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MEC Co., Ltd. We will hold a seminar on technical training vs. specific skills thorough comparison! (8/30 held)

MEC Co., Ltd.
Technical Intern Training vs Specified Skilled Worker [Thorough Comparison] Seminar will be held! (8/30 held)
We will answer the question “Which should I adopt, technical training or specific skills?”

NBC Cooperative (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, MEC Group
Representative: Toshitaka Umeki), which has the philosophy of “coexistence and co-prosperity”, will start from 14:00 on August 30 (Wednesday), “Specified Skilled Worker VS Technical Intern Training We will hold a free online seminar on the theme of [Thorough comparison]. In this seminar,
“Reason why the specific skill system attracts attention”
“Advantages and disadvantages of specific skills and technical intern training” “Which system should companies adopt?”
etc. will be explained.
The NBC Cooperative actively supports technical intern trainees and specific skilled workers, and we will introduce it with actual cases. All attendees will receive a free white paper on this seminar. ▼ Click here for details and application
NBC Cooperative Online Seminar Special Site
[Deadline] August 29, 2023 (Tuesday) 18:00
[Video 2:] Which should be adopted, “technical intern training” or “specific skills”? “I want to accept foreign workers, but I’m hesitating between technical internships and specific skills.”
“I don’t understand the difference between the systems”
We have heard more and more from companies that are considering accepting foreign workers. With the news that the technical intern training program will be abolished in April 2022, we have received consultations from people who would like to compare and reconsider both technical intern training and specific skills regarding future recruitment policies for foreign workers.
As of 2023, there is no problem in accepting technical intern trainees, but it is important to correctly understand the differences between the two systems and to compare them.
In this seminar, Litty, the lecturer in charge, will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the differences in recruitment methods, using her own experiences and examples. If you are considering which system to adopt, please join us.
[Image 1:×468.png] A white paper will be distributed to all participants.
[Image 2:×1045.png] For those who participate in the online seminar, we will give you a free white paper on this seminar.
[Thorough Comparison] Technical Intern Training Specific Skills -contents-
・Thorough comparison of technical training and specific skills ・Advantages and disadvantages of technical training
・ Advantages and disadvantages of specific skills
・Technical training is recommended for such companies
・ Such a company recommends specific skills
Companies that are considering accepting technical intern trainees and foreigners with specific skills should take advantage of this online seminar and the above white paper.
Online Seminar “Specified Skilled Worker VS Technical Intern Training [Thorough Comparison]”
[Image 3:×720.jpg] ■ Date and time/Contents
August 30, 2023 (Wednesday) 14:00-
■ Location/Cost
▼ Click here for details and application
NBC Cooperative Online Seminar Special Site
[Deadline] August 29, 2023 (Tuesday) 18:00

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