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Best Acty Co., Ltd. Questionnaire survey What is your favorite cake? “Shortcake” with an irresistible combination of strawberries and fresh cream is the first place

Best Acty Co., Ltd.
[Questionnaire survey] What is your favorite cake? “Shortcake” with an irresistible combination of strawberries and fresh cream is the first place

Best Acty Co., Ltd. (, which operates the outdoor media “TACKLE NOTE (”, asked 100 people in their teens to 60s to We did a survey about cake]. We will report the results along with the voices of the respondents. Questionnaire survey overview
Implementation period: August 2023
Survey target: Men and women in their teens to 60s
Survey method: Internet research
Number of respondents: 100 (36 men, 64 women)
Investigation result
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As a result of the questionnaire, the most people answered “shortcake”. Following that, “Montblanc” ranked in the second place.
Now, I will introduce the comments of each respondent in order from the first place.
Comments from respondents who chose “Shortcake”
・It’s a simple cake, but you can feel the individuality of each store. The harmony of the sweetness of strawberries and whipped cream is addictive. (Female, 40s)
・Originally, I liked cheesecake, but my child’s favorite was shortcake. (Male, 40s)
・I’ve always liked it and decided to use it for my birthday cake. I like it because it reminds me of my childhood memories. (Female, 40s) ・I’m not very good with heavy cakes, so I like shortcakes that are not too sweet and have a light flavor that is easy to eat. Strawberries with a slightly sour taste add an accent. (Male, 40s)
・The most basic, I like that you can feel the taste of cream and sponge directly. (Male, 20s)
・It doesn’t leave a heavy residue in your mouth like chocolate, and because it has strawberries, it refreshes your mouth after eating the cake. (Female, 20s)
Comments from respondents who chose “Montblanc”
・I’ve always liked chestnuts, and the texture of the thin cream is very delicate and I like it the most. Recently, it is also made with ingredients other than chestnuts, and it is also a favorite because it allows you to enjoy variations. (Male, 60s)
・The sweetness of the chestnut and the smooth paste combined with the cream and sponge are very delicious. It’s delicious even with western liquor. (Female, 30s)
・The mild sweetness of the chestnuts and the sponge cake go very well together. (Female, 40s)
・I like how different shops and brands can enjoy different colors, flavors, and shapes, such as brown ones using Shibukawa chestnuts and the classic yellow ones. I just love chestnuts. (Female, 30s) ・I really like the aroma and taste of chestnuts. I also like the fluffy and melting texture of the chestnut cream, which looks like thin threads. (Female, 60s)
・I like the elegant sweetness without being too sweet and the texture of chestnuts, so I want to eat and compare various kinds. (Female, 20s)
Comments from respondents who chose “Cheesecake”
・I like both cheese and cake, so the combination of the two is the best. The part where you can feel the flavor of cheese that is not just sweet of cheesecake is irresistible. (Female, 30s)
・I love how it melts in your mouth with its rich, mellow cheese and moist texture. (Female, 50s)
・Sweet things like fresh cream are delicious when you take a bite, but you can’t eat them all. In that respect, cheesecake is sweet, but it is not creamy, so it is refreshing and I love it. (Female, 40s) ・You can enjoy the texture and taste that changes depending on the cheese you use and how you bake it. I like the unique flavor of rich cheese. (Female, 40s)
・Because it is versatile and delicious, whether you want to eat something purely sweet or use it as a snack with alcohol such as whiskey. (Male, 50s)
Comments from respondents who chose “chocolate cake”
・Chocolate cream is used in the chocolate-flavored sponge cake, so it’s nice that it’s full of chocolate. It’s filling but has a bitter taste of chocolate, so it’s easy to eat. (Female, 40s)
・Because I like delicious chocolate. Also, chocolate cake is a standard cake, so it’s fun to buy it at various stores and compare tastes. (Female, 40s)
・When you’re tired, you say something sweet, but in my case, chocolate is the most appropriate. When I was a kid, most of the cakes that were bought for me had butter cream, so I longed for a chocolate cake. Now that I can buy it myself, I choose chocolate cake with particular attention. (Female, 50s)
・Shortcake is too sweet for me. But I like chocolate cake because it has just the right amount of bitterness and you can enjoy it until the very end. (Male, 50s)
Comments from respondents who chose “tart”
・Because I like the crunchy texture of the tart, and there are many combinations of cream and fruit on top, so I can enjoy it depending on the season. (Female, 40s)
・I like it because there are various fruits on it, so you can enjoy various flavors wherever you eat. (Male, 30s)
・I like how you can enjoy two different textures in one bite, eating the soft cream and then eating the crispy tart. (Female, 40s) ・The perfect balance between the juiciness of the fruit and the crispy dough makes it possible to eat without getting tired of it. (Male, 40s)
Comments from respondents who chose “milk crepe”
・I really like the crepe itself, and the many layers of crepes give it just the right amount of sweetness. I love it because it goes so well with coffee. (Female, 30s)
・Because the crepe layer and cream have a very good balance, so you can eat plenty of cream. (Male, 50s)
・I like crepe dough, and it’s relatively less sweet than other cakes, so it’s easier to eat, so every time I order a cake, I order a mille crepe. (Male, 20s)
Comments from respondents who chose “chiffon cake”
・I really like the fluffy and soft fabric. For me who doesn’t like fresh cream, this is the only cake I can eat. (Female, 40s)
・It looks plain at first glance, but when you try it, you can’t say anything about it. I like the mature taste. (Female, 50s)
・It’s fluffy and not too sweet, so it’s easy to eat. Best eaten with plenty of fresh cream. I like tea chiffon cake the most. (Female, 50s) Comments from respondents who chose “Tiramisu”
・Because it has a slightly bitter taste compared to other cakes, and there is sweetness in it, so the taste is just right. (Female, 30s) ・Before, chocolate was the only choice, but when I tried tiramisu, the combination of cacao and mascarpone was the best. (Female, 40s) Comments from respondents who chose “mille-feuille”
・It’s a memorable cake that I ate at a coffee shop for the first time when my mother took me when I was a child. The crunchy layered dough, the sweetness of the custard, and the sweet and sour taste of the strawberries sandwiched between them will keep you from getting tired of eating them. (Female, 40s)
・I like the combination of the crispy texture of the pie and the cream and fruit. Even if I go to a cake shop, it’s hard to find it, so when I find it, I always buy it. (Female, 30s)
Comments from respondents who chose “roll cake”
・I like it the most because the cream is not so persistent, it is easy to eat, and many of them are reasonably priced. (Male, 20s)
・It is very good that it is easy to eat, and it is good that there are various flavors to choose from. (Male, 60s)
When we surveyed 100 people about their favorite cake, the most common answer was “shortcake”.
Looking at the comments, it seems that there are many people who prefer shortcake for reasons such as “I can feel the taste of sponge and cream directly” and “The combination of strawberry and fresh cream is addictive”.
In addition, those who answered “Mont Blanc” in second place said, “The combination of smooth paste and sponge is delicious” and “You can feel the gentle sweetness of chestnuts.”
Delicious-looking cakes can be found in various places such as cake shops, convenience stores, and cafes.
The flavors and appearances differ depending on the store, so it’s fun to try and compare them.
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