing, and selling motorcycle supplies Established: 1950 HP:

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