5OCEANS Large burger is back! ! The menu has been significantly revamped, including the “Large Burger” with a changed bun and a large serving of seafood, and the newly released “Chili Beans and Shrimp Burger”!

Large burger is back! ! The menu has been significantly revamped, including the “Large Burger” with a changed bun and a large serving of seafood, and the newly released “Chili Beans and Shrimp Burger”! A new seafood burger with a fluffy, soft texture and a richly flavored bun! “Chili Beans Shrimp Burger”, which combines large burgers and chili beans with shrimp, will be on sale from September 20th (Wednesday)! !
“5OCEANS”, a seafood burger specialty restaurant with the concept of “seafood eaten with one hand”, has undergone a major renovation to its seafood burger with a new bun.
The buns are brioche-like with a fluffy, soft texture and rich flavor, and the slight sweetness goes perfectly with the seafood toppings. The menu has brought back the “large burger” with plenty of seafood, and new menu items include a healthy yet hearty menu that only seafood can offer, and the “chili bean shrimp burger,” which combines boiled shrimp with spicy chili beans. .
Yanaka, Taito Ward, downtown Tokyo. 5OCEANS is a seafood burger specialty store that opened in March 2022 near the famously lively Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street. The menu specializes in seafood, such as fish burgers that are baked in the oven without being fried, and burgers using shrimp.The restaurant is a small restaurant with a large 140 cm saltwater fish tank and a space where you can enjoy your meal while watching tropical fish swim. It’s a store. https://5oceans.jp Starting September 20th (Wednesday), 5OCEANS will be making a major change to its burger menu with brioche-style buns that are fluffy and soft to the touch, moist and rich in flavor.
When revamping the menu, we will bring back the “Large Burger,” which has two layers of seafood ingredients, and will also launch a new “Chili Beans Shrimp Burger,” which combines spicy chili beans with fluffy boiled shrimp.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/105606/4/resize/d105606-4-833d303cb4b671333d1e-0.jpg&s3=105606-4-8ae24412d785250ae4b9caa5d4b6e40b-1466×1466.jpg] The main fish burger at 5OCEANS is a healthy dish that is baked in the oven without being fried in oil, so even the “large fish burger”, which has two layers of white fish covered in batter, can be eaten in a hearty yet light manner.
We also have a “Large Burger” with two layers of plenty, including the “Shrimp Burger” made with boiled shrimp and the “Garlic Shrimp Burger” made with large peeled shrimp.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/105606/4/resize/d105606-4-7a06552dcd0b2fda5d62-3.jpg&s3=105606-4-cd4b73c929daeb7900c92c0046a0aff5-1553×1553.jpg] *“Large Fish Burger” 1,480 yen including tax
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/105606/4/resize/d105606-4-092bae275bab0fbc1bda-2.jpg&s3=105606-4-65f0527828291f3777bb8a5dd4162eea-1533×1533.jpg] *“Large Garlic Shrimp Burger” 1,450 yen including tax
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/105606/4/resize/d105606-4-7f061ba4eac647befc09-3.jpg&s3=105606-4-033dcdac1136b2e61a749e312b9c99ee-1338×1338.jpg] *“Large shrimp burger” 1,050 yen including tax
The burgers come with the most popular “soy tartar sauce,” which is light and healthy and is based on tofu, “tomato cream sauce,” which has the sourness and richness of tomatoes, and “mushroom cream sauce,” which is a combination of three types of mushrooms. We have 3 types of original sauces available, so you can choose according to your preference, and we will increase the amount of sauce you choose for the large burger with plenty of toppings.
Furthermore, the newly released “Chili Beans Shrimp Burger” will be the first spicy menu burger as a standard at 5OCEANS, and a “large size burger” will also be included in the lineup along with the existing menu.
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/105606/4/resize/d105606-4-717c805e708a213a57a5-4.jpg&s3=105606-4-62ec7047827cf812965004c86e1b20f3-1494×1494.jpg] *“Chili Beans Shrimp Burger” 780 yen including tax
5OCEANS develops menus based on the concept of “seafood eaten with one hand.” More details about this release:

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