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The popular product “VALX Whey Protein Variety Pack” will be re-released from July 5, 2023 (Wednesday), with calls for resale on SNS.

Dear Members of the Media,
Leverage Inc.
The popular product “VALX Whey Protein Variety Pack” will be re-released from July 5, 2023 (Wednesday), with calls for resale on SNS.

The fitness brand “VALX” operated by Leverage Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masayuki Tadaishi, hereinafter Leverage) will be released in 2023 in response to the enthusiastic voices of everyone who wishes to resell it. The “VALX Whey Protein Variety Pack”, which was released in limited quantities in March, will be re-released on July 5, 2023 (Wednesday).
[Image 1:×948.png] Leverage, whose mission is to “create unprecedented enthusiasm,” will respond to the hot voices of people who want to try various flavors and want to sell it as a portable product. From Wednesday, July 5, 2023. “VALX Whey Protein Variety Pack” has been re-released. The variety pack is a product that allows you to try 14 flavors of whey protein, including limited-time products released in the past. Recommended for first-time buyers who don’t know which flavor to choose, or who have a favorite flavor but want to try something else. In addition, the individual packaging is convenient to carry, so it is perfect for traveling or returning to the gym.
Please take this opportunity to try VALX whey protein, which is particular about taste and ease of melting.
Leverage will continue to make various efforts to move not only the fitness industry but also the human body and mind stronger, richer and hotter.
【Product Summary】
[Image 2:×484.jpg] Product Name: VALX Whey Protein Variety Pack [14 Flavors Included] List price: 2,759 yen (2,980 yen including tax)
Flavors: Chocolate flavor, berry flavor, yogurt flavor, cafe au lait flavor, banana flavor, lemonade flavor, matcha flavor, apricot kernel tofu flavor, caramel macchiato flavor, Valencia orange flavor, energy drink flavor, melon flavor, Anno potato flavor, royal milk tea flavor Contents: 420g (30g x 14 packets)
Official website: [About VALX]
VALX is a fitness brand that continues to pursue “genuine” and develops products and services that are always in sufficient quantity, high quality, and cutting-edge. We are developing supplements, apparel, training goods and fitness gyms supervised by Mr. Yoshinori Yamamoto, a legend in the trainer world. The YouTube channel “Yoshinori Yamamoto Muscle Training University – VALX” operated has more than 660,000 subscribers, and the total number of SNS subscribers exceeds 1.3 million.
[Leverage Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
・Protein supplement, fitness brand “VALX”
・24-hour fitness gym “VALX GYM”
・Personal gym search site “Diet Concierge”
・Personal trainer specialized comprehensive service search site “Trainer Agency”
Company name: Leverage Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Masayuki Tadashi
Headquarters: 16-11 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo MFPR Shibuya Nanpeidai Building 2nd floor, 3rd floor (general reception)
Business: D2C business, media business, fitness business
Established: May 2006
Capital: 30 million yen
TEL: 03-6455-0045
Fax: 03-6455-0046
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