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Luxury Miyazaki beef premium curry for 5,000 yen per meal There were many inquiries such as “I can’t wait until the official release” and “I want to eat the representative of spiced European curry”, and the schedule for the second pre-sale has been

Curry Research Institute Co., Ltd.
[Luxury Miyazaki beef premium curry for 5,000 yen per meal] There were many inquiries such as “I can’t wait until the official release” and “I want to eat the representative of spiced European curry”, and the schedule for the second pre-sale has been decided! Pre-orders start on August 7th
Curry professionals gathered and developed with the slogan “Let’s make the finest retort curry that you want to buy for 5,000 yen per meal”! Manufactured by Ginza’s famous curry restaurant “Delhi” using plenty of luxury brand Miyazaki beef and Miyazaki mango!

Curry Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Representative: Takehisa Inoue / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), a consulting company specializing in curry that produces retort curry nationwide, is IT’S Co., Ltd. (Miyazaki Prefecture Miyazaki City/President: Sho Tokuzawa) will offer the highest grade retort curry “Miyazaki Beef Luxury Premium Curry”, which uses Miyazaki beef and Miyazaki mango, which are the specialty products of Miyazaki Prefecture, on September 20 (Wednesday). It will be sold nationwide, mainly online and at souvenir shops. We decided to sell only 100 of them to people involved with Curry University, but they sold out on the same day, so we decided to pre-sell 50 more on August 7th.
-Points of this release- 1. Miyazaki’s new specialty “Miyazaki beef luxury premium curry” (5,000 yen per meal / tax not included) has been developed and released!
A premium European-style curry made with 160g (raw meat equivalent) of the famous Miyazaki beef! Miyazaki mango is also used as a secret ingredient, making it a curry representative of Miyazaki! 2. Planned by a Curry University certified curry teacher who is a curry expert living in Miyazaki! Developed from the desire to develop and contribute to the development of local food specialties! 3. Produced by the well-known store in Delhi, known for its taste all over Japan!!! Developed by the long-established curry store in Delhi, which is famous for its Indian curry, using all of its curry cooking techniques.
  High-end premium curry with supreme taste! 4. We have decided to sell 100 pieces specially for curry university officials, but they are sold out on the same day! We have decided to hold pre-sales again on August 7th! 5. This year’s trending curry “Spice European Curry” is a hot topic in the industry as a masterpiece! [High-end beef curry, born at 5,000 yen (excluding tax) per meal! ] Luxurious “Miyazaki Beef Luxury Premium Curry” has finally been released! It is sure to captivate you with its unprecedented high-class taste and enchanting aroma. This beef curry uses 160g of Miyazaki beef. Miyazaki beef is a high-quality beef that is famous nationwide, and its beautiful marbled meat is a luxury itself. This gem, which can be said to be a masterpiece of spiced European curry, is a dish that brings out the best of Miyazaki beef. Once you put it in your mouth, the moist flavor of Miyazaki beef spreads on your tongue. And the delicate and mellow scent of spices tickles the nostrils and whets the appetite. Please experience the blissful taste that you will never forget once you eat it. Please use this luxurious premium curry as a reward for yourself on a daily basis, as a gift for your loved ones, or as a treat for special occasions. Please enjoy the exquisite taste that will captivate your heart and tongue.
[Image 1:×337.jpg] [Produced by a graduate of Curry University! ] A curry that can be proud of all over the country, developed by a local venture company in Miyazaki by gathering selected curry specialists for local regional development. Mr. Tokuzawa, the vice president of Xyz Japan, a local influential company in Miyazaki, started a business in order to liven up Miyazaki, and as a way of giving back to the local community, he developed a specialty retort pouch curry that can be used as a tourist souvenir.
[Image 2:×260.jpg] [What is Miyazaki beef luxury premium curry?] A new specialty retort curry that uses Miyazaki’s representative ingredient “Miyazaki beef” luxuriously. Using 100% of the highest grade Miyazaki beef, it is a European-style curry that you can enjoy its fine taste. A lump of Miyazaki beef, which is a nationally-famous high-grade beef, is added to the curry, and Miyazaki mango, a specialty of Miyazaki, is used as a secret ingredient to give the curry a unique and rich flavor. Developed by Mr. Tokuzawa, a curry expert who graduated from a curry university, and created an exquisite taste. Delhi, known as a famous store in Tokyo, is in charge of manufacturing, and its reliability is outstanding. What’s more, this curry is a large serving of 280g for one person, so it’s enough to fill you up.
[Image 3:×615.jpg] -About the taste of the curry- “Miyazaki Beef Luxury Premium Curry” is a fusion of the spice of Indian curry and the delicacy of European curry. This is a corporate curry that uses curry techniques from the well-known store Delhi to express the characteristics of Indo-European culture at the same time. I feel the scent of complex spices that I can not think of as a retort curry. You can feel the umami and richness that are the features of European curry. The meat of Miyazaki beef is soft and melts in your mouth. As expected, it is a curry that groans with Delhi. It’s an expensive premium curry, but it’s definitely worth eating. It is said to be sold out, so please purchase early!
[Image 4:×237.jpg] ≪Product Overview of “Miyazaki Beef Luxury Premium Curry”≫ Product Name: Miyazaki Beef Luxury Premium Curry Seller: IT’S Co., Ltd. Standard: 280g Concept: Ultimate retort pouch curry made with luxury brand beef “Miyazaki Beef” ( Miyazaki mango is also used as a secret ingredient) Contents: ● Miyazaki’s new specialty retort curry ● High-grade curry with chunks of luxurious Miyazaki beef ● Excellent retort curry with the hidden flavor of Miyazaki mango ● The finest Miyazaki Superb taste of European-style curry made with 100% 160g of beef (converted to raw meat) ●Manufactured by Curry Denshi, a well-known restaurant in Tokyo. Supreme European-style curry (2) Planned by a curry expert living in Miyazaki = Curry
University-certified curry instructor (3) Manufactured and produced by the well-known store in Delhi, known for its taste
[Image 5:×270.jpg] Planner: Sho Tokuzawa (Graduated from Curry University) Born in 1994 in Miyazaki Prefecture. Executive Vice President of Xyz Japan Co., Ltd., President of the company’s Taiwan subsidiary,
President of IT’S Co., Ltd. At the age of 18, he moved to Tokyo to enter university. I worked for a foreign-affiliated company in Kanto for about 10 years,
He will return to Miyazaki in 2022. Founded IT’S Co., Ltd., who loves his hometown Miyazaki Prefecture and wants to give back to his hometown and restore it. Despite being the vice president of a beauty company and in charge of PR, he loves curry so much that he enrolled in curry college to master it.
     Made an excellent study, graduated, and promoted the retort pouch curry project. Opposition within the company because it has nothing to do with beauty
    There was, but I will overcome it with enthusiasm. Tenacious negotiations with a well-known store in Japan, Delhi, and a curry plan     Brought it all together and succeeded in developing a high-quality curry representative of the local Miyazaki. Release date: September 20 (Wednesday) Sales location: Online (own site) sales: Souvenir shops such as Hardy Hearts Miyazaki (planned) Sales price: 5,000 yen (excluding tax) Contact: IT’S Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Tokuzawa Imoto 826 Hoshi, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture 880-0123 TEL: 080-9248-7084 Email: Pre-sale purchase application : Curry University Secretariat                ※Only available to Curry University graduates!               ※Sales will end as soon as the limited number is reached
[Image 6:×68.jpg]   Curry University is Japan’s premier training institution for curry professionals who study curry in earnest and thoroughly. ■ Outline of the next “Curry University Comprehensive Faculty” course Lecture name: Curry University Comprehensive Faculty Start date: September 23 (Sat) 10:00-17:00 Tuition: 35,000 yen (excluding tax) Format: Commuter course Venue: Special venue in Shibuya Purpose: 1. Spread knowledge about curry and deepen the world of curry to develop curry culture. 2. By deepening your knowledge of curry, you will be able to develop various aspects, from business aspects such as managing curry stores and developing retort pouch curry, to hobby aspects such as parties at home and eating out.
       Make it useful in various ways. 3. The goal is to train “curry instructors” who will lead the curry industry all over Japan. Contents: 6 subjects / 5 hours, certification exam 1. “Introduction to curry, what exactly is curry?” “Curry Merchandise: Marketed Curry Products” 5. “Curry Cooking: The Basics of Curry Cooking” 6. “Curry Eating Studies: The Correct Way to Eat Curry”
➨ Click here: Curry University website
[Image 7:×427.jpg] ■About the content of the course You will learn all the necessary knowledge in a fun and interesting way to understand curry. You will systematically and practically learn about curry, including an introduction to curry, history, culture (sociology), product knowledge (commercial science), cooking methods (cooking science), and how to eat while walking. It is practical knowledge that can be used not only as mere knowledge, but also as a “living study” that can be used practically in business and at home. After graduating from Curry University, you can talk about curry and it will be a conversational lubricant in many business situations. Also, at home, you can make even more delicious curry by knowing the essentials of making curry. ■Course overview/Course commentary/6 subjects Lecture 1 “Introduction to Curry – What exactly is curry?” Culture and social phenomena related to curry-” Lecture 4 “Curry product studies-Curry products on sale-” Lecture 5 “Curry cooking science-Basics of curry cooking-” Lecture 6 “Curry eating while walking-Correct curry” How to eat while walking~”
[Image 8:×688.jpg] ■Features of the course ・You can learn the identity of “curry” that you may know but don’t know.・In addition to simply learning curry and increasing your knowledge, you will be able to use curry in the real world. It will be a practical and practical course.・Curry that Takehisa Inoue (Representative of Curry Research Institute Co., Ltd.), a leading figure in the curry world, has acquired through the establishment and management of the Curry Museum, media such as TV and magazines, and research at multiple universities. It is a content that takes into account the wide and deep knowledge of and the
state-of-the-art curry situation. It can be said that it is the highest peak curry course in Japan. ■Recommended for such
people!・Those who love curry and want to learn curry from the basics. ・Those who want to make curry a hobby. Cooking class organizers, etc.) ・Those who want to master the food culture by deepening their knowledge of curry (cooking researchers, food writers, food
coordinators, etc.) ・Those who use curry knowledge as a business (editors, planning companies , writers, TV directors, etc.) ・Those who want curry to lubricate their conversations ・Those who want to eat curry while walking ・Those who are stuck in eating while walking ・Those who want to make delicious curry・Those who want to interact with a community centered on “curry” ・Those who want to make “curry friends” There are things, but I don’t know their true appearance.・Do you know the history of curry?・Do you know the origin of the name of curry?・Do you know when you came to Japan?・Do you know why it became so popular among Japanese people that it became a national dish?・Do you know how to make curry delicious easily?・Is it true that letting curry sit overnight makes it tastier? How is curry roux made? … and so on, can you answer all of them immediately? You can know the wide and deep part of this curry. what if i knew? Is there any profit to be made? It’s a lot. As it is a national dish, conversation becomes lively, so if you know curry, it will be a lubricant for communication at home and in the community. In business, it is said that the probability of success in negotiations will increase. I think that you can get the trick to prospering at a curry shop. Curry making is more fun and delicious than that. It is also useful in emergencies such as cooking. Each person can use it in various situations.
[Image 9:×768.jpg] ↑ A popular lecture on how to make spice curry by Mr. Nakao, a cooking researcher specializing in curry
[Image 10:×817.jpg ]
↑Curry University Lecture Scene “A heated lecture by Professor Yuasa, a popular lecturer in the Yuan era seminar and now a Curry University signboard lecturer.”
[Image 11:×827.jpg] ↑Curry product science “Know the identity of curry roux”
[Image 12:×745.jpg] ↑Curry Cooking Science “Understanding how to make delicious spice curry”
[Image 13:×625.jpg] ↑The main lecturer is President Takehisa Inoue, who is a leading figure in the curry world.
[Image 14:×242.jpg] ↑ You can get a diploma! “Curry Conductor/Diploma”
[Image 15:×407.jpg] ↑ Many celebrities who are active in the curry world are produced! (Photo by Monko Ichijo)
[Image 16:×587.jpg] ↑Short-term study abroad in India at Curry University!
[Image 17:×65.jpg] What is the famous curry restaurant in Delhi? ■The famous curry restaurant “Delhi” Delhi is a full-fledged Indian-Pakistani restaurant founded in 1956. A popular restaurant with a menu that includes curry. “Delhi Curry”, which is also a signboard menu, is a chicken curry that you can taste exactly ethnic flavor while matching Japanese taste. Since its founding, this well-known restaurant has served curry that matches the Japanese climate and Japanese taste without spoiling the taste of India. He has been featured in numerous media outlets and has been called the ‘yokozuna’ and ‘champion’ of Indian curry by experts.
[Image 18:×181.jpg]

[Image 19:×67.jpg] What are TIMEX and Ueni Trading? ■ TIMEX (Timex) is the most famous American brand in the world, with a history of over 165 years. Founded as Waterbury Clock Company in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA in 1854, “Timex” is used by people all over the world. Unraveling its long history, the Yankee pocket watch released in the 1890s became a bestseller, selling 40 million units in 20 years. “Iron Man (R) Watch”, which is said to be the monumental sports watch released in 1992, and “Indiglo (R) Night Light”, the world’s first full-face luminous dial function that overturned the conventional wisdom announced in 1992. In addition, we have created many innovative technologies and designs. Looking back over the 165-year history of Timex as an American brand, it is no exaggeration to say that the numerous achievements of the past have supported the Timex of today. ” is universal, versatile, and wants to continue to be a brand that never fades.
[Image 20:×363.jpg] ■ Ueni Trading Co., Ltd. Ueni Trading Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Ueni Trading) is a specialized trading company that has a manufacturer function and specializes in selling branded items centered on the fields of watches, cosmetics, and clothing for 30 years. It has a reputation for brand development, and is often appointed as a Japanese agent by famous overseas brands. We carry many famous overseas watch brands such as Henry London and Sarah Miller London.
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