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8 players in the “ReBOOT~K-1 ReBIRTH~” open weight tournament held on Sunday, September 10th are enthusiastic ab out tomorrow’s decisive battle! Will Karimian be declared the winner? “No one is on my level”

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8 players in the “ReBOOT~K-1 ReBIRTH~” open weight tournament held on Sunday, September 10th are enthusiastic about tomorrow’s decisive battle! Is Karimian declared the winner? “No one is on my level” A very heated face-off between Kodai Kaneko and Masashi Kumura! “It was happening before I knew it.” (Kaneko) “The battle has already begun.” (Kumura)
On September 9th (Saturday) in Tokyo, a public weigh-in and a press conference were held the day before for “ReBOOT~K-1 ReBIRTH~,” which will be held tomorrow, and the last of the five-part series will be an open-weight tournament. Eight people took the stage. With the exception of Sattari and Karimian, there are a lot of unknown strong players who are all coming to Japan for the first time. Who will win this grueling tournament where the winner is decided in one day?
[Image 1:×955.jpg] Below are the comments of the 8 people in order of competition. Mahmoud Sattari (Iran/TEAM ŌTA) “(Enthusiasm) I’m happy to be back again. I’m very good mentally and physically. I want to show the fun of K-1. (Impressions of my opponents in the first round) I’m happy to be back again. All I can say is that I’m here for a reason.My opponent is also a strong fighter.Once I step into the ring, I win regardless of my weight.The person who prepared the best wins.(Weight difference: 24kg) Size doesn’t matter. I believe in my skills and abilities. It’s the same thing. I want to do my best and win. (Regarding Karimian) I wanted to fight for the cruiserweight title, and if both of them win, it will happen.” Claudio Istrate (Italy/Kombat Gym) “(Enthusiasm) I don’t like to talk before a match. Only God knows. (My impression of my opponent in the first round) He’s an opponent I’ve had a lot of matches with. “But no one underestimates me. I’ve been practicing a lot.”
Shina Karimian (Iran/SINA ARMY) “(Enthusiasm) Please look forward to holding another title. I want to win the title in two weight classes. (My impressions of my opponent in the first round) I don’t have much to say. I’ll tell you everything tomorrow. I want to show them to you. (Regarding the weight increase) I have been training every day since my surgery seven months ago.I didn’t get any offers, but I asked them to join me.But who are the players here? I don’t think I’m at my level. Five years ago, I won three matches and became the champion. It’s disappointing to know that I won the crown this time. I came into the next match not knowing what would happen. As a result of that, I only gained 5kg. (Regarding the verbal battle on SNS) I don’t want to be an SNS champion, I want to be a real champion. I want to prove that.” Kerim Jemai (Germany/ZAM-ZAM) Ulm) “(Enthusiasm) Hello everyone (Japanese). I’m happy to be here. Everyone is very excited. I want to win and bring the title back to Germany. (Impressions of my opponent in the first round) There are things I think about when I look at it. I want to show you everything tomorrow.”
Michal Tulinski (Poland/HW LOW-KICK) “(Enthusiasm) I have been practicing in this world for 20 years and have dreamed of competing in Tokyo (*The venue is Yokohama). Impression) I have a strong desire to win. I want to win.” Ariel Machado (Brazil/Hemmers Gym/Madison Team) “I’m grateful to be able to stand on my dream stage.I grew up watching K-1. So I’m grateful to everyone involved. (My impression of my opponent in the first round) When I met him face to face, I could feel his enthusiasm.Tomorrow is a battle that won’t be easy, but I’m the one who will win.”
Valentin Bordianu (Romania/Catalin Morosanu Academy) “(Enthusiasm) I’m grateful to be participating in such a big event. I want to advance and win the championship. (My impression of my opponent in the first round) I won’t study my opponent. I’ll just do what I have to do tomorrow. ” Liu Zha (China/Tangshan Wentai Riding Fight Club/CFP) “(Enthusiasm) I’m happy for this open-weight tournament. My mentor and respect is my mentor, who won the K-1 lightweight tournament in 2017 and was successful. My name is Wei Rui, and I want to keep his name intact. (My impression of my opponent in the first round) When I faced him, my impression was that he was tall and heavy. I thought he was a polite player. thought”
[Image 2:×2386.jpg] Kodai Kaneko VS Masashi Kumura
Also on stage will be the champion Kodai Kaneko (K-1 Gym Sangenjaya Silver Wolf) and the strongest challenger Masashi Kumura (K-1 Gym Gotanda Team Kings) who will be participating in the K-1 WORLD GP Super Bantamweight title match. did.
The two are completely evenly matched with one win and one loss so far. Their previous match was in the finals of the 3rd K-1 Super Bantamweight Championship Tournament in February of last year. Kaneko knocked him down, took revenge on Kumura, and became the champion. However, Kumura then knocked down RISE’s Shiro at THE MATCH 2022 and won by decision. In March of this year, Kaneko defeated Masahiko Suzuki of RISE, who had suffered a defeat, by knocking him down and winning, showing that he is in hot pursuit of the champion. During the face-off at the weigh-in, the two did not move even when the host asked them to move away, and remained staring at each other until a person involved intervened. Regarding his state of mind at that moment, Kumura said, “I feel like I just have to do it. The game has already started, so that’s all.” Kaneko replied, “I guess I just saw what I had done for tomorrow. “I feel like I wanted to convey the message. I didn’t lose because I took my eyes off me, but before I knew it, it had happened.” The two can’t wait for tomorrow’s decisive battle, and their “hot” feelings are about to spill out at any moment. The long and heated face-off only heightens expectations for a fierce battle.
Other comments from the players the day before are below:
Weighing results
[Image 3:×2390.jpg] Kaneko Kumura
Live broadcast information on the day of the tournament
It has been decided that all matches of this tournament will be broadcast live on TV & video entertainment “ABEMA”, video distribution service “U-NEXT”, and sports channel “DAZN”. Also, it will be broadcast on CS channel “GAORA SPORTS” from 17:00 on Sunday, September 10th! Please enjoy the live broadcast of K-1’s fierce battle!
[Image 4:×1046.jpg] TV & Video Entertainment “ABEMA” “Fight Channel” Broadcast Schedule – Live Broadcast – Sunday, September 10th 11:15 – 22:00 (scheduled) Viewing URL ▷ Video distribution service ” U-NEXT” ◇Program name “ReBOOT ~K-1 ReBIRTH~” ◇Broadcast schedule – Live broadcast – September 10th (Sun) 11:00 ~ Viewing URL ▷ Unlimited
distribution: Immediately – September 21st 23:59 Sports Channel “DAZN” ◇ Program name “ReBOOT ~ K-1 ReBIRTH ~” ◇ Broadcast schedule – Live broadcast – September 10th (Sunday) 11:30 ~ Viewing
URL▷ channel “GAORA SPORTS”◇Program name “ReBOOT~K- 1 ReBIRTH ~ 9.10 Yokohama Arena” ◇Broadcast schedule September 10th (Sunday) 17:00 to 22:00 *First broadcast October 17th (Tuesday) 17:30 to 24:30 *Repeat broadcast September 15th (Friday) ) 17:30 ~ 24:30 *-Complete version-Repeat broadcast
Sunday, September 10, 2023 ReBOOT ~ K-1 ReBIRTH ~ Same-day ticket information [Same-day ticket price] Royal seat <

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