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Wing Ark 1st Co., Ltd. Wing Ark 1st will exhibit at “3rd Nagoya Cloud Business Reform EXPO”

Wing Ark 1st Co., Ltd.
– Held from July 19th to 21st – Wing Arc 1st will exhibit at “3rd [Nagoya] Cloud Business Reform EXPO”

WingArc 1st Co., Ltd. will exhibit at the “3rd [Nagoya] Cloud Business Reform EXPO” to be held from July 19th (Wednesday) to 21st (Friday).
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Exhibit contents
At the WingArc 1st booth, we will introduce business data utilization solutions that are essential for business reforms, and report solutions that promote paperless operations.
Exhibition overview
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Exhibited products
BI dashboard “MotionBoard”
MotionBoard is a BI tool that integrates and visualizes disparately accumulated data to support rapid information sharing and
decision-making. Rather than just visualizing data, we will realize data-driven management by visualizing and sharing the data necessary to improve results in the form you want to see.
Data utilization platform “Dr.Sum”
Dr.Sum is a data analysis platform that can unify information in a company’s core database and aggregate it at high speed at the frontline of operations such as management and sales. In addition to our BI tool, MotionBoard, which visualizes data graphically, it also works with other companies’ BI products to improve the performance of data aggregation and analysis.
Electronic report platform “invoiceAgent”
Integrated operation of document management, electronic transactions, AI OCR, and electronic contracts! From digitizing the issuance/receipt of business forms to digitizing and electronically storing electronic forms and scanned paper documents, we can provide a complete solution. We plan to expand the invoice system and the function for sending and receiving with Peppol.
Comprehensive report base solution “SVF”
SVF is an all-in-one solution for designing and outputting invoices, statements of delivery, shipping slips, and certificates issued by public institutions.
The use of SVF Cloud, a cloud report service that allows easy and inexpensive use of the functions of the on-premise SVF product, which boasts a strong track record of implementation, is also spreading.

■ “Data utilization is Wing Arc” commercial now available
Nowadays, a lot of information such as data, sales data, etc. is converted into data due to the spread of the Internet. Under such circumstances, it is important to utilize the accumulated data to promote smooth business. This commercial emphasizes the importance of using data as a basis for making important decisions. Title: “Judgment Material_President’s Office” version, “Judgment Material_Executives’ Meeting” version (15 seconds each) Special site:
■ About Wing Arc 1st
WingArc 1st develops and sells solutions with the top market share* in Japan in the data empowerment field of forms and BI (business intelligence).
*Source: Deloitte Tohmatsumic Research Institute, Inc. “Competitive Survey of Form Design and Operation Products 2022 Edition” (Form Operation Products) / ITR “DBMS/BI Market 2021” Data
Analysis/Reporting Market: Trends in Sales by Vendor
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