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LOCAL HEROES, Ltd. Ota Ward, Tokyo Omori FC will participate in OMORI KAORU MARKET on Saturday, August 19! The theme is “summer festival of water and dance”! !

Local Heroes, Ltd.
[Ota Ward, Tokyo] Omori FC will participate in OMORI KAORU MARKET on Saturday, August 19! The theme is “summer festival of water and dance”! !
2023.8.19 (Sat) 15:00-20:00 Omori Station East Exit Station Square (East Terrace)

[Image 1:×500.png] OMORI KAORU MARKET (sponsored by Omori Area Management, General Incorporated Association, Planning: Omori Sanno Brewery) and Omori Football Club (Ota Ward, Tokyo, Representative Naoto Kojima) agree with the planning purpose of “to create liveliness in the region together” and “to create relationships between people in the region”, OMORI KAORU MARKET Participated in the planning and management of On the day of the event, Omori FC plans to put all its effort into the soccer experience, surpassing the heat of the summer.
[Image 2:×165.png] ■ “OMORI KAORU MARKET with Shibafu Hiroba”
Name: OMORI KAORU MARKET with Shibafu Hiroba Vol.5
Date: Saturday, August 19, 2023 15:00-20:00
Venue: JR Omori Station East Exit Station Square Omori East Terrace Address: 1-1 Omorikita, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Organizer: One company) Omori Area Management
Planning: Omori Sanno Brewery
Cooperation: Street Camping (Ota Ward Shopping District Association) Number of visitors: about 2000 (assumed)
◎ Event information
When you exit the east exit of JR Omori Station, you will find the “Omori East Terrace”, which functions as an event plaza where “people” play a leading role in promoting the town. Various teams have used this plaza to create fun in the town. , has produced the free time of passers-by.
Omori Sanno Brewery (Ota Ward, Tokyo Representative Yoshiji Machida), which operates a craft beer specialty store in Omori’s shopping district, wants to contribute not only to their own activities but also to the excitement of the entire town of Omori. Launched the “OMORI KAORU MARKET with Shibafu Hiroba” project that utilizes the plaza, and appeals widely mainly to nearby shopping districts. From April 2023, it will be held every month as an event that can be enjoyed by children and adults by preparing content for children. This year’s event, which changes the theme every month, is the “Summer Festival of Water and Dance.” We will welcome the townspeople with a plan that is perfect for midsummer.
◇Street camping
Click here for streetcamping information ◎Vendor information
[Image 3:×1180.png] ◆ Omori Sanno Brewery (craft beer)
◆ Salmon (seafood rice bowl)
◆Kamata pork buns (pork buns)
◆Mashal (Indian court cuisine)
◆bistro tetete (wine, snacks)
◆choco. (highball, lemon sour, light meal)
Deep-fried Matsuo (fried chicken)
◆ Oinarian Heiwajima (Okinawa Inari, Chicken)
◆ Microorganism Cafe HITONAMI (enzyme plum syrup mixed with soda, sour, snacks, food and daily necessities)
◆ BHTE (handmade accessories)
◆ the Glitter Factory (Body art using lame)
■ About Omori Sanno Brewery
[Image 4:×2048.png] Through beer, Omori Sanno Brewery has unraveled its past history and released its stories and thoughts in beer in order to convey the joy of Omori and create opportunities for people to take an interest in their own town. . In addition to selling beer, we plan and operate a variety of events in cooperation with local businesses and shopping districts to contribute to the excitement of the region.
Omori Sanno Brewery uses beer and various places to plan fun times and experiences, so that the people involved can have fun in their daily lives and experience the connection with society, and live a rich life. We aim to realize a society where
Operating company: MobilExSchool LLC
Head office location: 3-1-6 Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Representative employee: Yoshimichi Machida
Business: Planning and sales of craft beer, community management Established: January 11, 2018
■ About Omori FC
[Image 5:×780.png] Omori FC is a club team based in Ota Ward, Tokyo. Currently, more than 400 members belong to TOP TEAM (belonging to the second division of the Tokyo Football League), an academy school for elementary school students to high school students.
With the club philosophy of “doing everything we can”, we aim to be a club that is closer to the local community, supported and loved, and is engaged in youth development and club team activities of all ages. In addition, through the implementation of regional revitalization projects with the government and partner businesses, we are creating various opportunities for experiences to enrich the local community. We are aiming to enter the J.
■ Omori Football Club
Name: Omori FC
Operating Corporation: Omori Football Club/LOCALHEROES Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director/Representative Director Naoto Kojima Location: 402 Tosho 2nd Building, 5-26-3 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo Date of incorporation: November 11, 2011/March 30, 2023
Management Philosophy: “All in All”
Official website:
Official Instagram:
Official Twitter:
[Image 6:×1166.jpg] [Inquiries about this matter]
Person in charge: Shoji
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