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Wan Wan Wan Co., Ltd. Questionnaire of 100 people Survey results of actual experiences that occurred after integration with Twin Ray Survey report

Wan Wan Wan Co., Ltd.
[Questionnaire of 100 people] Results of a survey of actual
experiences after merging with Twin Ray [Survey Report]

A love solution media for women operated by Wan Wan Wan Co., Ltd. We conducted a survey on the experiences that actually happened after the integration with , and we will publish the results.
[Questionnaire overview]
Survey method: Internet questionnaire
Survey period: July 21-28, 2023
Survey target: Women in their 20s to 60s nationwide
Number of valid responses: 22 people
Survey report: *Please use the Koisuru Usagi URL ( to refer to the survey results.
[Ranking] Experiences that actually happened after merging with Twin Ray 22 women in their 20s to 60s across the country were surveyed about their actual experiences after integrating with Twin Ray.
[Image 1:×551.jpg] The full ranking information of “Actual experience after merging with Twin Ray” is as follows.
[Table 2: ]
Findings of real-life experiences after merging with Twin Rays When I researched the experiences that actually happened to women after integrating with their twin flames, the following results were obtained.
[Image 2:×551.jpg] According to a survey conducted by Koisuru Usagi’s editorial department on “Actual experiences after merging with Twin Rays”, 31.8% of the 1st place people have a similar way of thinking, while the 2nd place loses their negative feelings/becomes positive. The result was 22.7% for Naru, and 18.3% for 3rd place, which can be communicated without words.
When integrated with Twin Ray! stories that actually happened 1st place: Having a similar way of thinking as the other person (housewife/40s/woman)
When I got divorced after six months of marriage, I got a phone call from a friend.
He introduced me to a good person, and when I met him, we had the same body shape, and we liked the same food.
A year after my divorce, I was able to remarry the man of my destiny. 2nd place: Eliminate negative emotions / become positive (office worker / 20s / female)
The company has a lot of free time and it’s all really boring work. But when I get home, I have a twin flame.
So I think I just have to endure it during the day, and I can endure it because I have a lot of fun later.
3rd place: Communicate without words (office worker/50s/female) We share the same train of thought, so we often met by chance wherever we went. In scenes where I would show my emotions, he always came close to me and snuggled up next to me.
However, it was difficult because I was in tune with them, so when I was depressed, I was depressed with them.
4th: No longer obsessed with men (housewife/20s/woman)
Until now, love has depended on the other person, and I tended to worry about everything and restrict myself.
However, I stopped worrying about it so much, and realized that worse things don’t happen as often as I thought.
Even if it happened, I would think about it at that time, and I was able to afford my feelings.
5th place: I had a dream (Self-employed/50s/Female)
My twin flame, who passed away five years ago, appeared in my dream and told me to hide in the closet, so I hid.
When I peeked through the gap in the closet, I could see gorgeous red fabric and beautiful flowers.
Others [Others] (company employee/50s/female)
A lot of unseen and mysterious things started happening around me. If you take a picture with your mobile phone, a rainbow-colored light will run, or a sound will be heard from something that is not turned on…
I’ve even had pretty children of a non-existent man and woman wave to me. summary
We found that 30% of women said they had a similar way of thinking as their partner as a result of what actually happened after they merged with their twin flames.
I was surprised that there were so many opinions that they were thinking the same thing as the other person!
I thought that whether or not there was something fateful that couldn’t be explained in words was one of the factors to determine if it was a twin flame.
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