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9.28 (Thursday) ~ Release “IU CONCERT: THE GOLDEN HOUR” will finally be released this Thursday! A message vi deo from IU has arrived!

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9.28 (Thursday) ~ Release “IU CONCERT: THE GOLDEN HOUR” will finally be released this Thursday! A message video from IU has arrived! Regarding “IU CONCERT: The Golden Hour”, which will be released worldwide on September 28th (Thursday), a message video has arrived from IU, and the advance screening will finally begin on Thursday at Human Trust Cinema Shibuya.
Just before this, there will be a 7-day screening at Cine Libre Ikebukuro from September 29th (Friday) to October 5th (Thursday), and a one-day limited screening on October 12th at Cine Libre Kobe and Uplink Kyoto. has been added.
In the main part, you can enjoy IU’s overwhelming singing ability, as well as videos that express the world view of her songs, and of course you can enjoy the local stage production. As shown in the message video, in response to IU’s request to have a concert-like screening at theaters around the world, we have decided to hold a cheering screening in Japan as well. Please check and understand the following precautions before coming to the venue. Please enjoy it at the movie theater.
Click here for a video message from IU:
[Video 3:] About cheering screenings [How to enjoy “IU CONCERT: The Golden Hour”] ◆ Cheering with vocalizations, shouting, cheering, and singing are OK! ◆Handclaps (claps, applause) and choreography that match the music are OK! ◆You can bring in support goods such as towels, fans, and I-KE! ◆On the day of the event, please be considerate of other customers and avoid inconveniencing other customers.
Other detailed requests will be posted on the movie release
information website ( Please check in advance when visiting.
[Image:×750.jpg] From the movie “IU Concert The Golden Hour”
[Video 4:] ★Limited release for 15 days from September 28th (Thursday) to October 12th (Thursday)
Human Trust Cinema Shibuya
★Screening for 7 days from September 29th (Friday) to October 5th (Thursday) Cine Libre Ikebukuro (NEW!)
★1-day limited screening on 10/12 (Thursday)
Hokkaido) United Cinema Sapporo
Aomori) Aeon Cinema Hirosaki
Miyagi) Aeon Cinema Natori
Niigata) Aeon Cinema Niigata West
Ishikawa) Aeon Cinema Kanazawa
Tokyo) Aeon Cinema Hinode
United Cinema Aqua City Odaiba
Kanagawa) Aeon Cinema Chigasaki
Saitama) Cineplex Satte
   United Cinema Urawa
Chiba) United Cinema Makuhari
Gunma) Aeon Cinema Ota
Ibaraki) Aeon Cinema Moriya
Shizuoka) Aeon Cinema Fujinomiya
Nagano) Aeon Cinema Matsumoto
Aichi) Aeon Cinema Nagoya Chaya
United Cinema Toyohashi 18
Osaka) Aeon Cinema Ibaraki
Hyogo) Aeon Cinema Kakogawa
Cine Libre Kobe (NEW!)
Kyoto) Uplink Kyoto (NEW!)
Kagawa) Aeon Cinema Ayagawa
Hiroshima) Aeon Cinema Hiroshima Seikaze Shinto
Okayama) Aeon Cinema Okayama
Fukuoka) Aeon Cinema Fukuoka
Cineplex Kokura
Kumamoto) Aeon Cinema Kumamoto
Okinawa) United Cinema PARCO CITY Urasoe
IU will be the first Korean female singer to hold a concert at the Olympic Main Stadium (Seoul), the largest stadium in Korea, in September 2022, attracting approximately 90,000 fans over two days, marking a milestone in the Korean music world. I established it. The live movie “IU CONCERT: The Golden Hour,” which recorded the concert, will be released on screens around the world in a “cinematic cut” specially prepared for this theatrical release to commemorate the 15th anniversary of IU’s debut. will be published. The set list of “IU CONCERT: The Golden Hour”, which begins with an exciting a cappella opening, is filled with IU’s hit songs, and in addition to enjoying singing performances, there will also be a hot air balloon called “Strawberry Moon”, fireworks, and drones.・It is a spectacular concert film, featuring captivating stage productions packed with highlights such as shows. Also, during this concert, IU announced that she would be graduating some of the songs that she has sung with great care. There is a song that this concert will be the last time you will see her perform it. Filled with unmissable moments, IU CONCERT: The Golden Hour will be in theaters for a limited time, so don’t miss it and enjoy the magical live experience on screen.
Public information:
9/28 (Thursday) – 10/12 (Thursday) Limited release for 15 days at Human Trust Cinema Shibuya
Screening for 7 days at Cine Libre Ikebukuro from September 29th (Friday) In other areas, screening will be limited to 1 day on October 12th (Thursday). Price: 2,300 yen flat rate + up charge
Material DCP
Ticket sales schedule: Sales start on the theater website 2-3 days before the screening date. *Schedule varies depending on the theater. Please contact the theater for details.
Japanese public information website: Official overseas website: IU profile
Singer-songwriter and actress IU has established herself as an unrivaled figure in the Korean music world by performing in various genres of music. Since his debut in 2008, he has established himself as an artist with outstanding singing ability, and since 2010 he has been an entertainer who has been active in various fields such as dramas, movies, advertisements, and entertainment programs.
All of IU’s released songs have ranked number one on music charts, and she has been honored as the number one Korean singer in terms of cumulative number of music streams and downloads. After debuting, she topped the charts in 2010 with “Good Day” from her 3rd EP “Real,” and has released hit songs such as “Last Fantasy” in 2011, “Love Poem” in 2019, and platinum-certified “Lilac” in 2021. It continued to reign at the top of the Korean charts until the 2020s. Furthermore, in 2019, she recorded the highest sales ever for a female solo album, demonstrating her overwhelming power as a singer. BTS’ collaboration song with SUGA, “Eight,” proved its popularity by not only reaching number one on the domestic (Korean) chart, but also on charts in 59 regions around the world. In addition, all songs from their 5th album “LILAC” were loved as mega-hits, and their digital single
“Strawberry Moon” also swept the music charts.
In addition to their success in South Korea, they have also expanded into the Japanese market, and in 2020, they achieved their first No. 1 spot in the U.S. with “Eight,” produced and featuring BTS’ SUGA. He made his screen debut in the movie “Baby Broker”.
More details about this release: