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365LIFE Co., Ltd. Not only real estate management companies, but also house makers, private lodgings, and individuals can use it! Just download the design! A room using 365Design Market, which is simple, low-cost, and stylish, has been completed

365 LIFE Co., Ltd.
[It can be used not only by real estate management companies, but also by house makers, private lodgings, and individuals! ] Just download the design! A room using 365Design Market, which is simple, low-cost, and stylish, has been completed.
Just download your favorite design template! With 365 Design Market, anyone can easily make their room stylish by using it, making renovation more accessible and more fun.

365LIFE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Hirotoshi Furuhashi), which develops real estate tech solutions for real estate management companies and brokerage companies, has launched an online site “365 Design Market” that provides recipes for new service renovations. Market)” was used to renovate multiple rooms.
At 365 Design Market, we set the concept based on the image of the tenant target for each room, and provide a particular design.
[Image 1:×800.jpg] This time, we would like to introduce two examples that received a high response after completion.
Case 1.: 2LDK rental apartment
Case 2.: Hotel 1R
Although this service was released for real estate management companies, as in Case 2, it can also be used by operators of hotel rooms and other private lodging facilities to improve the reservation rate and increase sales by adding value through renovation. . In addition, of course, it can be used by house builders when constructing a new house or for individuals who are considering remodeling their homes to reduce the time and cost of design work. Example case 1.: 2LDK rental apartment
[Case 1. Overview]
Property: Rental apartment
Floor plan: 2LDK (LDK/Western-style room x 2) x 2 rooms
User: Real estate management company
Request: Vacancy measures
Used by real estate management company.
As part of measures against vacancies this time, they are considering renovating two 2LDK rental apartments, and they used 365Design Market to save time and cut costs for design work.
The planned asking rent is set at 60,000 to 70,000 yen, so we selected a modern design with the image of a young couple living together or newly married.
1st room
Theme: Modern room with black and white
I used only white, black and gray to create a calm impression. The kitchen floor and living room flooring are separated to create a more modern atmosphere.

[Image 2:×640.jpg]
[Image 3:×2925.jpg] 2nd room
Theme: Get Wild
Concrete wallpaper was pasted from the ceiling to the bay window to create a wild atmosphere. The kitchen counter is not wallpaper, but a REATEC sheet to create a metallic feel.

[Image 4:×1536.jpg]
[Image 5:×2925.jpg] Example case 2.: Hotel 1R
[Case 2. Overview]
Property: Concept hotel
Layout: 1R
User: Hotel management company
Request: Increase room unit price & improve reservation rate We used it at the concept hotel “365BASE outdoor hostel” operated by our group company, Suzuhiro Co., Ltd.
This time, in order to increase the room price and improve the reservation rate, we thought about renovating a simple double room into a concept room using 365 Design Market.
We chose a refreshing West Coast-style design inspired by CALFORNIA because it is fashionable and matches people of all ages.
Theme: The California Room
You can enjoy the atmosphere of a stylish room as if you are on the coast of California. The contrast between light blue wallpaper and white tiles is simple and refreshing, while the mortar wall and old wood floor create a vintage feel. Even in a narrow 1R, the drastic change of materials creates a space that even feels open. The ceiling light uses pop-in Aladdin, and by projecting the wall onto the screen, you can enjoy images of 100 inches or more.

[Image 7:×2048.jpg]
[Image 8:×2925.jpg]

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