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Wan Wan Wan Co., Ltd. Questionnaire of 70 people Results of a survey of methods that were actually effective in curing the frog phenomenon Survey report

Wan Wan Wan Co., Ltd.
[Questionnaire of 70 people] Survey results of effective coping methods for curing the frog phenomenon [Survey report]

The love solution media for women “Koisuru Usagi
(” operated by Wan Wan Wan Co., Ltd.
( conducted a survey on how to cure the frog phenomenon for women all over Japan. We will announce the results. [Questionnaire overview]
Survey method: Internet questionnaire
Survey period: July 14-18, 2023
Survey target: Women in their 20s to 60s nationwide
Number of valid responses: 70 people
Survey report: *Please use the Koisuru Usagi URL ( to refer to the survey results.
[Ranking] How to cure the frog phenomenon
A questionnaire was sent to 70 women in their 20s to 60s nationwide about how to cure the frog phenomenon.
[Image 1:×551.jpg] The full ranking information of “How to cure the frog phenomenon” is as follows.
[Table 2: ]
Findings on how to cure frogification
When I actually investigated how to cure the frog phenomenon in women, the following results were obtained.
[Image 2:×1144.jpg] According to the survey of “How to cure the frog phenomenon” conducted by the Koisuru Usagi editorial department, 1st place: 23.5% who tried not to care, 21.4% who met someone they really liked, and 14.3% who stopped having high hopes.
When it becomes a frog phenomenon! Remedies that really work 1st place: I tried not to worry about it (housewife/30s/woman) My husband is very ignorant about his appearance, and he doesn’t care if his nose hair is sticking out or his eyebrows are droopy. At first I didn’t like it, but gradually I didn’t mind it.
After I became able to clearly say, “I have nose hair,” my husband started to care about me.
2nd place: I met someone I really liked (office worker/20s/female) I fell in love with him and approached him, but after he confessed to me and started dating, my feelings gradually went down.
I thought, “This is the kind of person,” but there were a lot of different moments, but I felt sorry for him, so we dated for almost a year.
The junior I met while dating was my ideal, so I broke up with my boyfriend and confessed to him.
By meeting the ideal partner, the frog phenomenon stopped happening. 3rd place: No longer ambitious (office worker/30s/female) I was favored by the man I approached, and I always avoided it and ended the relationship.
However, my current husband enthusiastically approached me even if I avoided it. It wasn’t physiologically impossible, so I gave in and got married. 4th place: Telling the other person about being a frog (office worker/20s/female)
When I told someone I liked him that I liked him, he said that he would go out with me even though I didn’t like him, so I went out with him.
About two months later, he told me that he liked me, but the phenomenon of turning into a frog happened, and I suddenly felt sick even though I had liked him so much until then.
I had trouble dealing with it, but I didn’t like lying to the other party, so I honestly explained that the frog phenomenon occurred and made me feel uncomfortable.
I was told to keep my distance and wait until they calmed down, so I kept my distance, and then gradually found a safe distance.
Gradually the discomfort subsided and eventually I was able to return to normal! 5th place: I gave up (office worker/30s/woman)
He always came to work in a suit and looked very nice.
When it became my private clothes, I attached a silver chain to my trousers and it was slippery trousers.
I told him that I liked the relaxed outfit of the shirt and slacks, but it didn’t change, so I broke up with him because I thought it didn’t match my sensibilities.
Other [I stopped observing] (office worker/30s/female)
I really liked him who I was dating at the time, and I loved every move he made. Because of that, I was very observant of what they were doing. And then there was the phenomenon of frogification.
He’s always cool, but when he fell down the drain, he pulled back. He immediately changed his clothes and went back to being his usual cool guy, but his feelings were cold.
But when I think about it, I realized that everyone makes mistakes, and I don’t know when I’ll fall into the ditch.
After that, when someone I liked was about to get upset, I started to look away. Lid for things you don’t want to see, that’s the best.
Others [Increased self-affirmation] (student/20s/female)
I experienced the frog phenomenon when I was in the third year of junior high school, and at that time I didn’t even know the word frog phenomenon.
I learned that the phenomenon of frogification applies to my condition, and I investigated how to deal with it.
I learned about the importance of raising self-esteem and an article that says that it will get better as you get older.
Over time, I was able to gradually acknowledge my efforts and increase my self-esteem.
Others (self-employed/40s/female)
It’s a physiological phenomenon, so you can’t help it, but it’s not that the other person is bad.
I thought that if I had to go out with that person, I needed to change my mindset.
The phenomenon of frogification is mostly caused by subjective judgments and sensations.
After removing the colored glasses and objectively ascertaining the other person’s personality and nature, I think about how much distance and what kind of relationship is best to build.
And when I acted, I was able to build a new relationship that was different from before.
Among the ways to cure the frog phenomenon, the number one choice was ‘I tried not to worry about it’.
Even if you try not to worry about it, I think there are parts that you will be worried about if you see it.
But I want to cure the frog phenomenon! I found that if you have that feeling, it is possible to alleviate and cure the “frog phenomenon” little by little.
Find out how to cure the frog phenomenon that suits each of them, and try it out.
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