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What owners can do for their precious buncho to live healthily and happily.

Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd.
What owners can do for their precious buncho to live healthily and happily. The definitive edition of the sparrow breeding book!

Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) will release “Pencho Complete Breeding” on August 16, 2023 (Wednesday).
[Image 1:×2500.jpg] This is the definitive guidebook that introduces the knowledge necessary to keep sparrows.
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[Image 3:×1200.jpg] The author is Miyoko Ito, a charismatic figure in the sparrow world. It covers how to raise and keep healthy Java sparrows, including the knowledge of raising Java sparrows, ecology, body structure, diet, care methods, breeding, the growth process of chicks, and care for old birds.
[Image 4:×1200.jpg] Ikuko Makino, director of Fujisawa Avian Clinic, wrote about illness and health management.
It provides detailed explanations of the latest information that can only be understood in clinical settings, trends in diseases and injuries that tend to occur, and countermeasures.
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[Image 6:×1200.jpg] We will tell you what owners can do to ensure that their precious Java sparrows live a long and healthy life. 【table of contents】
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[Image 8: &s3=12109-1472-5bf7369B217D35A8BAF68BAF68BAF8DAF8 f00f4-1691X1200.jpg] [Author Profile] Miyoko Ito Born in Kochi Prefecture in 1963. Since childhood, he has been fascinated by sparrows. In 1994, he was in charge of the sparrow breeding page for an animal magazine. After that, I was involved in calendars and breeding books for Java sparrows. In 2005, “Bamboo Day” (October 24th) was registered with the Japan Anniversary Association. In his book, “Pumpkin: How to raise it, what to eat, how to interact with it, and how to deal with illness!” “Small Animal Beginner’s Guide Buncho” “That’s Why I Can’t Stop Buncho Life” “Special Buncho Life” “Time for Buncho” “The Buncho” (Seibundo Shinkosha) and others.
Ikuko Makino, Director of Fujisawa Avian Clinic (Veterinarian, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). After graduating from Nippon Veterinary and Animal Science University (now Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University), worked as a veterinarian treating birds at multiple hospitals for over 10 years. After retiring, he studied at a university in the United States, and in 2013 opened the Bird Hospital Fujisawa Avian Clinic in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture. In 2020, received a Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine, College of Life and Resource Sciences, Nihon University. Published several papers on
cryptosporidiosis, a protozoan in the gastrointestinal tract of birds, in overseas scientific journals. His hobbies are bird watching and swimming.
[Book overview] Book title: Buntori Complete Breeding
Series name: PERFECT PET OWNER’S GUIDES Authors: Miyoko Ito, Ikuko Makino Specifications: A5 size, 240 pages List price: 2,860 yen (tax included) Release date: Wednesday, August 16, 2023 ISBN: 978-4-416 -52325-4 [Click here to purchase books] Seibundo Shinkosha book introduction page: [Contact for book inquiries] Seibun Co., Ltd. Doshinkosha 3-3-11 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Website: Facebook: Twitter: https:

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