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KEITO Co., Ltd. “ARAKAWA UNDER 9 -Episode 1” will be made into a movie set in the good old downtown area of ​​Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, starring Miori Ichikawa!! ~Scheduled to be released this fall~

KEITO Co., Ltd.
“ARAKAWA UNDER 9 -Episode 1” will be made into a movie set in the good old downtown area of ​​Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, starring Miori Ichikawa!! ~Scheduled to be released this autumn~
Fuko Yagura, Haruna Kawago, Yuka Ogino, Ryoha Kitagawa, Emika Ueda, Kowa Umeyama, and many other graduates will appear! ! And successive Sentai heroes Noboru Kaneko, Shun Shiotani, Haruhisa Kohara, and Shunsuke Nishikawa will also appear! !

Furthermore, as special appearances, Kazue Ito, Anju Suzuki, Susumu Terashima, and Atom Shimojo will appear one after another.
KEITO Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has decided to make a movie of “ARAKAWA UNDER 9 -Episode 1” with Miori Ichikawa (FANCYLABO member, former member of AKB48 and AKB48) as the main character, set in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo.
◎ Background to the movie decision
Keito Co., Ltd. is run by brothers from Arakawa-ku, Tokyo. ! From the feeling that I want you not to give up on your dream, which is also a slogan even in modern times
It has been decided that “ARKAWAUNDER 9 -Episode 1-” will be made into a movie, set in his hometown of Arakawa.
◎ Movie information
Four women smoldering in Arakawa. By chance, I will aim to become an idol. overconfident group. A group that will do their best even if they are teased. As luck would have it, each member who passed the audition ended in a big failure. With that frustration in mind, I changed my mind, met the people of Arakawa, and learned what they needed. Just when you think things are going smoothly, the shadow of evil approaches without realizing it. Members who are at the mercy of reality and the world of the Internet. Will they be able to meet the next live safely? With the truth about a girl’s suicide revealed, everything is synchronized and the story comes to an end.
There’s no such thing as a wrong path in a dream You can change anytime You can start over at any time Now start working at ARAKAWA, which is full of loyalty and humanity
Don’t give up on your dreams Giving up is the most wasteful thing [Main cast]
Cast: Miori Ichikawa (former member of NMB48 and AKB48)
Fuuko Yagura, Hina Kawago, Yuka Ogino, Ryoha Kitagawa, Emika Ueda, Kowa Umeyama, Shunsuke Nishikawa
Kentaro Hayami (friendship appearance), Yasuhisa Kohara (special appearance), Shun Shiotani (special appearance), Noboru Kaneko (special appearance)
Kazue Ito (special appearance), Anju Suzuki (special appearance), Susumu Terashima (special appearance), Atom Shimojo
【directed by】
Yukihisa Ito
[Music Director]
exit sun
new theme song
[Main Producer]
Ryosuke Kikuchi
Sansen surpasses
[Director of Photography]
Toru Miyaoka
【assistant director】
Tamae Kobayashi, Emiko Takahashi, Shinobu Kawasaki, Hiroki Tanaka, Takuma Yoshida, Masayo Uemura, Koji Ohno
Masayo Uemura, Shunsaku Takazawa
[Sound effect]
Hiroki Tanaka
[Making Director]
Eri Tsukimoto
[Hair and makeup]
Hiromi Kudo
[Production desk]
Toshiya Kusano
[Executive Producer/Original]
Taketsugu Furukawa
[Editorial cooperation] Shikisha Zelda
[Casting cooperation] Shikisha Ohanami, ASUM Co., Ltd., KIPRO’s [Production cooperation] SHINING Co., Ltd., Toru Studio Co., Ltd., X Entertainment, Phoenix Co., Ltd., Yake Entertainment, Tokyo
Polytechnic University
[Production / Writing] KEITO Co., Ltd.
◎ Future plans
[Publication destination]
Scheduled to be shown sequentially nationwide in November this fall Screening at Sunpearl Arakawa is also planned based on the content of the film. [Production schedule]
Taken at the end of August
Scheduled to be released in November
About KEITO Co., Ltd.
[Production results]
It will be the first time for me to make a movie.
【Company Profile】
Company name: KEITO Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Arakawa, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Company address: Hakozaki-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Seiya Furukawa
Business description: Entertainment business
Established: July 2020
Movie official page:
[Inquiries from the general public]
[Inquiries from the press]

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