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xID First in Hokkaido! Kamifurano Town Realizes Individual Notifications to Residents’ Smartphones Using My Number Cards with “xID”

First time in Hokkaido! Kamifurano Town Realizes Individual
Notifications to Residents’ Smartphones Using My Number Cards with “xID”
In order to improve the convenience of residents and reduce the cost of administrative operations, we will start a demonstration experiment of digitizing polling place admission tickets from the end of July.
Govtech company xID Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hikaru Kusaka, hereinafter referred to as xID), a Govtech company that provides a digital ID solution “xID (cross ID)” specializing in My Number cards, will use the “xID app” and the mail DX service “SmartPOST” for local governments to digitize admission ticket mailings for town council elections.
It should be noted that this initiative to individually send notifications to the smartphones of residents who have been
authenticated with their My Number Cards will be the first case in Hokkaido. (*)
*…July 2023 xID research
[Image:×670.png ]
The “xID app” can be used to verify your identity online using the public personal authentication service of My Number Card. “SmartPOST” can deliver digital notifications from local governments to the “xID app” downloaded on the smartphones of residents who have My Number cards.
In Kamifurano, more than 90% of townspeople apply for a My Number Card, and the rate of issuance is about 80%, which is higher than the national average.
We have introduced “xID” and “SmartPOST” to effectively utilize My Number cards, improve convenience for residents, and reduce
administrative costs. From July 2023, as a demonstration experiment for residents, we plan to notify “smartphone admission tickets,” which are digitized admission tickets for early voting for the Kamifurano Town Assembly election.
Outline of “admission ticket with smartphone”
“Admission ticket with smartphone” is a system in which the local government notifies individual residents’ “xID app” through
“SmartPOST” of polling station admission tickets, which are usually mailed as postcards for various elections.
This initiative is being implemented as a demonstration experiment for residents conducted by Kamifurano Town.
From June, Kamifurano Town will explain and announce this initiative to townspeople, and plan to use “SmartPOST” in late July to
individually send “admission tickets by smartphone” to the “xID app” downloaded on the target townspeople’s smartphones.
For details of the demonstration experiment, please see the Kamifurano Town official website below.
Future prospects
In Hokkaido, which has a vast land area, it is difficult for residents to visit government offices directly. By utilizing “xID” and “SmartPOST”, xID aims to eliminate disparities in residential areas and realize public and administrative services that are easy for everyone to use.
If you are interested in this initiative, please contact us from here.
About the xID app
“xID” is a digital ID application that allows you to more easily confirm your identity, authenticate your identity, and electronic signature by linking with your My Number card. At the time of initial registration, the electronic certificate for signature on the My Number card is read with NFC on the smartphone, and an ID is generated by verifying the identity. After that, by performing electronic authentication and electronic signature using “xID”, it is possible to complete identity verification and administrative procedures online when starting to use financial services.
Service site:
“xID” creation procedure introduction video: About “SmartPOST”
“SmartPOST” is a mail DX service for local governments that is linked with the digital ID “xID app”. Local governments will be able to send paper and digital mail separately without making any major changes to their existing mailing workflow, which will also lead to a reduction in mailing costs. In addition, electronic administration services such as electronic applications and facility reservations can be reliably guided to residents using “SmartPOST”, and communication with residents can be digitized all at once. Residents can receive information from the local government on their smartphones, which improves the convenience of browsing, storage, and management. In addition, since it uses the xID app linked to the My Number Card, it is also possible to receive customized information that only you need. Service site:
About xID Inc.
xID has the mission of “realizing a digital society with low credit costs”, and is a Govtech company that creates next-generation business models with partners, centering on the digital ID solution “xID” specializing in My Number cards. As a neutral digital ID solution that is trusted by both the public and private sectors, we will realize Society 5.0, a human-centered society that facilitates “reliable data utilization” beyond the barriers between companies and between the public and private sectors, which was not possible until now, and achieves both economic development and the resolution of social issues.
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