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ZINUS JAPAN Co., Ltd. “Midsummer Night’s Artful Fair” ZINUS products with rich designs are up to 20% off! !

“Midsummer Night’s Artful Fair” Up to 20% OFF ZINUS products with rich designs! !
Held for a limited time from August 1, 2023 (Tuesday) to August 31, 2023 (Thursday) ZINUS official website:

ZINUS JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Chin-young Cho) is the Japanese subsidiary of ZINUS, a global furniture brand that manufactures and sells furniture, mainly mattresses, and has expanded its market to 20 countries around the world. , “Midsummer Night Art Full Fair” will be held from August 1st (Tuesday) to August 31st (Thursday).
[Image 1:×580.jpg] ZINUS is a global brand loved by customers around the world for its high-quality furniture and unique designs. At this “Midsummer Night’s Artful Fair”, we will offer carefully selected products that are particularly eye-catching in terms of design and offer them at an affordable price. From your bedroom to your dreams, color it with our fashionable and stylish products! ■ Target period: August 1st (Tuesday) to August 31st (Thursday) 10-20% OFF Products that can be purchased on ZINUS official website ■ 10% OFF target products: ZJ-PPSM-8SZJ-PPSM-8SDZJ-PPSM-8DZJ
-MSSBA1-13SZJ-MSSBA1-13SDZJ-MSSBA1-13DZJ-MSSCA1-13SZJ-MSSCA1-13SDZJ-MSSCA1-13D 20% off target product:
-G07SDZJ-IRPBH-G07DZJ-FDPB-GR-SZJ-FDPB-GR-SDZJ-FDPB-GR-DZJ-FDPB-BE-SZJ-FDPB-BE-SDZJ-FDPB-BE-DZJ-FDPB-LG-SZJ-FDPB -LG-SDZJ-FDPB-LG-D How to participate: 10-20% off if you order the above target products on the ZINUS official website
( during the target period can be purchased at * This campaign is limited to purchases on the ZINUS official website. Please note that it cannot be used on other EC sites.
Featured product
■ Prime Luxe Hybrid Mattress Pocket Coil Memory Foam 33cm
[Image 2:×450.jpg] – Features – 33cm thick pocket coil mattress. The upper layer is a Eurobox top specification, realizing a more luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience.・Size: Single, Semi-double, Double ・Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥39,600 ~ ¥55,000 (tax included) ・URL: Shalini fabric bed frame 36cm
[Image 3:×750.jpg] -Features-Diamond stitch headboard creates a hotel-like atmosphere. With 3 colors to choose from, this bed frame is easy to match with any room.・Size: Single, semi-double, double ・Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥21,890 – ¥31,790 (tax included) ・URL:
■Suzanne Steel & Wood Bed Frame 18cm-Features-
[Image 4:×563.jpg] Experience the sophisticated beauty of modern design with natural wood and black painted steel frame.
・Size: Single, semi-double, double ・Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥24,990 – ¥32,990 (tax included) ・URL: *Prices are subject to change without notice There are cases. [About ZINUS]
[Image 5:×296.png] Since its founding in March 1979, ZINUS is a furniture manufacturer that has grown mainly in North America and is expanding globally. Originating from an outdoor brand, ZINUS is a pioneer brand that was the first in the world to invent a sales method (Bed-in-a-Box) that uses the technology of compressing tents to compress mattresses and deliver them in cardboard boxes. In the US bed/mattress market, which used to rely on domestically produced products due to high logistics costs, we made it possible to export products, and developed an online sales channel in the bed/mattress market, which had been dominated by offline furniture specialty stores. . We continue to create
comfortable and easy-to-use products by developing our own technology and making improvements based on customer reviews. Currently, we are developing about 1,800 products globally. We established a Japanese branch in 2019 and currently sell mainly mattresses and bed frames online. [Company profile of ZINUS JAPAN] Company name: ZINUS JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Zinus Japan Co., Ltd.) Headquarters: 5-27-5 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Link Square Shinjuku 16F, President: Chin-Yong Cho Business description: Furniture (Mattresses, bed frames, sofas, etc.) Manufacturing and sales Website: [Amazon]
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https://shopping [au PAY Market] *Amazon, and all related trademarks are registered on , lnc. or its affiliates. [Inquiries from customers] Telephone: 0120-760-570 (9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays) / E-mail:

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