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Ojojuku Co., Ltd./Oyado Onn Yuda Onsen Summer vacation special project! A Fantastic Experience at Onn Yuda Onsen ~Add Color to Summer in Yamaguchi with the Lantern Festival and Petit Fair~

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Summer vacation special plan! A Fantastic Experience at Onn Yuda Onsen ~Add Color to Summer in with the Lantern Festival and Petit Fair~
In addition to the actual lantern display from the Tanabata Lantern Festival, one of Japan’s three major fire festivals, there is also a fun fair corner! Experience the charm of summer at Onn Yuda Onsen, an inn surrounded by fantastic lights [Period: August 3rd to August 31st]

Why don’t you have a special experience at Onn Yuda Onsen this summer? You can enjoy the atmosphere of Tanabata Lantern Festival, one of the three major fire festivals in Japan, which is one of the biggest events in City. Opened in August 2022 You can enjoy the decoration of lanterns that color the lobby where you can feel the warmth of Japan. In addition, we will hold a fun fair as a special summer vacation project. Target shooting and candy scooping are contents that both children and adults can enjoy. Why don’t you spend a memorable summer night while enjoying the fantastic light of the lanterns and the nostalgic atmosphere of the festival?
Experience one of Japan’s three major fire festivals, the Tanabata Lantern Festival
The fantastic lights of the Tanabata Lantern Festival, which colors the summer night sky, will also visit Onn Yuda Onsen! This festival, which has a long history of about 600 years, vividly depicts the atmosphere of . At our hotel, we have prepared a special project so that everyone can fully experience the charm of this mysterious festival.
The lanterns used in the real Tanabata Lantern Festival are displayed in the hall, creating a dreamlike space. When you step into the lobby, what spreads before your eyes is a world of another dimension filled with the gentle and warm light of lanterns. The light envelops the hearts of each and every customer who visits, creating a warm atmosphere.
Once you step inside the museum, you will forget the time and be enchanted by the charm of the festival. This summer, why not step into the fantastic world of the Tanabata Lantern Festival at Onn Yuda Onsen?
Oyado Onn Yuda Onsen Official Homepage:
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[Image 2:×2925.jpg] Ennichi Corner (19:00-22:00)
Summer came! A special festival will be held at the inn Onn Yuda Onsen, where you can bring back memories of that summer! We will prepare a shooting and sweets scooping corner that can be enjoyed by children and adults. Why don’t you make new memories while remembering the fun of that nostalgic festival?
At shooting, you can get prizes with a little strategy and
concentration! The exhilarating feeling of hitting the target with a single shot is the real thrill of summer! And your delicacy and speed will be tested in candy scooping. Experience the thrill and fun of scooping up as many sweets as possible without breaking them. Furthermore, the fun of fairs does not end there. By having fun with friends and family, smiles overflow and bonds deepen. Our staff will do their best to support you in such a warm moment. Let’s make summer memories together at this petit fair held in the lobby!
[Image 3:×3900.jpg] Recommended for families! Spend a luxurious time in the private baths “Ruri-no-Yu” and “Miko-no-Yu” for a limited number of groups Spend a special time with your family in a private bath where you can enjoy free-flowing water, which is the pride of Yuda Onsen. You can fully enjoy the blessings of hot springs that heal your mind and body. Price: 3,500 yen per hour (tax included)
[Image 4:×2000.jpg]
[Image 5:×2000.jpg] In addition, we have prepared a new service from July!
Drinks are provided free of charge to guests using the private baths. You can choose your favorite drink and relax while enjoying the beauty hot water of Yuda Onsen.
We also offer services that are great for families with children. Baby baths can be rented free of charge, so you can enjoy the hot springs with your children without worry.
Bring the whole family to enjoy a luxurious time and create warm memories. We look forward to welcoming you.
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[Image 7:×2925.jpg] 【Equipment outline】
Store name: Oyado Onn Yuda Onsen
Phone: 083-902-2966 (9:00-21:00)
Location: 4-5-2 Yuda Onsen, City, Prefecture 753-0056 Website
【Company Profile】
[Ojojuku Co., Ltd.]
Location: 4F, ​​3-18-36 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Daiko Miyake
Established: August 20, 2004
Business description: Consignment management and management consulting for inns, hotels, and restaurants
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