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MOFF Co., Ltd. MOFF’s cat cafe enters Hawaii for the first time! “Cat Cafe MOFF International Market Place Store” OPEN!

MOFF Co., Ltd.
MOFF’s cat cafe opens in Hawaii for the first time! “Cat Cafe MOFF International Market Place Store” OPEN!

MOFF Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ishioka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Representative Director: Sohei Yaguchi, hereinafter referred to as MOFF) operates indoor zoos, animal cafes, and cat cafes nationwide with the aim of “realizing a society where animals and humans can live happily with smiles.” ) will establish MOFF Hawaii Corporation, a local subsidiary in Hawaii, and will open “Cat Cafe MOFF International Marketplace Store” as a pop-up store in September 2023.
[Image 1:×1368.jpg] MOFF’s cat cafe brand is reproduced in Hawaii!
We will utilize our know-how from operating more than 15 cat cafes in Japan. In Hawaii, as in Japan, for those who love animals and would like to have a pet, but find it difficult to keep one at home, or for those who have had few opportunities to interact with animals, we are able to learn about animals in a more familiar place and It can also be used as a place to create opportunities to think about. We also hope that it will be used as a community space for cat lovers.  We would like to expand this as an “edutainment business” where visitors can have fun and gain as much correct knowledge about cats as possible.
[Image 2:×488.jpg] What is “Cat Cafe MOFF”?
◇ A new brand name for a more friendly cat cafe
Until now, we have been operating a cafe mainly for small animals and cats as “Moff animal cafe”, but with the aim of developing a facility that is more friendly to customers and easy to understand, we will open a new cafe mainly for cats. Launched in December 2022 as the brand “Cat Cafe MOFF”.
We are planning to open stores in various places both in Japan and overseas, and we believe that there will be more opportunities for everyone to learn more about cats. Please be healed at “Cat Cafe MOFF”, where cats are very familiar to us humans, and cats that show a lot of unique expressions.
[Image 3:×595.jpg] [Store overview]
Store name: Cat Cafe MOFF International Market Place store
Location: International Market Place, 2330 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815, 2nd Floor
Company Profile
Trade name: MOFF Hawaii Corporation
Representative: President Sohei Yaguchi
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Established: January 2023
Business description: Operation of cat cafes
Trade name: MOFF Co., Ltd.
Representative: Sohei Yaguchi, Representative Director
Location: 2-3-22 Kanoko, Ishioka City, Ibaraki Prefecture 315-0005 Established: January 2014
Business description: Operation of indoor zoos and animal cafes, animal production, etc.
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