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Suzuyo Conducted a disaster prevention event for Suzuyo Group employees

Suzuyo Group
[Suzuyo] Conducted a disaster prevention event for Suzuyo Group employees First attempt to raise awareness of disaster prevention among Group employees
Suzuyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shizuoka City, President: Kenichiro Suzuki) will hold a disaster prevention class for Suzuyo Group employees on the 5th floor of the head office on Sunday, August 6th.・A total of 90 people participated.
Typhoon No. 15, which hit Shizuoka Prefecture last year, caused major damage, including flooding and water outages, in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, where Suzuyo Co., Ltd.’s headquarters is located. Wind and flood damage due to linear rainfall belts has already occurred this year, and knowledge and preparation for disaster prevention are very important. The Suzuyo Group believes that it is important to raise the awareness of disaster prevention for each and every employee in order to protect the safety of employees. We held this event that can be done.
On the day of the event, as a lecturer, Shizuoka Asahi TV’s “Tokkiri! We invited Mr. Keigo Watanabe, a weather forecaster who is appearing in Shizuoka, to give us an easy-to-understand explanation of the wonders of the weather around us, the causes of torrential rains, disaster prevention information to protect ourselves from wind and flood damage, and daily preparations. We also conducted weather experiments for children.
Participants said, “I was able to understand how to prepare for flood damage” and “I was able to learn about natural phenomena while having fun for both adults and children.” have become.
[Image:×2925.jpg] Lecture by Mr. Watanabe
-Event content-
■ Lecture by weather forecaster Keigo Watanabe (approximately 45 minutes) ・ Familiar wonders of the weather
・Weather that had a big impact on Shimizu
・How to protect yourself from weather disasters
・What is important for disaster prevention
■Experimental experience related to weather (about 30 minutes) ・ Let’s make a tornado with hand-cranked power generation
・Let’s make clouds with plastic bottles
・Observe the shape of raindrops
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