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Woodstock Co., Ltd. Cash 1000 yen present without exception! US stock investment launches new account opening campaign!

Woodstock Co., Ltd.
1000 yen cash gift without exception! US stock investment launches new account opening campaign!

“Woodstock” (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Brian Jehun Yoon, which operates the next-generation SNS-type investment app, has opened an account during the period. We have started a new account opening campaign that will deposit 1000 yen for all openers. You can buy over 500 US stocks with 1000 yen deposited, so you can become a shareholder immediately. Please check the campaign details below.
[Image 1:×2193.png] Campaign name app registration and alpaca securities new account opening campaign
Campaign site
campaign period
August 1, 2023 (Tuesday) to August 31, 2023 (Thursday)
After registering for the app, new customers who have completed opening an account will receive a ¥1,000 securities purchase price that can be used to invest in US stocks.
Applicable condition
Customers who have completed opening an account within the campaign period *Registration of the campaign code is not required. By completing account opening during the campaign period, you will be automatically entered.
present prize
Customers who apply to open a new account and complete the account opening within the application period will receive a gift of 1000 yen for the purchase of securities.
Application conditions
* The following cases are not eligible for this campaign.
・After applying, if the account opening is not completed within the period due to the time required for the account opening procedure, or due to incomplete documents, etc.
・If you already have an alpaca securities account (If you have the app and have not opened an account, you will meet the application conditions.)
・When the securities trading account is closed during the period and the account is opened again
・If the securities trading account has been closed or is in a suspended state at the time of awarding the benefits
Receipt method etc.
・The funds will be credited to the customer’s in-app wallet by the Monday following the opening of the account.
・Details will be sent by email.
*If you are using the reception restriction function such as specified domain reception of mail,
Please make sure you can receive emails from “”. Notes
*This campaign is subject to change, extension or termination without prior notice due to our company’s circumstances. *Opening a securities trading account requires an examination, and Alpaca Securities may refuse to open a securities trading account. *Once you apply to open an account and Alpaca Securities completes the screening process, your login ID will be sent to you by SMS or postcard. After logging in and completing the authentication, the account opening will be completed. * Depending on the application status of account opening, it may take longer than usual to open an account. *We do not take any
responsibility if account opening is not completed within the campaign period due to our review status, incomplete customer input, etc. Please allow plenty of time to apply for opening an account. *Opening and maintaining an account is free of charge. *We may contact you via the e-mail address you registered when you applied for the account. Please note that if you cannot contact us, you will not be eligible for the campaign. *If you are using a reception restriction function such as specifying a domain for e-mails, please make sure that you can receive e-mails from “” and “”.
Woodstock Co., Ltd./Alpaca Japan Co., Ltd. product overview is a completely new SNS-type investment app that can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced users through interaction with the community, such as conversations and actual portfolio sharing, as well as US stock trading. Through a partnership with Alpaca, which was also adopted by the US accelerator Y Combinator, access to the US market is enabled, and for the first time in Japan, over 560 US stocks and ETFs can be traded in real time from 1000 yen in Japanese yen. You can also share your own stocks and portfolios with others, and develop investment strategies based on the portfolios of other users.
[Image 2:×1440.png] Download the latest version of the app here.
iOS version
Android version
【Company Profile】
Company name: Woodstock Co., Ltd.
Financial instruments intermediary company registration number: Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kanenaka) No. 965 Affiliated financial instruments business operator: Alpaca Japan Co., Ltd.      Financial Instruments Business Operator Registration Number: Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 3024 Member Associations: Japan Securities Dealers Association, Japan Investment Advisers Association
Name of Representative: Brian Jehun Yoon
Established: March 3, 2021
・When trading financial products such as U.S. stocks, please carefully read the documents delivered before concluding a contract.
・When trading U.S. stocks, etc., there is a risk of losses due to fluctuations in stock prices, interest rate levels, exchange rates, etc., and changes in the business and property status of the issuer of stocks, etc.
・A foreign exchange commission (1% of the contracted amount) will be charged when trading US stocks.
・Please make the final investment decision at your own discretion. ・ To use this service, you need to open an account with Alpaca Securities. Details about this release:

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