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A company that provides professional sports science guidance services by sports interpreters who connect the “field” and “research” of sports will be exhibiting at Sports Healthcare One Day 2023 Vol.2!

High Class Co., Ltd.
A company that provides professional sports science guidance services by sports interpreters who connect the “field” and “research” of sports will be exhibiting at Sports Healthcare One Day 2023 Vol.2! ~Support for improving competitiveness through mental health, nutrition, recovery, and genetics: Many undisclosed support results for Olympic representatives, top teams, etc.~
High Class Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Shuno Itaka) aims to be a sports interpreter that connects “field” and “research”, and is expanding its business as a company providing specialized sports science guidance services. I will continue to do so.
We exhibited at SPORTEC2023 from Wednesday, August 2nd to Friday, August 4th, 2023. In response to the response, we will be exhibiting at “Sports Healthcare One Day 2023 Vol. 2”, a business matching event specializing in the sports healthcare field, on Wednesday, September 21, 2023.
Our company is a group of experts, all of whom have doctorates and master’s degrees in the sports health care field.
Our members:
Although we are a small business with 5 employees, we are a group of experts, all of whom have doctoral or master’s degrees in the sports and healthcare field. We will provide our clients with passion based on our respective fields of expertise and past achievements. Our members will do their best to respond not only to their past achievements, but also to their current thoughts and expectations for the future, and will respond to each case individually. If you connect with us, you will feel that way, so please feel free to contact us to discuss changes in the next few years.
About High Class Sports Activity Support Business Co., Ltd.
Our company, which supports “victory” through sports science, uses evidence-based sports science information as a weapon to support athletes and club members through multi-disciplinary collaboration. In addition to our typical support, sports mental training, we create and provide custom-made support necessary for each person, such as genetic testing, nutritional guidance, and management. Furthermore, in January, we developed “bath salts” as a tool to help athletes recover their bodies and minds, contributing to improved performance. Furthermore, products created to help athletes recover can also help businessmen and ordinary people who go to the gym.
Person in charge: Genki Kobayashi [PhD (academic), sports mental training instructor] → Personal homepage:
Representative Director: Shuno Itaka [PhD (Sports and Health Science), Class 1 Hygiene Supervisor, Health Exercise Instructor]
→Personal homepage:
sports mental training
[Image 1:×1850.jpg] [Web page]
Introduction video: You cannot train your mind just by doing hard exercises. There is already a proven scientific method for training the mind, and it is necessary to implement sports mental training. It is believed that sports mental training is best carried out by a sports mental training instructor certified by the Japanese Society of Sports Psychology, and our employee Kobayashi has this qualification. From high school students to top athletes, we will provide seminars and individual instruction to suit each category of athlete.
Sports genetic test “Gene-us”
[Image 2:×2607.jpg] [Web page]
Introduction video: Our genetic testing will be conducted by instructors who have a track record of publishing English papers in sports genetic research. We will assist our customers by providing all the correct information on sports genetics. We set ourselves apart from other companies that provide questionable knowledge and information, and we only provide services to those who need them after a free preliminary consultation. We would appreciate it if you would like to consult with us about not only our implementation but also implementation at other companies. Recovery bath tablet “RECABATH”
[Image 3:×1046.jpg] [Web page]
“RECABATH” is a bath additive based on rest science and carefully selected ingredients. We created this product in a way that allows everyone to feel the effects and sensations by pursuing the
ingredients in a unique formulation, raising awareness of health, and acquiring accurate information. Bathing is not just an activity to remove dirt from the body, but it is an activity that has the potential to contribute to recovery by receiving the three major effects of water pressure, buoyancy, and heat in a personal space. In addition, bath salts may have the effect of scents and ingredients, so it is easy to feel the value and effects of using them.
Sports nutrition guidance service
[Web page]
It is often said that “your body is what you eat.” If you think you can’t win unless your body changes, you may want to reconsider your diet. Rather than just looking at your weight and energy intake, we will support you with food suggestions that will improve your performance. We strive to provide practical guidance on everything from how to prepare your own meals to how to choose a convenience store.
“Back athlete” supports sports supporters
[Image 4:×1901.jpg] [Web page]
Introduction video: Our company believes that it is important not only to play sports, but also to develop sports that we support, and we create web media to provide support and information to people who play sports that we support. We deliver interviews with a variety of people, including not only coaches who support top athletes, but also referees and analysts. Sponsor support for athletes
・Japan Handball League Women’s League HC Nagoya
・Professional tennis player Nanho Sato, etc. (partially listed) We will be exhibiting at Sports Healthcare One Day on September 21st (Wednesday).
[Image 5:×2151.jpg] We will be exhibiting at “Sports Healthcare One Day 2023 Vol. 2”, a business matching event specializing in the sports healthcare field, hosted by Keep up Co., Ltd. *The photo is from the previous
Date: 2023/9/21 (Wed)
Event time: 10:00-18:00
Venue: Nagatacho Glass Gate 1/B1F, 2-16-9 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo About High Class Co., Ltd.
Hi-Class Co., Ltd. is a guidance business that was founded in 2015 and contributes to sports and health science. Since our founding, we have valued the provision of guidance and services that are close to our customers, and as experts, we strive to provide truthful information. We will continue to provide evidence-based sports health science guidance. [Company Profile] Company Name: High Class Co., Ltd. Head Office Location: 1-20-26 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Shuno Itaka Establishment: January 23, 2015 HP:
[Video 2: ]
Introduction video: Business details: 1. Health promotion support project 2. Sports activity support project 3. Information dissemination/research project
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