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100 Amazing Ventures Citadel AI selected for Weekly Toyo Keizai’s “100 Amazing Ventures 2023 Latest Edition”

Citadel AI Co., Ltd.
Citadel AI selected for Weekly Toyo Keizai’s “100 Amazing Ventures 2023 Latest Edition”
Citadel AI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hiroki Kobayashi, hereinafter referred to as “Citadel AI”), which implements “reliable AI” in society, is listed in the “Great Venture 100 2023” of the business economics magazine “Weekly Toyo Keizai”. We would like to inform you that it has been selected as the latest version.
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■ About “Amazing Venture 100”
“100 Amazing Ventures” is a special feature run by Weekly Toyo Keizai every year. A weekly list of 100 promising startups that will become Japan’s next unicorn companies (unlisted companies that have been established for less than 10 years and have a valuation of $1 billion or more) based on criteria such as the amount of funding raised and the uniqueness of their business and technology. This is independently selected by Toyo Keizai.
In the special feature article of the “September 16th/September 23rd 2023 Merger Issue” to be released on Monday, September 11th, we will introduce the characteristics of Citadel AI’s business, its impact on society, future business development, etc. is published. You can also view this special feature on Toyo Keizai Online.
Weekly Toyo Keizai: September 16th and September 23rd, 2023 combined issue
Toyo Keizai Online: “100 Amazing Ventures” 2023 Latest Edition/Full List
■ Background and issues requiring “reliable AI”
The United Nations Innovation Report predicts that the AI ​​market will reach $1.582 trillion (220 trillion yen) worldwide by 2030. AI is also beginning to be used in important fields such as medical equipment, autonomous driving, infrastructure such as factories and power plants, and bank credit screening.
On June 14th of this year, the European Parliament adopted the world’s first EU AI regulation bill for “high-risk AI” that affects human life, safety, and dignity. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has already published 20 standards related to AI, and many more are waiting for standardization.
On the other hand, manually verifying AI, which is rapidly advancing in technology, requires a great deal of time and effort, making it extremely difficult in reality. It is an urgent issue for modern society to quickly realize “technical solutions to efficiently verify AI” while building a framework for legal systems and standards. ■ Citadel AI solution
Citadel AI is a global startup from Japan that is challenging the global market with the goal of “realizing reliable AI” that will have a big impact on society in the future, under the slogan “Give you AI that can be trusted 24 hours a day.” is. We solve these AI technical issues through our unique AI automatic quality control system. Our products instantly and simultaneously verify the risks hidden in AI from both the legal system and technology perspectives, speeding up quality improvement. It has also been adopted by BSI (British Standards Institute), a world leader in the field of international standards development and certification. They were selected from among 54 startups around the world after a year-long selection process. It has been highly evaluated in the global market, including being selected by the Singapore government’s AI Verify Foundation, the UK government’s 14 AI Assurance Techniques around the world, and the OECD’s Trustworthy AI Catalog. In Japan, it is used as Suntory’s group-wide AI governance platform, realizing various AI efficiency improvements and precision improvements.
Global engineers who have directly fought high-risk AI issues at Google Brain, Waymo, Toyota, etc. are coming together to lead the development. Citadel AI’s products have a very unique ability to externally validate your AI, allowing you to apply unified tests consistently and universally, regardless of AI model or format. It is possible to.
[About Citadel AI Co., Ltd.]
Representative Director: Hiroyoshi Kobayashi
Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: December 10, 2020
Company URL:
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