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UNCHI Co., Ltd. The No. 1 ramen shop in Osaka, operated by UNCHI Co., Ltd., “Humanity Mina Noodles (Nishinak ajima, Osaka)” offers different flavors of ramen every week, such as “salt” and “miso”! We have also developed “Halal Ramen” for Muslims!

UNCHI Co., Ltd.
The No. 1 ramen shop in Osaka, run by UNCHI Co., Ltd., “Humanity Mina Menryu (Nishinakajima, Osaka),” offers different flavors of ramen every week, such as “salt” and “miso”! We have also developed “Halal Ramen” for Muslims!
The No. 1 ramen shop in Osaka, “Humanity Minmenryu (Osaka,
Nishinakajima)” is a ramen of UNCHI Co., Ltd. It’s a store.

UNCHI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, CEO: Takahiro Matsumura) operates the No. 1 ramen shop in the Osaka line, “Human Minami Noodles (Osaka/Minamikata)”. , We will change the taste of ramen every week.
We will also develop and provide halal ramen for Muslims. Halal is an item permitted by Islamic law, and simply refers to ingredients and dishes that are permitted to be eaten under Islamic law. Based on the concept of UNCHI Co., Ltd., “Noodles for Humankind”, we acquired Halal certification in July and developed Halal Ramen so that people with religious dietary restrictions can eat it without worry. I came to This time, the halal ramen that we are developing is served with a piece of chicken char siu, which is Halal-certified chicken thigh cooked at a low temperature for a long time, instead of the
extra-thick pork char siu of “Noodles Minna Noodles”. By cooking at a low temperature, you can enjoy the moderate fat and texture of chicken thighs while preserving their tenderness and umami.
In addition, alcohol is also prohibited for Halal, so we have developed a new alcohol-free soy sauce sauce that contains alcohol as an ingredient. The soup uses a rich chicken stock that is rich in umami and flavor that can be obtained when chicken thighs are cooked at a low temperature.
About Noodles
[Image 1:×1045.jpg] Since its opening on April 12, 2012 in Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, its homemade noodles made with whole wheat flour, extra-thick char siu, and thick bamboo shoots have become popular. Secured its position as the Osaka representative ramen shop introduced as No. 1. Currently, we have opened “Humanity Minoru Premium” in LUCUA Osaka and “Humanity Minoru Tokyo Main Store” in Ebisu, Tokyo.
About UNCHI Co., Ltd.
[Image 2:×960.jpg] With the mission of “changing the world with the power of ramen”, we have continued to create new ramen brands such as “Noodles for All Humankind”, “Kuso Oyaji Saigo no Hitofuri”, and “The World’s Most Leisure Ramen Shop”, and have opened overseas stores since 2018. , New York, Manhattan, China, South Korea, Nepal and other countries. In 2020, it will be expanded to Tokyo (Ebisu), and in recent years it is also challenging new business formats.
In addition, in order to contribute to the sales of people who are having trouble at restaurants, the brand “Jinmen”, which was developed so that ramen can be easily made with just water and soy sauce, will open 126 stores nationwide simultaneously in the summer of 2020. We were able to open and help contribute to the sales of restaurants nationwide.
He also plans to start a space development project and open the first ramen shop on Mars. This autumn, plans to launch “Ramen Origin” into outer space have also started.
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