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Liberated Brands Japan LLC HOWL AT THE MOON New Collection Released!!

Liberalized Brands Japan LLC

[Image 1:×2550.png] VOLCOM Featured Artist Series “HOWL AT THE MOON (MAX SHERMAN)”! ! The items in this collection include loose-fit bellow pants that are popular all year round, as well as autumn and winter items such as cardigans and down jackets.
Featured Artist “MAX SHERMAN Max Sherman”
Born and raised on the coast of Maine, Max Sherman began drawing at a young age, spending his teenage years on the beach airbrushing T-shirts and immersing himself in the world of painting. Around this time, Max also became obsessed with skateboard graphics and heavy metal, and later into horror films and horror art.
After that, I moved to Denver, Colorado, where I wanted to express more about skateboarding, heavy metal, and horror in my art. Max picked up his design skills in school, combined them with the illustration skills he learned in airbrushing, and forged his own unique path in illustration and design that combined influences from his childhood.
An unknown creature of darkness that lives in the shadows and only appears at night.
In the night fog, on a dark road, only one can be heard barking at the moon. In the darkness where mice meet fire and roses.
[Image 2:×3900.jpg] MAX SHERMAN JACKET
[Image 4:×1280.jpg] STONE GHOST BUCKET – STEALTH
[Image 5:×1280.jpg] ZEBRA SWEATER – WINE
Click here for the HOWL AT THE MOON collection
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