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A free consultation service for people who want to work as fixed-term workers has been launched by the supervisor of the media “Real Term Worker Blog” launched by Unique Career Co., Ltd.

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A free consultation service for people who want to work as temporary workers has been launched by the supervisor of the media “Real Term Workers Blog” launched by Unique Career Co., Ltd.
We are also running a free gift distribution campaign for those who register on official LINE.
Unique Career Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Keisuke Kishida, HP: has launched a new media specializing in temporary work, “Real Term Work Blog (URL: We will start a free temporary consultation service by the supervisor of “”.
We have prepared a LINE service where you can directly consult the supervisor of this media for free, who previously worked as a full-time employee at a major automobile manufacturer for 12 years. We are currently running a free gift campaign that is only available to LINE subscribers.
Click here to register on LINE (URL: Free consultation service for people considering whether to work as a temporary employee
We have started a new service where the supervisor and editor of “Real Term Work Blog” (URL: can provide free consultation on all fixed-term work. did.
This media is operated by Unique Career Co., Ltd., which aims to become the No. 1 media in the human resources field, and provides the best options for people considering working as temporary workers. I work hard every day to create content with the desire to create a future where people can say with confidence that they are having the best career possible.
Simply disseminating information may result in content similar to other media, such as Kintaro candy.
Therefore, we have hired a person who previously worked as a full-time employee for 12 years at a major automobile manufacturer as a supervisor and editor, and we will deliver honest information based on experiences and facts regarding temporary workers.
Additionally, for those who cannot decide to work as temporary workers based solely on information from the media, we have launched a service that allows them to consult directly through LINE.
You can register for LINE for free, so we strongly recommend that anyone who is thinking of working as a temporary worker do so. By registering on LINE, you will be able to do the following. Behind-the-scenes information that only those with experience in temporary work can know
Recommended temporary worker dispatch company information told by experienced people
Accepting consultations regarding all matters related to temporary work In addition to the above, we will respond flexibly to requests and opinions from LINE subscribers, so please feel free to contact us. Click here to register for free LINE (URL: Click here for the real term labor blog (URL:
Comments from the supervisor of “Real Term Work Blog”
■About the start of a free consultation service for temporary workers Temporary workers are demanding jobs that involve working day and night. I myself have experienced shift work for 12 years, and there were various concerns such as sleeping, eating, and working
environment. Through this free consultation service, we hope to alleviate some of the concerns of those who are considering working as a temporary worker.
■About the occupation of a temporary worker speaking from his own experience I think many people have negative feelings about the niche occupation of a temporary worker, such as being “scary” or “likely to encounter something terrible.” In reality, there are many people who are not particularly proud of their physical strength. There are many people working seriously, and some of them are women. From a broader perspective, it is no exaggeration to say that the automobile industry is made up of temporary workers. If you are working as a temporary worker, I want you to be proud of your work!
About Unique Career Co., Ltd.
[Image:×1825.jpg] Unique Career Co., Ltd. (official website: is based on the intention of “creating media that creates the future,” and aims to become the No. 1 media in the human resources field. We are striving to create and strengthen content that is tailored to the needs of the public.
The company is currently in its fifth term, and new CEO Kishida has launched a paid employment placement business that directly supports job seekers and provides support until they receive a job offer. Click here for a free consultation with Representative Kishida. (Details:
Therefore, while utilizing the assets of the media that creates the future of job seekers, we will also provide actual support to job seekers, and by combining media and career support, we will guide the lives of everyone involved in the right direction. .
Company profile of Unique Career Co., Ltd.
Company name: Unique Career Co., Ltd.
Business content: Internet media management, corporate owned media management agency, listing advertisement management, excellent employment placement business
Paid employment placement license number: 13-YU-314534
Founding organization: Career Association, General Incorporated Association:
Address: 3-30-12-302 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005 URL:
Founding year: 2019 (Reiwa 1st year)
Representative Director: Keisuke Kishida
Capital: 5 million yen
Focus media (partially listed)
・Career Change Agent Award (URL: ・Real period worker blog (URL: ・Headhunting Award (URL:
・High Class Career Change Agent Award (URL: ・Freelance Agent Award (URL: Handling regarding this press release
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・Please clearly state that the source is “Unique Career”.
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