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Coamix Co., Ltd. Climb show summary “Walkure of the End drawing setting material collection” now on sale!!

Coamix Co., Ltd.
[Flip-out summary] “Walküre at the end of the animation setting material collection” now on sale!!

Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will release the 19th volume of “Walkure at the End Special Edition” (with a collection of drawing setting materials) on July 20th. This time, we have published an article on the Comix website that shows a glimpse of the “drawing setting material collection”.
[Flickering part 1] Those characters who are active in the second season of the anime are appearing one after another!
The first is those characters who are active in the second season of the anime!
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[Image 2:×2018.jpg]
[Image 3:×2018.jpg]
[Image 4:×2018.jpg] Article page:
When it was released on the Twitter account promoting Zenon Comics, it received 35,000 impressions on the first day of posting!
Actual Tweet: [Flickering Part 2] Revealing the treasured settings of the human representative and the Valkyries who perform Verundo (sacred treasure transmutation)!!
In the second installment, we will reveal the secret settings of the Valkyries who will vell with representatives of humanity, such as “Phantom Sleuth” and the Fancy x Cute hairstyle discussion of Fleck!
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[Image 6:×2700.jpg] Article page:
[Flickering Part 3] The illustrations of Shaka and Reifuku from the second part of the anime (Battle of Shaka) are now available!! The 3rd installment is an illustration of Shaka and Reifuku, who appear in the second part of the anime (Shaka Battle), which is being distributed exclusively on Netflix! “Buddha” and the cute and scary “Reifuku”!!
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[Image 9:×2080.jpg] Article page:
On Twitter, it got more than 52,000 impressions on the second day of posting, making it a big topic!
Actual Tweet: [Flicker Part 4] Introducing the behind-the-scenes events of the final human struggle, such as the character designer’s [Big ◯ Big ◯ Problem]!!
The 4th installment focuses on the events behind the final struggle of mankind, such as the [Big ◯ Big ◯ Problem] by the character designer!
[Image 10:×2700.jpg] I tend to grow up… That’s what I’m talking about.
Article page:
[Sneak peek Part 5] Jack’s fashion, anyway bright Hercules!! The 5th installment is Jack’s fashion, anyway bright Hercules!
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[Image 12:×1200.jpg] Article page:
“Walkure of the End” Volume 19 Regular Edition & Special Edition are now on sale!!
If you haven’t purchased it yet or are interested, please check it out!! “Walküre at the End” Volume 19 ¥726 (tax included) “Walküre at the End Special Edition” Volume 19 ¥1,210 (tax included)
[Image 13:×2700.jpg ]
[Image 14:×2700.jpg] The manga catalog allows you to try reading one episode and even purchase it all at once, so let’s make use of it!
Manga Catalog: Details about this release:

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