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Jellicle signs a joint research agreement with NOF for the application of Tetragel in the field of regenerative medicine

Jellicle Inc.
Jellicle signs a joint research agreement with NOF for the application of Tetragel in the field of regenerative medicine

Jellicle Co., Ltd. (head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kosuke Masui, hereinafter referred to as “Jellicle”), a bio-venture company from the University of Tokyo that uses tetragel to revolutionize medical care, and NOF Corporation (head office: Tokyo) Shibuya Ward, President: Takashi Sawamura, hereinafter “NOF”) has concluded a joint research agreement for medical application of tetragel.
[Image:×1416.png] In this agreement, we will jointly research multiple products with the aim of commercializing Jellicle’s Tetra-gel (*1) in the field of regenerative medicine.
We will study the practical application of scaffolds for cell culture using cell-adhesive polyethylene glycol (PEG) gel using tetragel technology. In the field of regenerative medicine, animal-derived scaffolds have been widely used for some time. In collaboration with NOF, Jellicle will work on research on synthetic scaffolds for cell culture using tetragel technology.
Jellicle is a leading company in the provision of PEG derivatives for drug delivery system (DDS) materials, aiming to provide multiple products for regenerative medicine to the market at an early stage, and is actively working on new medical material business. We signed a joint research agreement with NOF. We will proceed with the research as soon as possible, and we will introduce products to the market as soon as possible.
*1: Tetragel technology is a new gel technology created by Professor Takamasa Sakai of the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. By combining two types of tetra-branched polymers that react with each other, it is possible to create a special gel with a uniform network structure.
[Comment from Kosuke Masui, Representative Director of Jellicle Co., Ltd.] We are very pleased to conclude a joint research agreement with NOF, a world-leading company that provides PEG derivatives for DDS. NOF has extensive knowledge and experience in PEG and a global sales network. By combining it with Jellicle’s tetragel technology, we would like to develop products that can be used around the world.
[Comment from the New Business Development Office, Research Division, NOF Corporation]
By combining Jellicle’s tetragel technology with NOF’s PEG derivative design and synthesis technology, we will pursue new possibilities for PEG, and expect that it will be useful in the field of regenerative medicine, such as scaffolds for cell culture.
[About Jellicle Co., Ltd.]
Jellicle is a biotechnology startup from the University of Tokyo established in 2018 with the aim of revolutionizing medical care using tetragel, the only homogeneous gel in the world. Using tetragel technology, we create various medical products such as hemostats, anti-adhesion materials, nerve regeneration materials, and ophthalmic surgery aids. We aim to create a world where all diseases can be treated simply by injecting the gel.
[About NOF Corporation]
The NOF Group’s management philosophy is to “contribute to people and society as a corporate group that creates new value through the power of chemistry, from biotechnology to space.” We are diversifying and developing creative products in the three fields of environment and energy.
[Corporate Profile of Jellicle Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Gellycle Co., Ltd.
Location: Sakae Building 2F, 3-38-10 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kosuke Masui
Established: August 1, 2018
Business description: Research and development of medical products using tetragel
[Corporate profile of NOF Corporation]
Location: Ebisu Garden Place Tower 12F, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Takashi Sawamura
Founded: 1937
* Press release link from NOF regarding this matter:
[Inquiries for companies wishing to learn more about the technology and utilize the technology]
Jellicle Co., Ltd. Sales representative
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