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Tomoaki Makino will appear in Maniflex’s live distribution video content “LIVE de Maniflex”!

Flagsport Co., Ltd.
Tomoaki Makino will appear in Maniflex’s live distribution video content “LIVE de Maniflex”!
Scheduled to appear live at the “LIVE de Maniflex” premium guest episode from 20:00 on Thursday, July 6, 2023!

This time, as a special guest of the video distribution content “LIVE de Maniflex” of Maniflex (general import sales agency Flagsport Co., Ltd., Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Takahiro Yamane), he is a former Japanese national soccer team and a leader and
commentator. Tomoaki Makino, who is active, will appear in the distribution from 20:00 on Thursday, July 6, 2023. Tomoaki Makino has been using Maniflex regularly for more than 10 years since his active days. In the distribution, Mr. Makino’s encounter with Maniflex, his sleep comfort and impressions, as well as topics about soccer, time to heal and time to face himself, are always bright and positive. I’m going to ask you about the secret of refreshing. We will also prepare special projects such as viewer gifts, and deliver them with fulfilling content. Please do not miss it!
[Image 1:×362.jpg] Former Japan national soccer team, soccer coach and commentator Tomoaki Makino appeared on the live stream. ◎Highlights…
・ Appeared in live distribution! We will interact in real time while picking up comments from viewers
・Interview about football, next goal, private life, Maniflex ・ New project “Recovery time for the heart” Healing time for Mr. Makino ・ We will ask about the time to face yourself ・ A gift plan will be implemented in the distribution
・ New product “Sustainable Wing” opening and experience ○ Lottery: Win your favorite Maniflex pillow that you signed on the package I plan to have you lie down and experience it further.
○ # Makino-san’s best shot plan … Twitter posting campaign held! Signed luxury goods will be won by lottery!
[Maniflex official website]
[Maniflex on Live]
[Image 2:×237.jpg] -About Maniflex at LIVE-
Video distribution content by Maniflex employees and showroom staff, which has received a great response since the start at the end of November 2022. Viewing is possible from Maniflex’s official online store. During the live broadcast, the showroom staff will provide professional product explanations, and questions and impressions will be answered in real time using the comment function. In addition, we will disseminate the appeal of Maniflex from various angles through premium guest projects that feature celebrities who regularly use Maniflex, gift projects, and store introduction projects all over the country. It is a content that can be enjoyed even by those who already have Maniflex.
[Past guest times]
・Tetsuto Yamada (Tokyo Yakult Swallows) January 2023
・Misaki Matsutomo (Badminton representative from Japan, gold medalist at the Rio Olympics) February 2023
・Mr. Shin Hasegawa (Rugby Japan National Team scrum coach) April 2023 ・ Rui Machida (Women’s Basketball Japan National Team) May 2023 ・B League Alvark Tokyo (Men’s Basketball) June 2023
・Mr. Rio Matsumoto (actor/yoga instructor) June 2023
-About Maniflex- Established in 1962 in the suburbs of Florence, Italy, Maniflex is one of the world’s largest comprehensive bedding brands with a history of more than 60 years, currently operating in 99 countries around the world. Collaborative research on ergonomics (ergonomics) with the University of Florence, reflected in product development. We produce a total of items related to sound sleep and health, such as general bedding, pillows and related products. – About Flagsport Co., Ltd. – Flagsport Co., Ltd. started importing and selling Maniflex products to Japan in 1993 by Takahiro Yamane, the president of Flagsport Co., Ltd., and acts as the general agent for Japan and Asia. 2023 Celebrates the 30th anniversary of its release in Japan. Many well-known athletes are regular users, and it is attracting attention from all walks of life as one of the health industry. Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo President: Takahiro
Yamane・Official site:・Facebook:・Twitter: https://twitter. com/magniflex_JP
・ Instagram:
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