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DMCI Homes, a leading condominium development company in the Philippines, has published a book titled “Recent Overseas Investments in the Philippines: Real Estate in the Philippines Reasons for recommending DMCI Homes”! !

RAM Homes Japan Co., Ltd.
DMCI Homes, a leading condominium development company in the Philippines, has published a book titled “Recent Overseas Investments in the Philippines: Real Estate in the Philippines Reasons for recommending DMCI Homes”! !
In this book, Kirihara, who has experience as a local developer, explains in detail the current situation in the Philippines, why Philippine real estate is attracting attention, and the points to note and disadvantages when buying Philippine real estate.

DMCI Homes is a condominium development company (developer) that represents the Philippines, with the DMCI Group, the largest construction company in the Philippines, as its parent company. The know-how that the DMCI Group has cultivated as a construction company is not limited to residences, but it is also responsible for the construction of famous hotels, commercial facilities, expressway skyways, railways, and the world’s largest artificial island “Palm Jumeirah” in Dubai. It has received worldwide acclaim.
We have a track record of selling more than 60 condominium properties with 40,000 rooms, mainly in Metro Manila.
On SNS such as official YouTube, “seasonal” information such as the latest properties and buyer’s voices are sent from time to time. DMCI Homes Japan Official Manila Philippines Real Estate
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Publication history and highlights of the book
–Please tell us about the background to the publication of this book. I joined DMCI Homes in 2013 as a salesperson and have been in charge of the Japanese market for 10 years. Based on that experience, we published this article to inform you about the selection, precautions and management of properties from the developer’s point of view, the current situation, future prospects and attractions of the
–What kind of people would you like to read this book?
Those who are interested in overseas investment and overseas migration. It is also recommended for those who are interested in investing in Philippine real estate and those who are considering purchasing a property.
Of course, we also provide useful information for those who already have a property in the Philippines and want to deepen their knowledge of Philippine real estate, and who are considering permanent residence in the Philippines after retirement.
–What are the attractive points of real estate and investment in the Philippines today?
Broadly speaking, I think there are two attractions.
The first is the population increase that will continue for the next 30 years or more. Compared to Japan’s average age of 47, the average age of the Philippines is 24, which is very young, showing a population pyramid similar to that of Japan during the high economic growth period of the 1970s. Given the large proportion of the young generation, we can expect further economic development in the coming years.
The second point is the rapid progress of infrastructure development. We can expect great things from Japan’s ODA projects, such as the Metro Subway and the expansion of railway lines. In addition, infrastructure development is progressing at a rapid pace, such as the expansion of expressways and the new Prakan International Airport to be built in Bulacan, northern Metro Manila. Through these efforts, the property value is expected to further improve.
Books can be purchased from Amazon and Rakuten Books.
-Author profile-
Takashi Kirihara
Born in Tokyo in 1977. Lives in Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Representative of RAM Homes Allied Services Inc., a real estate company in the Philippines. Member of DMCI Homes International Brokerage division.
In 2013, he joined the developer (real estate development company) of DMCI Holdings, which is based on the largest construction company in the Philippines founded in 1954, as a general sales representative for Japanese people. Acted as a sales agent for Japan, and sold more than 1000 units in total in the Japanese market. Received top sales award from “DMCI Homes” for 7 consecutive years from 2016 to 2022. The reason for visiting the Philippines was a short-term language study abroad in 2006, but it ended up being a permanent residence. Since 2010, he has participated in the outdoor music event (IRIE SUNDAY MANILA) in Metro Manila, which he still manages.
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