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A new service for the medical and welfare industry, “Care Worker Consultation Room,” has started!

Silver One Co., Ltd.
A new service for the medical and welfare industry, “Care Worker Consultation Room,” has started!
We support employees’ mental health by being attentive to their concerns. Effective in reducing the workload of managers!
From September 2023, Silver One Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-Tokyo City, Tokyo) has started providing a third-party consultation service for medical and welfare establishments, “Care Worker Counseling Room.”
The “Care Worker Counseling Room” is an unprecedented service for corporations specializing in the medical and welfare industries. By listening to the anxieties, worries, and troubles faced by on-site employees on behalf of managers, we can expect to have the effect of preventing problems within the facility and the turnover of talented staff.
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■Service overview
The “Care Worker Consultation Office” is an online third-party consultation center where counselors listen to the concerns of a wide variety of frontline employees on behalf of managers and corporate managers, and prevent problems and turnover. It’s a service. Unlike regular corporate counseling, etc., our consultants who specialize in the medical and welfare industry and have experience in the industry act as a point of contact, so we are close to the hearts of frontline staff.
By using this service, in addition to preventing excellent employee turnover and increasing the retention rate, by promoting employee mental care as a welfare benefit, you will also contribute to improving the health management of the entire operating corporation. -Target business establishments-
Corporations, facilities, and offices that operate medical, welfare, and nursing care businesses
・Listen to consultations from employees
・Refer to the resolution desk
-Providing method-
  Online video call
■Most businesses are worried about people
The medical and welfare industry is a unique industry in which, even in these days of advances in AI and DX, there is meaning and significance in the involvement and provision of human services. Also, unlike regular service industries, collaboration among people with various roles is essential, so they tend to have problems related to people.
According to the FY2020 “Nursing Care Work Situation Survey” (Nursing Care Work Stability Center), the turnover rate for care workers in FY2020 was approximately 14.4%, almost unchanged from the previous year. Regarding the reasons for leaving the job, the most common reasons were “because of problems with interpersonal relationships at work” and “because I was dissatisfied with the philosophy and management of the facility/office”, surpassing “low income”. became.
In many business establishments, concerns about people are even affecting the turnover rate.
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■Environment where it is difficult for employees to receive mental health care “Labor shortage” is said to be the biggest issue in the medical and welfare industry. Every office strives every day to maximize efficiency with the minimum number of staff. Another major feature of this industry is the wide range of workloads and types of work per staff member.
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In such an environment, the lack of human resources and time induces “impatientness” and “anxiety,” making it easy for frontline employees to have worries and troubles. It is said that problems such as job separation and leave of absence occur when these kinds of concerns are left unresolved and accumulate.
Normally, it is managers who are responsible for the management and care of people, but in most cases managers are also busy with their daily work as both managers and field employees. This does not allow them to devote time to providing mental health care to their employees.
Currently, it is mandatory to establish a consultation desk for matters related to the employment environment and harassment, but in most cases the consultation desk is not functioning or is difficult to operate effectively.

■Employee peace of mind solves industry issues
At the Care Worker Consultation Room, people with industry experience and a common language with on-site employees listen to their daily concerns on behalf of busy managers, creating peace of mind for employees and the entire office. I will work on it.
In providing services in the medical and welfare industry, protecting the safety and security of users is the most basic of basics. In the future, a safe and secure environment for the people working there will be the foundation of service quality.
We aim to resolve industry issues faced by the medical and welfare industry by creating peace of mind through this service, “Care Worker Consultation Room.”
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■Flow of using “Care Worker Consultation Room” and fee structure
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Fee :
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■Contact information regarding this matter
Care worker consultation room management office
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