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transcosmos transcosmos Expands Operation Base “MCM Center Okinawa Koza” in Okinawa City

transcosmos expands “MCM Center Okinawa Koza,” an operation base in Okinawa City Due to the closure of “MCM Center Okinawa”, the first base in Okinawa Prefecture, operations were transferred and expanded.

transcosmos inc. (Representative Directors and Co-Presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) is pleased to announce the launch of “Marketing Chain Management Center Okinawa (hereafter, MCM Center Okinawa)”, which opened in Okinawa City in June 1999 as the first operational base in Okinawa Prefecture. Due to the closure of the building due to aging, we expanded and integrated the “Marketing Chain Management Center Okinawa Koza” (hereafter, MCM Center Okinawa Koza), which is the operation base of Okinawa City. The existing 350 seats will be expanded to 620 seats, and together with about 600 employees, we will provide services that contribute to sales expansion and cost optimization for client companies.
[Image 1:×731.jpg] In June 1999, transcosmos opened its first operation base, “MCM Center Okinawa”, in Okinawa Prefecture, where young people are expected to be employed and hospitality is high, while considering expanding into regional bases. In March 2006, we opened our own building “MCM Center Naha” in Omoromachi, Naha City, expanding to 10 bases and providing contact center services, digital marketing services, BPO services, etc. “MCM Center Okinawa Koza” is an operation base established in April 2009, and provides contact center services such as responding to various inquiries in the manufacturing, communication, distribution, and public industries, and operating technical support operations. This time, the number of seats has been increased from 350 to 620, and the refreshment area has also been expanded. In order to continue to meet the diversifying needs of client companies, we aim to further improve the value of customer experience through the expansion of service areas and high-quality operations. Takeshi Matsubara, Executive Vice President and Director of transcosmos, made the following comments. “MCM Center Okinawa, which was founded when we entered the Okinawa area in 1999, has closed its history of more than 24 years. Although it started with only 15 people, it has received high praise from client companies. As a result, the center expanded steadily, nurtured a large number of human resources, and became the starting point for expanding the base not only within Okinawa Prefecture, but also all over the country. With the expansion of MCM Center Okinawa Koza, we will further develop human resources and improve services, and continue to contribute to the industrial development of Okinawa Prefecture. As a company that grows with us, we aim to make a big leap forward.” transcosmos has been certified as an “Okinawa SDGs partner company” and in July 2020, made a donation to support the reconstruction of Shurijo Castle, which was destroyed by fire. In May 2022, during the corona crisis, we are working to contribute to the local community by donating acrylic sheets to Okinawa Prefecture. As a company rooted in the local community, we will continue to contribute to the development of Okinawa Prefecture. ■ MCM Center Okinawa Koza Expanded Refresh Area
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[Image 3:×492.jpg] *transcosmos is a registered trademark or trademark of transcosmos inc. in Japan and other countries. ) Since its founding in 1966, transcosmos has been striving to strengthen the competitiveness of client companies by combining excellent “people” and the latest “technical capabilities” to provide higher-value services. Currently, we provide services that support the business processes of client companies in terms of both cost optimization and sales expansion. . In addition, in line with the expansion of the e-commerce market on a global scale, we provide a global e-commerce one-stop service that delivers the excellent products and services of our client companies to consumers in 46 countries and regions around the world. transcosmos aims to be a “Global Digital Transformation Partner” that supports the transformation of client companies through the use of digital technology in response to changes in the business environment. (URL:
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