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WealthPark Institute Renewal of owned media that conveys the “essence of investment”

Wealth Park Co., Ltd.
[WealthPark Institute] Renewal of owned media that conveys the “essence of investment”
Simultaneously opened an Instagram account that visually delivers the fun and splendor of investing

The WealthPark Research Institute (Director, President/Investment Evangelist: Kosuke Kato), a research institute of WealthPark Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryuta Kawada), opens new doors for everyone to invest. As part of the dissemination of information for this purpose, we have renewed the owned media (
[Image 1:×1080.png] The owned media aims to be an opportunity for people to implement the investment necessary for life and society. We will continue to post interview articles that reconsider various areas such as food culture and real estate from the perspective of “investment”.
In addition, we opened an Instagram account at the same time as the renewal of owned media. We will also deliver visually the wonderful world created by people’s social participation called “investment”. overview
Official website:
WealthPark Laboratory Official Instagram
Example of posted content
“Toushi no Tobira” – Columns that convey the “essence of investment” (partial) “I want to start investing…” “Let’s make investment a lifelong friend” / “I heard that wine can be an investment…” “What is social contribution through real estate investment and individual economic independence?” https: // “Re-examining the WHY of asset formation in Japan (reprint of contribution to Nikkin Investment Trust Information)” -v1/
“Achieving 100 million yen in a double-income household with an annual income of 4 million yen” (Reprinted from Toyo Keizai Online)
“The Vision” – A dialogue article that reconsiders various fields from the perspective of “investment” (partial)
Art “Thinking about the essence of investment from the art that colors society / Curina CEO Mio Asatani”
Education “Investing in people is the starting point of a rich society / Mr. Masahiro Fukuhara, President and CEO of Institution for a Global Society” “Investing in communication will change the future! What is the added value that language can give to humans? / Mr. Yuto Yamanaka, CEO of Fun Fun Learning Co., Ltd. / Producer of Magna Party”
Architecture “Construction and real estate DX is a prescription that brings prosperity and happiness to Japan-Japan’s No. 1 construction tech, real estate tech research institute talks about the essence of DX- / Andpad Co., Ltd. Executive Officer, General Manager of Legal Affairs and Alliance General Manager Anri Okamoto / Fortec Architects Representative Director Futo Oe”
Shizen “Such an interesting, unknown investment in a single board / WONDERWOOD Co., Ltd. President and CEO Yuki Sakaguchi”
Food Culture “New Ways to Enjoy Wine and the Significance of Investing in Wine / Mr. Thang Longan Mathieu, CEO of Key Solutions Co., Ltd.” What is an ambassador that connects to / Mr. Mika Onishi, Representative Director of Miss SAKE General Incorporated Association”
Real estate “The role and essence of real estate investment as a real estate professional who has seen the world/Profits Co., Ltd. Director and Investment Manager Nagaki Tamama”
About WealthPark Institute
The WealthPark Institute is engaged in unprecedented information dissemination and activities for everyone to open new doors of investment.
Through investment, people will rediscover themselves and gain their own wealth and happiness. And society as a whole gains prosperity through social participation through investment by people. We will create such a wonderful world together with you.
[Image 2:×1400.jpg] About WealthPark Institute Director (President/Investment Evangelist) Kosuke Kato
He has held important positions such as analyst, fund manager, and investment enlightenment at major Japanese and foreign asset management companies. He has lived in three countries around the world, including the United Kingdom and the United States for about 10 years, and has visited more than 30 countries to conduct economic and investment research. MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Columbia University, USA. Passed the U.S. Certified Public Accountant, Financial Planner, and Securities Analyst Examinations (Chartered Member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan). Based on the idea that “hands-on experience is important and that we are on the same boat as our customers,” we have a wealth of experience in domestic and overseas financial assets, real estate (whole buildings, divisions, overseas), and other investment assets. have experience.
[Image 3:×575.jpg] About WealthPark Inc.
WealthPark Co., Ltd. is a SaaS+FinTech venture from Japan with the vision of “Be Alternative -Creating a world where freedom of choice is commonplace-“. WealthPark Business, a SaaS that supports real estate management operations of domestic real estate management companies; WealthPark Asset Management, which supports asset management for overseas investors; doing. Company name WealthPark Co., Ltd. (Wealth Park Kabushiki Kaisha) Head office location 1-20-18 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Mitomi Building New Building 3rd floor Capital 432,499,268 yen (as of May 1, 2023) President and CEO Ryuta Kawada Number of employees 177 (As of June 30, 2023, including group companies) Locations: Hong Kong, New York, Taipei, Tokyo Corporate site: Recruitment site: Inquiries:
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